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Vittore Montegue is a bounty hunter living on Cloud City, who specialises in targets with "unnatural" traits: shapeshifters, Force sensitives, non-humanoids, and so on. Unlike most bounty hunters, Captain Montegue will often proactively seek out targets based on incident reports and criminal activity, seeking compensation from authorities after the fact, rather than arranging for payment in advance. Most recently, he has been working "on retainer" for Emelie Shadowstar and Elysian Acquisitions, helping to investigate an attempt on her life by Sarlacc.

Vittore resides aboard the Crimson Tide, a heavily customised Baudo-class Star Yacht. His "baby" is a vintage BTL-B Y-Wing Starfighter, which he sometimes calls the Hunter II. Usually preferring to work alone, Montegue usually surrounds himself with a crew of droids, though recently he has begun working with the slicer Sadie K'Vesh as his partner.


Vittore was born on Cularin during the Clone Wars. His father was a Senate Commando sent to investigate the planet after it's mysterious reappearance after disappearing ten years previously. Vittore's mother became pregnant after a whirlwind romance; she and Vittore's father married after Vittore was born, so their son could be raised in the relative safety of Coruscant.

When Vittore was only a few years old, his secretly Force sensitive mother fell under the influence of a darksider. Manipulated into injecting Vittore's younger brother with her own midichlorians, and provoked into attacking her husband, she was believed to have been killed by Vittore's father in self defense. That began a lifelong xenophobic obsession for Vittore's fighter, who turned his Jedi hunting training into a crusade against "supernatural" creatures that ordinary citizens and law enforcement do not have the skills, equipment, or knowledge to deal with. He dragged his sons along with him in his nomadic lifestyle, eventually passing that same obsession onto them. When his father mysteriously disappeared, Vittore attempted to continue the "family business" with his brother, and then later on his own.

A few years ago, Vittore's father recruited him and his brother for a mission to Ord Ithil, where Hugo believed their mother was still alive. In fact she had been killed by Inyos Aamoran, a stranded Jedi who had been corrupted by the same darksider who manipulated her; helped by the Force ghost of Mandan Hidatsa they were able to release Inyos and their mother's spirit. Shortly after, Vittore was captured by an Imperial shadow group to be tortured and experimented on, and though he was later released - after his father offered himself in exchange - the combined experiences inspired Vittore to try and "retire", even going so far as to settle down with his childhood sweetheart in the hopes of a happily ever after. When she was tragically killed under circumstances that Vittore refuses to talk about, he returned to "the life", more bitter and dedicated than ever to his father's cause.

Elysian Acquisitions

During a routine hunt pursuing a Shifter, Vittore inadvertently saved the life of Emelie Shadowstar from the Clawdite (who was wearing Vittore's face at the time), and then again from the bounty hunter Chir'daki. Hired by Shadowstar to get her to safety and help uncover the reason behind the hit, Vittore travelled to Nar Shaddaa to retrieve Sadie K'Vesh: a slicer contact of Shadowstar's who had fallen off the grid. Finding her abused and imprisoned, Vittore saved her and brought her back to Cloud City, where he and she eventually became Shadowstar's full-time employees as part of Elysian Acquisitions.


Vittore Montegue is a wounded animal. He is gruff, aggressive, and confrontational, but that is a defense mechanism to hide his underlying sadness and vulnerability. Every friend and loved one has disappeared from his life - often by "abandoning" him - and so Vittore finds it extremely difficult to let anyone else get close. His relationship with Sadie K'Vesh is built around their shared vulnerability, and she is one of the few people in the entire galaxy who he feels understands him. Because of his own abandonment issues, Vittore is fiercely loyal to those he feels close to, considering them part of his family and thus under his protection - though he doesn't always let on that he feels about people that way. Emelie Shadowstar, Nen Lev'i, and even Atton Kira are all people Vittore would die to protect.

Despite this, Vittore sometimes displays a surprising immaturity, clinging on to the few genuine aspects of the childhood that he never really got to enjoy the first time around. He is an enthusiastic, borderline obsessive fan of the Republic Rangers franchise, and spends the majority of his downtime watching whatever holomovies he can get his hands on.


Vittore's relationship to his actual family is very strained. His mother and father are believed to be dead, and Vittore has given up searching for his brother, who he believes has abandoned him. His uncle, Victor Montegue, always frowned upon his brother's crusade, and is not particularly pleased to see that Vittore has followed in his footsteps. Vittore still looks up to Elroy Kripke, the "uncle" (actually his father's friend and employee at the time) who helped to raise him and his brother, though the two do not talk much any more; Vittore reprogrammed his protocol droid, Sleazy, to imitate Uncle Elroy's accent and mannerisms.


17 BBY:
  • Montegue: Origins - Genesis - Vittore's mother dies.
  • 15 BBY:
  • Montegue: Origins - Exodus - Vittore's father begins his life as a hunter.
  • 5 ABY:
  • Montegue: Origins - Acts - Vittore's father is captured (Imperial Intelligence).
  • 7 ABY:
  • Montegue: Origins - Revelations - The Montegues rescue Inyos Aamoran from Ord Ithil.
  • 10 ABY:
  • Worst Impressions - Vittore saves Emelie Shadowstar from a shapeshifting assassin, and rescues Sadie K'Vesh from Nar Shaddaa.
  • Bedtime Stories - Following up on a lead concerning the attack on Emelie, Vittore and Sadie travel to Ubrikkia, but things don't turn out the way they planned.
  • Not In Our Stars - The arrival of Inyos Aamoran on Cloud City complicates matters for Sadie, which in turn makes them complicated for Vittore.
  • A New Life - Vittore has a heart-to-heart with Sadie about the arrival of Vhiran Antilles, while wearing a towel.
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