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Inyos Aamoran was a Jedi of the Galactic Republic, who was elevated to the status of Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars. Following Order 66, he managed to evade capture for several years with his close friend Mandan Hidatsa. However, after a trip to Ord Ithil he became possessed by the spirit of a Dark Jedi, and remained trapped on the planet for over a decade. Since, he has been reluctant to step up as a member of the new Jedi Order, for fear of the darkness within him. He has recently travelled to Bespin, discovering an abandoned Jedi Enclave there.


Taken from Chandrila by the Jedi Order at a young age, Inyos remembers almost nothing of his life before arriving at the Jedi Temple. Seeming to posess a natural talent for Lightsaber combat, he was paired with one of the Jedi's finest Guardians as an apprentice. He posessed a clear and calculating mind, and was expected by many of his peers and seniors to one day find himself on the Jedi Council, if his path continued to progress in the same direction.

Inyos had been made a Knight shortly before the Battle of Geonosis. Because of his emotional stability, he was briefly paired with Mandan Hidatsa, whose Master had been killed in the battle while Mandan was on his first solo assignment. The two had been friends during their training at the Temple, and the Council felt that Inyos' emotional stability would help to serve as an anchor while he struggled to cope with his Master's loss. The pairing proved successful, and even after Mandan passed the trials and became a Knight in his own right, the two were frequently paired together on missions.

Following Order 66 and the Jedi Purge, Inyos was forced into hiding, alongside Mandan. For a time they were both aboard the Maelibus, a freighter owned by Elira Asael; they later settled with Oa Umi'u on Nar Shaddaa, where they remained for several years. After being contacted by what he believed was a stranded Jedi, Mandan led the duo to Ord Ithil, where they became trapped in the machinations of a deceased Dark Jedi and his apprentice, Emaryn Montegue. Manipulated into fighting each other, Inyos was forced to kill Mandan; taking revenge against Emaryn as well, he opened himself to possession by the corrupting influence of the Dark Jedi, and became stranded on the planet for over a decade.


Inyos was eventually rescued by the ex-husband of Emaryn - Hugo Montegue - and his sons, who had come to lay Emaryn's spirit to rest. Inyos reunited with the remnants of the Jedi Order, first at The Wheel and then on Ossus, but he had trouble coping with the Jedi's new circumstances. He missed the structure and certainty of the old Order and, because of his brush with the dark side, didn't feel he was the right person to help decide what the new Jedi Order would be. He found a place for himself on Ossus teaching Jedi history and philosophy to the Jedi Enclave's new members, but never really felt a sense of belonging.

After investigating an old Jedi Temple on Bespin, he encountered Sadie K'Vesh: a street orphan he had encountered on Nar Shaddaa years before. Feeling compelled by the Force to remain and help Sadie learn the ways of the Jedi, he eventually found himself in the dubious employ of Emelie Shadowstar, in exchange for protecting his identity from discovery. Shadowstar and her associates became embroiled in a feud with an organisation known to them only as Sarlacc; after discovering that Sadie's mother was Elira Asael, and that she had been abducted by Sarlacc, Inyos assisted in her rescue and learned that Sadie was, in fact, his daughter.

The Force Awakens

In the future, Inyos - now known as Inyos Starwind - has become the Saarai-kaar of the Jensaarai on Susevfi, leading a cult of Force users who embrace a balance approach to the Force that incorporates teachings from the Jedi, the Sith, and numerous other light side and dark side traditions.


Even from his Padawan days, Inyos was a stoic and rule-orientated individual, more interested in studying Jedi lore and wisdom than in social interactions. His experiences and isolation on Ord Ithil has deepened that further, and as a result he is a fairly withdrawn individual finds relating to others difficult, having to rely on the Force to help him gauge emotions and intentions because he has lost the ability to do so via body language. He views his corruption by the dark side as a personal failing, and while he does not trust himself to act on behalf of the light side on a large scale, he is constantly looking for opportunities to redeem himself by lessening the suffering of others, and helping out in small ways.

Force Abilities

Inyos is a practitioner of the Shen and Djem So forms of lightsaber combat. His lightsaber is customised to more easily employ the Tràkata technique: activating and deactivating your blade during combat to throw your opponent off balance. He draws upon the Force mostly to augment his physical capabilities, enhancing his strength, reflexes, and senses. He is also particularly skilled with Force telekinesis, using it to manipulate the course of battles and duels so that he can have his opponent come to him. Typically, Inyos has found interacting with the Living Force to be difficult, something that Mandan Hidatsa always chided him for; however, Inyos is capable of a few subtle techniques to a small degree, such as Force healing.


Raised by the Jedi Order, Inyos does not feel a sense of family in a conventional way. His closest experience was Mandan Hidatsa, who was the closest thing he had to a brother. By extension, he regards Wyl Staedtler as a surrogate nephew.

Recently however, he learned that his one-time flame Elira Asael had become pregnant, giving birth to a daughter - Sadie K'Vesh - who Inyos (unknowingly) took as his Padawan. Inyos, Sadie, and Elira have recently begun living together on Cloud City, with Elira's brother Atton Kira. The members of the Exchange and Elysian Acquisitions have become something of an extended family, including Sadie's beau Vittore Montegue, and their employer Emelie Shadowstar.

Through his daughter, Inyos is related to Mal'achi Ath-Thu'ban: a Jedi previously trained by Inyos' old Master Andor Tyree, who was believed to have died a decade before the Clone Wars.


15 BBY:
  • Renegade - Inyos and Elira Asael are captured by pirates.
  • 3 BBY:
  • Montegue: Chronicles - Kings - Inyos becomes stranded on Ord Ithil.
  • 7 ABY:
  • Montegue: Origins - Revelations - Inyos is rescued from Ord Ithil by the Montegues.
  • The More Things Change - Inyos gets reacquainted with an old friend.
  • The More They Stay the Same - Inyos catches up with Ilias Nytrau, a very old friend.
  • When There's Nowhere Else To Run Inyos teaches Abarai Loki how to pilot a shuttle.
  • Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained - Inyos and Master s'Ilancy investigate the wreck of the Jedi Cruiser Venture.
  • 8 ABY:
  • Under Lok and Key - Inyos speaks to Loklorien s'Ilancy about learning the lightsaber form Vaapad.
  • I Have A Dream - Inyos meets Mandan's son, Wyl Staedtler.
  • 9 ABY:
  • The Girl With the Krayt Dragon Tattoo - Inyos tries to convince Yolie Devix to return to her Jedi training on The Wheel.
  • The Machinations of Fate - Inyos meets Salem Ave.
  • 10 ABY:
  • All That Remains: Stealing From Poseidon - Inyos assists in a high-stakes heist against the Alliance.
  • Not In Our Stars - Inyos travels to Cloud City, becoming entangled with certain members of The Exchange.
  • A New Life - Inyos begins to train his new Padawan, Sadie K'Vesh.
  • One Big Ol' Rescue - Again - Inyos aids in the rescue of Elira Asael, his former flame and his Padawan's mother.

  • TFA:
  • Bedtime Stories - In the future, Inyos Starwind is Saarai-kaar of the Jensaarai.
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