Khendon Sevon

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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Khendon Sevon
Age: 36 GSY
Birthplace: Hioni
Species: Human, Hioni Sub-Species
Marital Status: Single
Force Sensitive: Yes
Rank: Imperial Executor
Master: Antiquo Helladune
Apprentices: Vega Van-Derveld ?
Physical Description
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Brownish-Red
Eyes: Grayish-Blue
Father: Antiquo Helladune
Mother: Elizabeth Sevon
Droids and Ships
  • The Death Advocate, Star Destroyer
  • None

Khendon Sevon has mostly remained a pyschotic, evil Imperial bent on conquest of the galaxy. However, he has evolved in mode and method over the course of his existence. Both pre and post reset he was and is a powerful Force user with a hatred for others with similar abilities. Pre-reset he had rejected the teachings of his Sith Master, Summoner, and moved onto his own philosophical outlook on the Force. Post-reset he has been trained from birth by his father and, latter, grandfather's ghost to combat the Jedi and Dark Jedi that corrupt the original Sith laws and traditions.


After the Battle of Endor

After the battle at Endor, Khendon personally took command of a segment of ships and helped clean up stragglers. From there, he jumped with his own Star Destroyer to track down enemies of the state and deal with the sudden power vacuum.

In the void left from the death of the Emperor, Khendon has become a key candidate for the empty throne. His proponents cite the excellence of his military career and ability as a natural leader. Less inclined individuals mention the whispers of torture and terrorism. Few, if any, dare to speak the words Sith.


Khendon engaged in a plot with Lilaena De'Ville to murder rivals for the throne. However, the mission has since turned sour and against him. The Office of the Inquisitorate are now investigating him.


  • Lilaena De'Ville - Lilaena initially engaged in harmonious accord with Khendon. However, she failed her mission and the deal went south. As such, they are now bitter foes.
  • Loklorien s'Ilancy - Following a lead, Khendon assaulted the planet of Cathar. There, he encountered the nefarious Jedi s'ilancy. In engaging her he received severe damage to his spine including significant scaring.


The Force

Khendon's father was a practitioner of the Helladune House. He repeatedly beat the boy at an early age and continually fought him and left him in deadly situations. These included, but were not limited to, exposure to extreme temperatures, physical beatings, starvation, and torture. Antiquo only gave him limited training in the Force for fear of the boy's eventually maturation and wrath.

Khendon's grandfather's ghost was the one who actually trained him in the Sith ways. While climbing during the frozen season on Hioni, he found a cave. Within the cave were the remains of the founder of the House Helladune. The ghost was stirred by the Force within Khendon and began training him. Eventually, his grandfather attempted to take control of the boy's body and live a new life in his form. However, the young boy tricked the old Sith and absorbed him, instead.

As an Executor, Khendon continued to sharpen his tactic and abilities by fighting Force sensitives and users.


After killing his parents, Khendon changed his last name from Helladune to Sevon and joined The Galactic Empire. He graduated in the top ten of his class at the Imperial Academy and showed significant promise. Eventually, he found himself a young commander summoned by the Emperor. His loyalty was clear and Khendon was made Executor.

Sith Lineage

See House Helladune.

Khendon was trained by his father and the ghost of his greatest-grandfather, the founder of the House. Khendon later absorbed the energies of his grandfather when the old Sith attempted to take control of the young boy's body.


Khendon has the Helladune family saber. It was initially made by the House's founder from the bones of the first Jedi he killed. It is a long shafted saber with silver crystal from the heart of the planet Hioni.

Helladune Martial Art

Khendon is the last remaining practitioner and master of the Helladune martial art. It was initially created by the House's founder as a powerful, swift method of defeating Jedi and other Force sensitive foes.

Sith Tattoos

Khendon initially had both arms covered in Sith scriptures. These writhed with energy and power when he called upon the Force to its fullest.

Ever since his psychotic episode, his entire body from neck down has been covered in the Sith language.


Khendon's sanity recently took a major hit when he finally came to mental grips with the full potential of the Force. Ever since, he has had difficulties separating his own mental reality from what is true. This has only boosted his anger, rage, and drive.


Khendon started out in The Sith Empire. He was fostered and trained by Sith Summoner. Eventually he attained the rank of Warrior.

He joined The Galactic Empire and became a researcher and Rear-Admiral relatively quickly. His interactions with Darth Viscera and others continued to push his rank and military experience. Eventually, he was granted the title of Vice-Diktat and put in-charge of the entirety of the Empire's offensive forces.

Khendon owned several corporations. These started with Tarot Labs, a company that did research for TSE and TGE. He then started a fleeting group known as The Guild that was later absorbed by TGE. Eventually, he started United Imperial Technologies, a group that consisted of his other technology groups Tarot Labs, Maverick Labs, Sevon Rifle, Co., and Lebron's research group.


Khendon married Kyryanu Nerrot-s'Ilancy (renamed Kyryanu Sevon after marriage). She became pregnant and was kidnapped and tortured by the Sovereignty and Tear. The Imperator's anger fueled the Federacy & Sovereignty War and development of super-weapons and systems to obliterate the "Sovereignty Dogs" that had stolen his only two loves.

Imperial Splintering

Khendon took Vice-Diktat Sean Piett and formed his own group.

See Imperial Federacy.

Out of Character

The roleplayer behind Khendon Sevon is named Andrew.

He joined SWFans a very, very long time ago (EZboard days, Gungans were around) with his real-life friends Vapor Kazuna and Mark Fenix. Eventually, they stopped roleplaying and he continued.

Andrew has roleplayed a few other characters that haven't gotten significant play time:

  • Constantine Miltiadis, a Rebel Captain
  • Balthazar Von Kalthus, Freelance special operations officer

Lately, Andrew has been taking time off from roleplaying to work on his novel writing. He recently finished his first novel and is currently striving to write two new ones. You can PM him if you'd like to read the first.