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Hugo Montegue
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Hugo Montegue
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† Laverna Montegue
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Hugo Montegue is the father of brothers Cambrio and Vittore, and with his sons is a bounty hunter specialising in the capture and killing of exotic and dangerous animals and lifeforms. A veteran of the Senate Commandos of the old Galactic Republic, Hugo was recently held captive by that government's successor, the Galactic Empire. As yet, the repercussions and implications of his time with R. S. Esalis are not fully known.


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Born and raised on Coruscant, Hugo Montegue was always an aggressive child. However, unlike the other thugs that would usually roam the streets of the galactic capitol, Hugo was a little smarter about his actions. From a very early age he attacked life's problems as if they were an enemy and he were a soldier; no surprise then when he wound up serving as a soldier for the Galactic Republic.

His military career began as part of the Coruscant Guard: a military and security force that preserved law and order in the planet-wide city, patrolling the sections that did not fall under the jurisdiction of the Senate Guards or the Jedi Council. He allowed the job to take over his life, and while perhaps a little more violent in his dealing with criminals than his superiors would like, he was none the less very successful.

When the Clone Wars broke out, the Coruscant Guard were replaced by Clone Troopers as part of the increased security efforts proposed under martial law. Many members of the Coruscant Guard found themselves without employment; Hugo was one of the lucky ones, absorbed into the Senate Guard. He joined the organisation as a Senate Commando: one of a group of elite guardsmen who served as the government's militia. Hugo saw numerous assignments over the course of the war, ranging from simple guard duties around Senate facilities to escorting and protecting Senate representatives, to even helping to supervise the occasional politial prisoner.

It was during the Clone Wars that Hugo met and married his wife; in the years that followed, his two sons were born. However, all information regarding the identity of said wife has been purged from official records.

Bounty Hunter

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Hugo never explained the reason for leaving Imperial service and becoming a bounty hunter to his children. Aside from suspecting some involvement with their mother, they still do not know the specifics. In truth, Hugo discovered after years together that his wife was in fact a Dark Jedi. A loyal Imperial at the time, and angry at himself for not noticing the truth sooner, Hugo took it upon himself to hunt down and kill his wife, in compliance with Order 66. However, when he did at one point catch up with his wife, he couldn't bring himself to finish the job, and she escaped. (Montegue: Origins - Genesis)

As penance for his failure, Hugo took it upon himself to turn his Republic-given commando skills towards other dangerous creatures, eventually training his sons to follow in his footsteps. Together, they traveled to various planets, and made a business of exterminating the large and dangerous predators that the locals were not equipped nor trained to handle. They also took the occasional job hunting particularly dangerous and exotic individuals, such as as suspected Jedi, and shapeshifters. (Montegue: Origins - Exodus)

Unfortunately, as with any family enterprise, personal issues often got in the way of professional life. Friction always existed between Hugo and his youngest son, Cambrio. It reached a climax when the son was in his teens: not willing to tolerate his father any longer he left home, eventually going on to continue the family tradition solo. The job also damaged his relationship with his own brother, Victor; after leaving his career as a Sector Ranger, Victor and Hugo had been partners, but on one mission Victor was shot and - Hugo believed - mortally wounded. Years later it emerged that Victor had survived, and though Hugo eventually rescued him from his captors, their relationship was severely damaged. (These Old Roads)

Years later, Vittore was also forced to work alone, this time by the mysterious disappearance of his father. Vittore assumed that he had been abandoned, but in truth his father had been captured by the Bounty Hunter Chir'daki, and delivered to the Imperial Director of Intelligence, R. S. Esalis. Hugo was tortured, broken, and then put back together: Esalis hoped to use his expertise to hunt down Loklorien s'Ilancy, a Lupine and constant thorn in her side. (Montegue: Origins - Lamentations Our Father, Who Art In Prison; Hugo Be Thy Name)

Hugo was released, but the plan partly backfired. While Hugo did set out on a mission to hunt down Lupines, he also harboured a deep resentment towards Esalis, which was displaced onto the Empire as a whole. Planning his revenge, Hugo set about forming an assassination attempt against the newly-crowned Empress, Miranda Tarkin. Before setting it into motion however, he reunited with his sons, and set out to lay to rest the last few demons of his past (Devil's Trap, [Montegue: Origins - Revelations])

The Bounty Hunter Darven approached Hugo shortly after his release from captivity, in the hopes of recruiting him as one of the leaders of the newly reformed Bounty Hunters' Guild. With his family - though disfunctional - reunited, Hugo eventually agreed. (Recalling the Guild: Montegue, Recalling the Guild)


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