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Navaria Tarkin
Lianna Mal Pannis
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Drin Kizael (formerly)
Lise Tarkin
Andron Tarkin

"Of course we are," Lianna chimed in quietly. She felt Nytherciria's uncertainty. It was growing stronger. "The Jedi have been in exile for far too long. It's just ... strange. All of us being together in greater numbers and not afraid for our lives. We will remain diligent, of course. We're not safe yet, but it's a start."
―Lianna Mal Pannis

The birth of Grand Moff Tarkin's first grandchild was to be a time of celebration and joy, but there were other forces at work that put a damper on their special day. The joy was in that two healthy twin girls were brought into this life. What became troublesome was the required testing for Force sensitivity that revealed the girls Force ability. His father, the Grand Moff, could possibly make an exception to the Emperor if one child held potential but two? Surely one of the girls would be taken away at best. The new parents didn't want to think about the alternative...

Overcome with panic, Andron Tarkin had to think quickly. Since his wife had opted to give birth at home naturally, he had time to think. With help from his family doctor, Andron was able to falsify the birth, documenting that only one child had been born. Hiring a Mercenary, he then sent Navaria to a known Jedi location as he continued to tie up loose ends. It was a long shot, but the mercenary was able to track down the Trianni known as Drin Kizael. Renamed Lianna, Kizael took the human baby and raised her as his own daughter and taught her the ways of the Force.

They lived in the Outer Regions for years, hiding from the Empire until the Darth Vader finally tracked down Kizael (See Every New Beginning(link). Forced to escape with the Rebel sympathizers, Jonar and Kaida, Lianna never heard from her Master again. Upon being taken into their family, Lianna adopted the last name Mal Pannis, but her time amongst them was short. Fearing for their lives, she ran away and made the Outer Rim Territories her new home.

It was in her travels she met another Jedi that had survived the Clone Wars. His name was Gen-Yil Kehandu(link) . He was kind enough to be an ear and reservoir of knowledge during her stay on Dantooine. Though a short stay, Dantooine would prove to be life changing.

Resurrecting the Jedi Order
Lianna Mal Pannis traveled to Doldur with Adia Issoris and Daria Nytherciria in an attempt to thwart a plot to kill her sister, Miranda Tarkin. See Signs and Portents: To Save a Soul (link) and Signs and Portents: Mirror on the Wall(link)

Additionally, Lianna/Navaria became part of the new Jedi Council, serving alongside Daria Nytherciria and Drin Kizael.

Force Powers and Padawans
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Future Roleplay
In Years From Now...(link), Lianna Mal Pannis is a Jedi Master and a member of the new Jedi Council. She has taken on Bryna Belargic as her Padawan Learner and is involved intimately with Daria Nytherciria. Tragically, Lianna killed her sister Miranda Tarkin due to unforeseen strings being pulled by Salem Ave in his quest for the Imperial Throne. In memory of her sister's legacy, and as the only Tarkin remaining, she goes by her true name, Navaria Tarkin.
Timeline of Roleplays

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Out of Character
Dani is currently an moderator at SW-Fans.Net. She is the Empress of all our hearts :3