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Updated timeline: SW Timeline 2


This is for a timeline of our Star Wars roleplays. Edit your contributions into this article. Please include character names in the thread descriptions when possible.

When using dates from resources like Wookieepedia, you may be used to seeing historical events written in terms of BBY and ABY: relative to the Battle of Yavin. Not only are these relevant to a different point of reference, Wookieepedia uses a "year zero" to describe events that happened in the same year as the Battle of Yavin, whereas our relative-to-Endor system does not. Here's a quick guide to convert (approximately) from Yavin to Endor:

  • If the year is Before Yavin, add five to get the year BE.
  • If the year is After Endor (5 ABY +), subtract four to yet the year AE.
  • If the year is between Yavin and Endor (0 ABY - 4 ABY), the years equate as follows:
    • 0 ABY is 5 BE
    • 1 ABY is 4 BE
    • 2 ABY is 3 BE
    • 3 ABY is 2 BE
    • 4 ABY is 1 BE

AE = After Endor

  • [JEDI] = Jedi / Light Side
  • [IMP] = The Empire
  • [REB] = The Rebel Alliance
  • [DARK] = Sith / Dark Side
  • [OTH] = Other

Timeline Sections

  • Before Endor
  • 1 AE - The year after Endor
  • 2 AE - Second year after Endor
  • 3 AE - Third year after Endor
  • 4 AE - Fourth year after Endor


1506 Years BE

92 Years BE

86 Years BE

78 Years BE

73 Years BE

71 Years BE

69 Years BE

  • Cora, daughter of Baron Este, is born on Calida.

62 Years BE

57 Years BE

55 Years BE

  • Ilias Nytrau is born. An orphan of unknown lineage and name, he and his twin are adopted by the Gyndar family, a well-to-do politically linked family on Coruscant. He is given the name Falcon Gyndar.
  • Ethan Tahmores is born on Naboo.

53 Years BE

51 Years BE

49 Years BE

48 Years BE

47 Years BE

45 Years BE

44 Years BE

40 Years BE

39 Years BE

36 Years BE

34 Years BE

32 Years BE

31 Years BE

30 Years BE

29 Years BE

28 Years BE

On the eve of the battle of Geonosis, the Jedi Knights, younglings and padawans are informed about events.

Some of the older younglings at the Jedi Temple are having a tournament - for some it might mean the direct path to becoming a padawan

Clone Commando Darven remembers his first mission, which ended in him being commandeered by Fionn Halcyon, a rogue Jedi who is searching for his fallen wife.

Padawans Serena Laran and Sol Iman follow their Masters into the Coruscant underworld in search of a security threat.

A newly assembled squad of clone commandos on their first mission together

27 Years BE

26 Years BE

25 Years BE

24 Years BE

23 Years BE

The stories of several Jedi who managed to survive the Emperor's initial purge of the Jedi Order.

5-year-old Nya Halcyon's life gets turned upside down as she loses the only parent she has left and gets ripped from all that is familiar to her

Lilaena De'Ville and her master A'na Eldhil face the prospect of life without the Jedi Order and all that entails.

In the direct aftermath of the Purge at the Jedi Temple, Loklorien s'Ilancy heads to the home of her father where she convinces him to leave the planet with her and fellow Jedi Knight Zem Vymes.

22 Years BE

After the terrible events on Rumigaar, Jedi Knight Zem Vymes and his Padawan Loklorien s'Ilancy have found refuge on a planet in the far Outer Rim. There, Vymes teaches s'Il the ways of the Force, opening her up to the world of diplomacy and looking beyond what her eyes showed her.

Aurelias Kazaar mourns his parents' death and runs afoul of the Empire for the first time.

  • [OTH] Morgan Evanar is born to Adia Issoris on Nar Shadda. He is put up for adoption.

Senate Commando Hugo Montegue returns from a mission to discover his wife is secretly a Jedi. He shoots her but she somehow survives, and he is forced to flee Coruscant with his sons.

22 Years, 7 months BE

Zem Vymes and Loklorien s'Ilancy find themselves on an unknown planet battling for their lives after being ambushed by clone soldiers. Taking shelter in a seemingly abandoned house, the two gain a restful night before setting off once more to find a way off-planet.

With the ship they'd stolen, Zem Vymes and Loklorien s'Ilancy arrive on the Lupine homeworld of Schwartzweld. There, she tells him of the history of her people amidst the crumbling ruins of a lost civilization. It's during this time that Zem takes her on as his padawan learner.

Her first day as Zem's padawan is a difficult one, as Zem Vymes and Loklorien s'Ilancy rescue a group of starving survivors from a drifting ship. One of the survivors, Dan, helps in the process, but things quickly escalate when it's learned that the damaged freighter is heading on a course that will take it into a nearby star...

22 Years, 6 Months BE

While the refugees heal and recuperate, Zem and s'Il must decide what to do with them. The arrival of an unexpected visitor lifts spirits somewhat though, and gives the two Jedi hope once more.

Reunited with a fellow Jedi, Tam Jeneel, Zem and s'Il travel to Rumigaar and briefly join with Tam's small group. Something else has come to Rumigaar however, something terrible; and it has come for the Jedi.

21 Years BE

  • [JEDI] Salemescro Avesca - a Padawan survivor of the Jedi Purge - begins training with a new Master, Habria Sunfell.

21 Years, 6 Months BE

Deciding that it's time the two of them need a haircut, s'Il takes a small amount of pleasure in trimming away her master's wild mane and beard.

Zem and s'Il arrive on Tattooine, looking for any news of the war. Stumbling into a pocket of Rebels, the two find the group led by an old aquaintence. All is not well however, as the Jedi are captured by Urga the Hutt, who plans to turn Zem over to the Cizerack and keep s'Il for his own pleasures.

Armed with information that could very well turn the tide of the war, Dan and his rebel cell flee Tattooine, hoping to make a clean escape before the Empire arrives.

20 Years BE

After two years of living on Faerie Junction, Hugo Montegue grows restless and sets out to seek 'revenge' on the exotic and supernatural creatures of the galaxy, beginning his journey towards becoming a bounty hunter; but with dire consequences.

19 Years BE

18 Years BE

  • [JEDI] [DARK] Lead stray from the path of the Light Side by his delusional master Habria Sunfell, Salemescro Avesca is given the title Sith Knight and promptly strikes down his tutor.

17 Years BE

  • I'nu born on Corulag
  • [OTH] CR90 Brena is attacked by space pirates, it's crew is murdered, leaving a single survivor. Emelie Shadowstar is admitted to the Kalresh Asylum for Troubled Youths

Glace Kilgannon travels to Rattatak, where he finds a potential candidate to be his first apprentice as a Sith...

14 Years BE

Jedi Master Drin Kizael beleived to be killed by Darth Vader, Lianna Mal Pannis adopted by Jonar and Kaida Mal Pannis.

13 Years BE

  • Orenth is birthed at a secret Imperial facility.

12 Years BE

  • Graduating from the pilot training at Carida, Kelly Perris takes on a contract to instruct at the Academy for two years.

10 Years BE

Years after the fall of the Jedi Order, Yousei during his days as a nerf herder heads to Castle Tower with his herd to meditate on himself, and the Jedi Code.

8 Years BE

Fresh off the death of his partner Ashley, a downtrodden and drunken Aurelias Kazaar is hired by two missionaries to find their daughter who has been kidnapped by the slaving organization Crimson Eclipse.

Jedi Knights Inyos Aamoran and Mandan Hidatsa travel to Ord Ithil in search of a woman who appeared to Mandan in a vision. It turns out to be a trap; a dangerous darksider corrupts the duo, and Mandan is ultimately killed at Inyos' hands. Inyos remains trapped on the planet until 2 AE.

6 Years BE

  • [REB] Aurelias Kazaar joins Rebel Intelligence after a short stint in a Rebellion brig for torture.

5 Years BE

Blade Ice arrives in a brave new universe and meets Aria Sihin. His fate is yet undecided.

Rebel Intelligence operative Aurelias Kazaar is sent on a mission to find information about a new Imperial Naval rank. Instead, he discovers information about something much, much more deadly.

4 Years BE

  • Devastated by the destruction of his homeworld, Alderaan, which results in the death of his family as he knows it, Kelly Perris resigns his Shadow Squadron flight leader position with no notice to his squadron mates and simply vanishes from any and all contact. He drifts aimlessly for a small number of months, the activities of which are unknown, before finding himself within the scope of the Rebel Alliance. Shortly thereafter, he is absorbed in to the ranks of the Alliance's Starfighter Corps.
  • [REB] [IMP] The Battle of Yavin

The Death Star attempts to destroy the Alliance's base on Yavin IV, but a young Jedi in training named Luke Skywalker managed to destroy the battlestation.

Lilaena De'Ville, a former Jedi padawan, takes out a Xucphra Corporation bacta refinery on Thyferra. Some call her a terrorist, but she sees her actions as necessary to speed the Galactic Empire towards its final end. She meets Khendon Sevon, and is nearly thwarted in her efforts by the droid bounty hunter, IG-88d.

  • [OTH] Emelie Shadowstar released from the Kalresh Asylum for Troubled Youths. Joins the Rebellion and serves as an star-fighter mechanic.

3 Years BE

2 Years 3 Months BE

Lamar Starworth, over a spand of a year grows within skill and knowledge of his Force Sensitivity and ventures off to play apart in the Galactic Civil War. Taken in as a Stormtrooper as the height of his class, as he encounters the dangers of the Civil War and a high midiclorhian count.

1 Year BE

7 Months BE

Two days after Prince Xizor's death, Sorsha & Miranda discuss plans for a takeover of Black Sun.

1 Month BE

Taking up his first mission, Lamar Starworth mingles with the dangers of battle and fear.

Jedi Knight Daria Nytherciria returns to the site of her confrontation with the Sith Lord Darth Stratus. She finds Stratus plagued by amnesia, and takes him into her custody, to aide his recovery.

The Battle of Endor

  • [REB] [IMP] The Battle over Endor's Moon

A second, nearly finished Death Star is in construction over the moon of Endor. The Rebel Alliance attacks its position and severely cripples it, and the Empire's fleet. However the Alliance takes major losses including Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and the scoundrel Han Solo who all perished. The Emperor and his right hand servant, Darth Vader, were killed while on board the second Death Star.

Three hours after the Rebels retreat the Shadows are sent out to recon the battlefield, and look for survivors... and traps.

The first news of the Emperor's death reaches Coruscant triggering a series of responses across the Galaxy.

Five days after Endor, Shadow Squadron recieves a week of shore leave on Coruscant. The first night they meet at a bar to toast to the memory of their fallen squadmates.

Sorsha Kasajian and Miranda Tarkin have a meeting.

Lianna Mal Pannis heads to Dantooine in search for a rumored 'Wizard'. Here she finds a Jedi, named Gen-Yil, when unseemly types try to harm a family that Lianna met by chance ... or was it?