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This is for a timeline of our Star Wars roleplays. Edit your contributions into this article. Please include character names in the thread descriptions when possible.

AE = After Endor

Timeline Sections

  • Before Endor
  • 1 AE - The year after Endor
  • 2 AE - Second year after Endor
  • 3 AE - Third year after Endor
  • 4 AE - Fourth year after Endor


2 Year, 1 Month AE

The "Starworth" unit finds themselves in a bind after being thrown into a fight with the Alliance over Merisee Imperial Presence and revered medical clinic on the planet.

2 Year, 2 Months AE

2 Year, 3 Months AE

Lilaena De'Ville comes to realize that she was lied to for years by her old master, the deceased A'na Eldhil. She has thought all this time that she was a Jedi, but Salem Ave in his guise as Darth Callidus shows her that this is not the case. He urges her to embrace her darkness, and she chooses to apprentice herself under his tutelage.

The "Starworth" unit finds themselves in a bind once again, as they take up arms in defense to Miranda Tarkin's system, Doldur. After, Lamar is nearly shell-shocked and gives himself up to Miranda's will only for it to get worse when the INQ get involved.

Colonel Winfield goes through torture and pain under Y'roth Helghast for his treachery, but only to become a bigger asset to the Empire than he would ever expected.

2 Year, 4 Months AE

Razielle Shadana and Queen Adraudia Basillie spend some time bonding out in the Wilds of Onderon.

The citizens of Onderon enjoy a time of festivities while the four moons of their planet align. Queen Adraudia Basillie, Prime Minister Salem Ave and the Queen's ward, Razielle Shadana, greet the Hapan envoy, Prince Tristan Alastor and his entourage on the third day of the Festival. A horrible surprise is sprung on lovers Salem and Razielle when they realize that Ishara Alastor, the Queen of Hapes, has decreed that Tristan and Razielle are to be wed immediately to cement the treaty between Onderon and Hapes.

Razielle Shadana and Prince Tristan spend time walking and talking together, the day after learning of their arranged marriage. Salem Ave observes from the shadows. She takes her husband-to-be hunting aboard the volatile drexl beasts that the Beastriders use. Fourth day of the Festival of the Four Moons.

On the fifth day of the Festival of the Four Moons, Razielle Shadana engages the Hapan ambassador Aestiva Ni'Liatoth in conversation about the Prince - discovering that the woman holds Prince Tristan in very high esteem. Meanwhile, Salem Ave spends time with the Hapan prince, showing him some of the native fighters of Onderon, including Mandalore, Lilaena De'Ville. She spars with the Prince, teaching him a little of the Mandalorian way of hand to hand fighting, and then takes on Salem Ave himself in a sparring match.

Rebel agent Estelle Russard is captured during a mission gone wrong and Aurelias Kazaar is forced to team with a group of Rebels to find her before time runs out (or the Empire finds her). And Estelle's father, Jason 'The Younger' Russard, starts deepening his company's relationship with Karl Valten and the Office of the Inquisitorate.

The Festival of the Four Moons reaches its sixth day, the day before Prince Tristan and Razielle Shadana are to wed. Razielle shares a secret with her friend, Adraudia Basillie, and they chat about the Queen's lover, Victer Dejan.

Aestiva Ni'Liatoth is lured out to the Wilds by Razielle Shadana, where they meet with Salem Ave, in his guise as Darth Callidus. They force the poor woman to swear loyalty to them and their plans. They plan to use her to placate the duped Prince at night, as Razielle and Salem will never allow him to share Razielle's bed, despite their marriage.

The last day of the Festival and the morning of the royal wedding between Razielle Shadana and Prince Tristan.

Jason 'The Elder' Russard and Aurelias Kazaar meet for the first time.

Two weeks after the events of 'Spy Game', Aurelias Kazaar receives new orders from the mysterious 'Black Man', by way of Rebel pilot Henry 'Donut' McDonnaught. And discovers a startling secret at Cloud 9 Bar & Grill on Cloud City. Mirko 'Spenny' Spendrim now runs it...and its now non-smoking.

Racuto Bloodcrest returns home to find his ship under attack by hostiles, and his partner taken hostage. Battered and bloody from fighting his way to the bridge, Bloodcrest remembers his times at the Corporate Sector Authority Security Division Academy and being given his first mission, to protect a family whose last surviving member is the most important person in his life.

2 Year, 5 Months AE

Tannis V'larr and Bette Davis test fly the prototype TIE Wraith in its first mission

Colonel Winfield is "Starworth" and destroys an old enemy as an Imperial Knight.

Lamar expands his relation within the Empire with Khaowan Tarbea of the Imperial Intelligence.

2 Year, 6 Months AE

2 Year, 8 Months AE

Plagued by dreams of an unknown woman beckoning him away from Onderon, the Hapan Prince Tristan Alastor travels to Dathomir.

Rebel agents Estelle Russard and Aurelias Kazaar are settling on their new jobs on Coruscant when they come upon a group of 'wannabe' Rebels, one of which is Zadge Talran, who are looking for James Bretton, Estelle's dead boyfriend.

Rebel sympathizers (and wanna-be agents) Zadge Talran and Dayboy begin their investigation into Renton, the man who 'recruited' them into his group of Rebel sympathizers. This takes them to a club called The Laser Lounge where they, Estelle Russard, and Aurelias Kazaar wait for Renton to show.

A 'standard' diplomatic mission over the planet Trandosha goes awry as the Rebel Calamari Cruiser Memory of the Organas is double-crossed by the Trandoshans. Now, Rebel Intelligence agents, Estelle Russard and Aurelias Kazaar find themselves on the surface of a most unforgiving planet. Together with the Wookiee diplomat Lahakka, they must escape slaver group Crimson Eclipse. It is here they learn a terrible secret: There is a traitor in the Rebel Alliance.

2 Year, 9 Months AE

Inquisitor and Project: Nightmare member Naomi Harris is sent to Ord Cantrell to meet with the traitor in the Rebel Alliance, but finds The Black Man instead.

Estelle Russard and the nebulous 'Black Man' go to Empress Teta where a list of Rebel agents is being housed in an Imperial base. It's here Estelle finds out how dangerous BlackOps truly is.

Black Bloods leader Kvettch tries to buy a slave girl from the Hutt Yurga on Nar Shaddaa. This is not as easy as it sounds as a pestering midget Duro by the name of OW Outcast interrupts the proceedings and chaos ensues.

The Hutt Blarga is off to new adventures after winning a ship in a game of sabacc from Rylard 'Lardo' Tenf, but finds out for once he chewed off a bit more than he could swallow as he falls victim to the wily schemes of the Black Bloods pirates. However, this is one Hutt unlike any other - as the pirates soon have to realize.

The bountyhunter Nya Halcyon catches the attention of the wrong kind of people after a bounty goes bad, and bountyhunter Darven spends some time thinking about his life and the galaxy at large, before accepting a new job: to kill Nya, his former protegè.

2 Year, 10 Months AE

The battle lines are drawn on (and above) the planet Sarapin, where a fierce battle of attrition is being fought. On the ground, Rebel agents Estelle Russard and Aurelias Kazaar are sent to destroy an Imperial Energy Processing Facility and Imperial stormtrooper Garth Carvey 'earns his stripes' as one of the Empire's finest. In space, Imperial forces led by Commodore Itera face off with the Rebellion's own Reshmar for control of the planet.

Aurelias Kazaar is forced to kill a Hutt crime lordess or else he will be turned over to the Trandoshan slavers, Crimson Eclipse. Meanwhile, Estelle Russard ponders leaving school and joining her father's company, Russard Industries.

Ndinn 'Flysucker' the Kubaz navigator of the Voodoo Heart takes an interest in the local cuisine on Bespin and makes a number of interesting experiences, as well as finding a new object for his stomach's infatuation with crunchy things

Aurelias Kazaar's life is thrown upsides down when his ex-wife Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar shows up on Coruscant with news: The two are still married and Kazaar's nemesis, Kimiiki Crei, is blackmailing is holding their son Bren hostage.

Aurelias Kazaar travels to Brentaal to mourn the loss of his son. After talking with his ex-ex-wife Adelaide, he makes a fateful decision about their relationship.

During a routine business trip to Entralla CEO and COO of Silenus Corporation, Xavier Synik and Emelie Shadowstar, are questioned by the local authorities. Though soon it becomes obvious the "simple" interrogation is a far more dangerous situation than it seems.

2 Year, 11 Months AE

Unlucky escapee Tri'ahna Zylary is rescued by Kal Olorin on board the pleasure cruiser Morning Star but soon finds herself entangled in one of Black Sun's schemes; at the same time, two Imperial Intelligence agents - Qourr Mhawat and Jekaan Oludh - are trying to verify the status of a suspected Force User, Darth Binky.

Lilaena De'Ville travels to Klatooine in search of weapons with which to outfit her Mandalorians. While waiting for an audience with Jaarhu the Hutt, she witnesses a plucky Orryxian named Akasha Kahn in a pit fight. Lilaena's interest is piqued when the slave apparently uses the Force to overcome her opponent... and she buys her along with the weapons.

Moff Yeart Quenn of Kuat travels to Imperial Center to offer his hand to Miranda Tarkin, Moff of Doldur - which he hopes will bring him the throne of the Empire by turning the two sectors into a mighty seat of power that others would be impossible to ignore. But his homeplanet is not happy with his plans, and sends out agents to deny him his goals.

The independent shipping company owned by Zeke is targeted by the Black Bloods Pirate gang with the help of a little slicer droid that was conveniently gambled away

2 Year, 12 Months AE

After stewing in discontent for many months, Darven decides to take matters in his own hands and contacts the bounty hunter Ecks to get his support for the new Guild he wants to start

Bounty hunter Darven meets up with Aurelias Kazaar on Bespin to persuade him to join the newly forming Guild

Bounty hunter Nya Halcyon aka Aree Ankarta receives a message that stirs up some old unwanted feelings, and goes on a bender as a result

A bunch of Black Bloods Pirates have some fun between jobs

Agent Starworth goes rogue.

On the run, Lamar finds himself on Bespin.

Lamar is still on the run, and finds himself cornered on Nubia with more problems than he ever wanted.

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