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John Glayde is a leader within the Resistance movement on Corellia. He is a veteran of the Rebel Alliance, and of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps.

Previously part of Alliance SpecForce, Glayde served as the leader of the elite Dorn Force unit, and later as the Executive Officer aboard the Novgorod. While still in Imperial service, he served variously as a Scout Trooper, Jump Trooper, and Storm Commando, prior to his defection in 2 ABY. He left the Alliance shortly after The Treaty with the Galactic Empire was signed, in protest over the Alliance's treatment of Charlotte Tur'enne, his former second-in-command.

Glayde owns a YT-2400 Light Freighter called Last Resort. Because of a bargain struck with Emelie Shadowstar and The Exchange, the Resort is used to smuggle supplies to the Resistance on Corellia.


The son of a CorSec detective, John's youth was defined by the expectation that he would follow in his father's footsteps. That all changed when his sister Kitara was shot and killed by Corellian rebels several years before the Battle of Yavin, in a failed attempt to assassinate an Imperial officer. With local authorities unable to provide him with the justice he desired, John was recruited into the Imperial military by Ethan Tahmores. John began as a scout trooper on Naboo, but his aptitude for combat and leadership was quickly recognised. He underwent specialist training as a jump trooper, and was involved in a number of engagements before being severely wounded - to the extent that the Empire listed him as killed in action.

John survived however, though with shrapnel damage to his heart extensive enough for him to need an artificial replacement. Once rehabilitated, John was inducted into the Storm Commandos, undergoing training with Crix Madine as part of the Imperial elite. He served with distinction, but over time his orders began to jar with his personal sense of morality. When ordered to snipe a suspected rebel sympathiser while her children played in the next room, John refused his orders, and was scheduled for court martial.


Glayde was contacted by Crix Madine, who made arrangements for John's defection to the Rebel Alliance. He joined the Alliance SpecForce as a Pathfinder, and distinguished himself as a reconnaissance officer. In 7 ABY, Major Glayde was selected to lead Dorn Force, a cross-division team of elite SpecForce and SpecOps soldiers. The unit was controversial, and while their successes earned them allies within the military, they also earned enemies in the Alliance's political community, who felt that Glayde's team of volatile misfits might adversely affect the image of an Alliance desperately seeking political validity. In 9 ABY the unit was disbanded under the supervision of General Torrsk Oruo'rel, though several of it's members transferred to the Alliance Frigate Novgorod - including Glayde, who was promoted to Commander and appointed as the ship's XO.


During his time with Dorn Force, Glayde had developed an unprofessional affection for his second in command, Charlotte Tur'enne; one that was at least partially reciprocated. When Dorn Force was disbanded, Glayde distanced himself from her, with Charlotte becoming involved with Alliance Intelligence, and The Wheel. When a severe breach of the Wheel's security allowed a darksider to attack the Jedi refugees there, Charlotte - who had been controlled and manipulated by the darksider - was used as a scapegoat by SpecForce, to help them save face. She was summarily discharged with such speed that Glayde wasn't even given the opportunity to testify on her behalf.

Charlotte went to ground, and after the Alliance signed it's treaty with the Empire and brought the war to an end, Glayde resigned his commission and set out in search of her. Both found themselves travelling down a self-destructive path, Charlotte wrestling with the discovery and exposure of her Force sensitive nature, John struggling with guilt over his past Imperial actions that he did not feel he'd been able to make amends for. Charlotte's actions incited retaliation from a local gang, and in trying to save her, John was beaten to such a degree that extensive cybernetic reconstruction was required.

Feeling obligated to remain with Glayde after the injuries he had sustained, Charlotte steered them onto a path of seeking revenge against the Empire, ultimately culminating on an attempt at assassinating the Moff of Corellia, which led them to become involved with the local Resistance movement.


Having lost his entire family as a result of various tragedies, John Glayde has difficulty forming close personal relationships. Instead of friendships, he typically relates to people in terms of duty, loyalty, and camaraderie. He is fiercely protective of his subordinates - even those who are no longer part of his unit - but there are very few who he would consciously regard as "friends".

While describing him as guarded would be a step too far, Glayde is conscious of the fact that his Imperial background can be a source of discomfort and animosity. Though he does not actively conceal anything about himself, he tends not to volunteer the information either, relying on a certain degree of commanding officer detachment to ensure that his subordinates only know what they need to know about him.


John's baby sister was killed by rebels while John was in his early twenties. A few years later, his mother died under suspicious circumstances - CorSec ruled her death as accidental, but there were suspicions that it might have been suicide. John's father remained in CorSec for several years after Kitara's death attempting to solve her case, but when John was declared KIA by the Empire he retired, and spent the rest of his life in solitude, dying from medical complications before ever having the opportunity to reconcile with his son.


7 ABY:
  • Ride of the Valkyries - (appeared as NPC)
  • A Friend in Need - Glayde and Amos Iakona travel to Raxus Prime to rescue Selinica Miriya, his sister's childhood friend.
  • Liberation - Liberation of Bothawui - Glayde participates in the liberation of the Bothan homeworld.
  • The Doctor and the Duchess - Glayde leads a SpecForce team to investigate the mysterious deaths of key political figures on Baraboo.
  • A New Dorn - Glayde leads the inaugural mission of Dorn Force, to infiltrate an Imperial Outpost on Ruuria.
  • Rebel Dawn - Glayde and Tur'enne infiltrate a weapons research facility to retrieve a potential defector: none other than Charlotte's brother, Xander.
  • 8 ABY:
  • The greatest enemy is the one you know best - After a messy altercation between Tur'enne and Tallen, Glayde struggles to maintain discipline in Dorn Force.
  • Obligations and Necessities - Glayde calls in back-up from Mara Tallen's cousin, to help rein in his aggressive, shapeshifting second-in-command.
  • How To Save A Life - After recieving the files and personal effects of Lieutenant Tur'enne's former unit, Taskforce Cresh, Glayde begins to gain a better understanding of the Lieutenant; and also begins to share her respect for Cresh and it's leader, looking for ways that he can emulate the notoriously successful unit within Dorn.
  • 9 ABY:
  • Darkest Before the Dawn - Dorn Force, joined by Amos Iakona, is sent to extract deep cover operative Maren Dirge from Naboo.
  • Crossed Wires - Glayde and Tur'enne absolutely, positively DO NOT have a date.
  • Breaking Dawn - After a mission gone wrong, the debriefings become a witch hunt that leads to the end of Dorn Force.
  • Shipping Out - En route to reassignment, Glayde and Serasai Onashi are trapped when their shuttle is ambushed by pirates.
  • Chains of Command - John comes to grips with his new role as a Navy officer.
  • Night, Walkers - The Novgorod launches a strike against an Imperial walker factory.
  • Unbridled surender - Captain Tallen requests downtime to sate her animal instincts.
  • The Vanguards: Rapture - The Novgorod investigates a series of mysterious disappearances on frontier colonies.
  • The Vanguards: Retribution - The Novgorod joins forces with an Imperial ship to fight a Ssi-Ruuk incursion.
  • To Be Made Whole Again - Glayde provides moral support as Cirrsseeto receives his new prosthetic.
  • With Regret - Glayde tenders his resignation from the Alliance military.
  • 10 ABY:
  • Last Stop, All Change - Glayde and Xander track Charlotte to Terminus. The reunion is far from pleasant.
  • Coup de Grâce - Glayde and Tur'enne enlist the aid of The Exchange in their plan for revenge against the Empire.
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