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Berit Selkie Halcyon
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Tizka Selkie
Ymir Selkie


Berit Selkie was a Corellian Jedi who wasn't famous or notable in any way, really - other than her constant good spirits and cheer. She died on Geonosis, yet is not amonth the 179 Jedi listed as fallen there - she would have been the 180th, if she hadn't been reported as alive and then died shortly afterwards. Her legacy lives on in her daughter, Nya, who managed to survive the Purge.

A short history
This is but a brief attempt to piece together the scraps of history that made up the woman. As the tales of the Jedi and their deeds become more and more muddled in the minds of the dutiful Imperial citizens of today, the lives of the Jedi of yore only survive in memories of those brave few who do not want to - or cannot, for some reason or another - forget.
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Fionn Halcyon
"A Jedi is a Jedi, first and foremost, and only. For a Jedi to divide his attention between the will of the Force and the will of others is to invite disaster."
―Jedi Master Hoche Trit

For Jedi to marry and bear children is against the code, yet Fionn Halcyon and Berit Selkie (not unlike other Corellian Jedi) defy the code, get married and conceive a child, all without the knowledge of the Jedi Council on far Coruscant. The daughter they named Nya grew up in a close-knit community of Corellian Jedi, many of whom had a history of defying Jedi regulations.

Berit was assigned to train younglings in the Corellian "Jedi Temple", therefore it was easy for her to spend time with her daughter who simply was taken along. While not officially married, the couple had legalised their relationship and shared an apartment together in a relatively open way; they had nothing to fear from their Jedi colleagues. Fionn was mostly away on assignments for the Council, so that his frequent absences gave their relationship a believable cover.

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"Out of the two hundred Jedi who were called up and taken to Geonosis, one hundred and seventy-nine were killed by the Separatist's droid army."
―Jedi Master Shaak Ti

En route to Coruscant to deliver a youngling to the temple when the summons to Geonosis had come, Berit found the Temple in a state of upheaval upon her arrival. Talks of a huge army of clone soldiers, of Dooku having secret meetings with the Banking Clan, of Jedi captured on Geonosis - she got swept along in the chaos and found herself agreeing to join the task force of 200 Jedi going to make war against the Separatists.

It went against everything she had ever thought she'd stood for, yet somehow she knew she needed to go.

She was badly hurt shortly into the fight in the arena on Geonosis, when a blaster shot punctured her lung and several other internal organs and damaged her spine. Fighting for her life she forced herself into a healing trance, and was discovered hours later by a clone soldier cataloguing the dead. Initially her health improved when the soldier could call in a med team to stabilise her, and she was reported amongst the survivors.

But the med shuttle got ambushed and shot out of the sky by a band of Geonosians unwilling to give up the fight, and she was held in captivity for several days, again fighting her body for her life.

Eventually, 6 days after the main battle, she passed away, only hours before Fionn found the location of her captors.

An attempt at a Chronology

(Dates stated are based on the Battle of Endor as the time of Reset, so it would be BBE and ABE respectively where the Battle of Yavin would have taken place in 4 BBE)

  • 28 BBE - Nya is born to her parents, Jedi Knights Berit Selkie and Fionn Halcyon, on the planet Corellia. The family stays on Corellia and Nya's existence is kept hidden from the Jedi Council.
  • 26 BBE - Her mother dies on Geonosis as a result of the battle there. Fionn cannot keep her hidden from the Council after his attachment to her mother is uncovered, and she is accepted as a youngling into the Order.
Current Timeline of Roleplays

26 Years BE

Out of Character

For information about the person behind the character and an overview of alternate characters, see Mara