Aurelias Kazaar

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Aurelias Kazaar

Aurelias Kazaar
Joe Bidwell
Wes Thatcher
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Aldera City, Alderaan
Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar (separated but not completely)
Vera (dead)
HWK-200-class freighter The Flying Dutchman
YT-2000 class freighter The Night Train
R7 Droid named Trey

"I ain't someone with brains who can sit behind a desk and analyze stuff. I kill Imperials...and I do a damn fracking good job at it!"
―Aurelias Kazaar

Aurelias Kazaar is a bounty hunter and former Rebel spy. He has been a member of the Rebel Alliance since its first formation, serving in both the Rebel Army and Intel. He's ex-partner of Estelle Russard and currently working with Lilaena De'Ville.


In Character


A young Aurelias Kazaar in the service of Gorgja the Hutt.

An Alderaanian by birth, Kazaar grew up on Brentaal. As a teenager he ran errands for a minor crime lord named Garfield Tidar, until Tidar was killed during a takeover by Gorgja the Hutt. One rumor suggests, Kazaar was the one who let Gorgja's men into into his compound.

Kazaar's parents were active in protesting the power grabs made by then Chancellor Palpatine. They were both killed during the Ghorman Massacre, when Grand Moff Tarkin (then a younger officer) landed his ship on a group of protestors demonstrating against Palpatine's taxation. Kazaar retaliated, killing three Imperials in an apparent bar fight (the investigation was never completed but Kazaar still spent almost a year in jail).

During his tenure with Gorgja, Kazaar gained some notoriety after claiming the bounty on Zimar Tooklutu, an Aqualish soldier-for-hire, accused of raping a Hapan princess.

Two years before the Battle of Yavin, Kazaar left Gorgja and joined the Rebel Alliance where he was assigned to the Rebel Army on Dantooine. He lasted two years before being dishonorably discharged and recruited into Rebel Intel shortly thereafter.

Kazaar's penchant for violence has gotten him in trouble several times. After rescuing a child from the Trandoshan slavers, Crimson Eclipse, Kazaar tortured the slaver cell's leader. Years later, Kazaar and his partner Estelle Russard were hunted down twice by the group for his actions. Kazaar was also imprisoned by Rebel Intelligence for torturing an Imperial officer. He was released by The Black Man after Russard was captured on a mission.

Partnership With Ashley

"She'd shown a kindness t'me I hadn't seen in ages...she was a true friend...a confidant. We were extensions of the other, each knowing where the other would be."
―Aurelias Kazaar talking about his partnership to Ashley

After his release from Imperial prison, Gorgja the Hutt decided to partner Kazaar with a veteran female bounty hunter named Ashley. The two were hesitant to work with each other, but became close allies and, eventually, an 'item'. They were once given the task of hunting down the Jedi Master Loklorien s'Ilancy (Ashley herself may have been Force sensitive).

Their partnership lasted almost seven years before Ashley was brutally murdered in a hotel room. Kazaar never found the killer, and blames himself for her death.

Marriage To Adelaide

Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar, the ex-ex-wife.
"She'd been posing as a dancer on Ylesia and gotten into a fracas with a Rodian named, Ratalan. Me in m'infinite frackin' wisdsom stepped in and saved her. I was pretty drunk at th'time and got beaten pretty bad... Ain't th'best way t'meet people, but this is my life we're talking 'bout. One roller coaster after 'nother."
―Aurelias Kazaar explaining how he first met Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar

Kazaar's marriage to Adelaide Kasperian was not a well-known event. Given the fact that it was supposed to have been disolved a short time after it was effected, this is no real surprise. The pair met on Nar Shadda, at Gorgja's Palace, while Kazaar was an employee of the Hutt Crime Lord. Adelaide was a dancer who caught the eye of the nefarious bounty hunter at a time when he was suffering a terrible personal loss, namely the violent death of his lover and partner, Ashley.

Their marriage was short and bittersweet, ending when Adelaide told him she didn't love him anymore and that she'd cheated on him with a soldier. When Kazaar was done taking his frustration out on the man Adelaide claimed she'd slept with, his wife was gone. Kazaar spent a month searching for her, but eventually gave up and returned to his boozing ways. His entrance into the Rebel Army/Intelligence kept him from truly spiraling down.

Service In The Rebel Army

Shortly after Adelaide's disappearance Kazaar joined the Rebel Army as a way of starting his own private war against the Empire. His service is known for two incidents: one when he was involved with several skirmishes against Imperials during the resistance at Corellia. The second, and more infamous, happened during the Battle of Kuat when his commanding officer, Captain Pax Harkan, discovered Kazaar torturing an Imperial Officer for information on the TIE Interceptor. Kazaar was immediately arrested and dishonorably discharged. Recruited to Rebel Intelligence shortly afterwards.

Partnership With Estelle Russard

Aurelias Kazaar: "Ya know, Kid. Only a certain type o'person would hang 'round here. Belargic send ya?"
Estelle Russard: "You aren't supposed to be here."
―Estelle Russard's first encounter with Kazaar{{#if:Rescue Mission: Birdsong|[src]}}

Kazaar is primarily partnered with Estelle Russard, serving as both her bodyguard and driver. The duo's partnership is odd considering Kazaar's abrasiveness and Estelle's more thoughtful actions, yet the two complement each other very well.

Both Kazaar and Estelle have saved each other's life several times. The first came on Mastala, where Kazaar teamed up with The Black Man, the mysterious head of Rebel SpecOps, to rescue Estelle after she was kidnapped by Ghlar Timander after a failed mission. Estelle had been beaten harshly by her captors and Kazaar blasted his way into the mercenary encampment, killing all but Timander who escaped with Kazaar's old nemesis Kimiiki Crei. Timander's body was discovered a week later, filleted and skinned, a story Kazaar only smiles savagely at.

The second rescue was Estelle on Kazaar. After an arranged meeting between the Alliance and Trandoshan leadership was crashed by the Imperials, Estelle, Kazaar, and the wookie diplomat, Lahakka, escaped their destroyed ship only to crash land on Trandosha, Kazaar severely injuring his ribs and ankle. Estelle later rescued Kazaar and Lahakka from the clutches of the slaver gang, Crimson Eclipse, who Kazaar had run into before, and the three escaped on Estelle's new ship 'Apparition' to Bothuwai where Kazaar received treatment for his injuries.

Return Of Adelaide

"Whatta ya mean we're still married? Ya sent me th'divorce documents and I signed and sent 'em back. Don't tell me ya didn't frackin' file 'em!"
―Kazaar to Adelaide after her sudden appearance on Coruscant

Adelaide's re-emergence into Kazaar's life came at a time when, for the most part, his own was on track and had a semblance of order. Her arrival, and subsequent revelation that they had a son, had the understandably chaotic effect sending him into an emotional tailspin, the ramifications of which are yet to be completely revealed. When the now ex-ex-wife told him the crime lord Kimiiki Crei held his son hostage, Kazaar responded in his usual form of tracking down the Albino to his mansion, while Adelaide and Estelle rescued his son. After an intense battle, Kazaar killed what he thought was Crei only to discover it was really a Human Replica Droid. Crei was still alive.

The battle cost both Kazaars greatly, the two lost their son and Kazaar missed the funeral. After a brief reunion on Brentaal, the two split up again, the male Kazaar the one to end it this time. Where this goes from now, no one knows...


"There is a traitor. In the Alliance"
―Yurva Telan'lya to Estelle Russard

Kazaar and Kimiiki Crei

"The first time I saw 'Little Bren', I knew it was yours...Did you know Adelaide told him you were dead? Poor poor child. But I was his surrogate father in a way. I played with him, took him on walks...I was more of a father to him, than you ever got the chance to be. And all so I could say to you one day, 'Look at what I did. Look at how I got to be around your dead son'...Shame...such a shame."
Kimiiki Crei to Aurelias Kazaar

The relationship between Aurelias Kazaar and Kimiiki Crei has always been acrimonious at its best, and downright hateful at its worst. Neither has ever been willing to explain why they loath the other but the impetus may have been while both were young bounty hunters. Crei had always had an eye on Kazaar's partner Ashley, but the affection was never returned and the young Kazaar always viewed Crei as a lech who gave bounty hunters a bad name.

Throughout the years, especially after 'The Velvet Bounty Hunter' became 'The Velvet Crime Lord', both Kazaar and Crei needled at each other. Whether it was Kazaar using fake transponders of ship's he knew Crei owned or breaking up slaver Crei was scheduled to buy from to Crei's failed attempt at killing Kazaar, it was evident the two were slowly headed towards outright open conflict.

Then Adelaide happened. When Kazaar and Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar married, then divorced, Crei saw it as an opportunity. Unbeknown to either Kazaar, Crei positioned himself to benefit the most from their break up (especially after learning Adelaide was pregnant and the child, Bren, very ill). The Albino made sure he was there to take care of little Bren, even if he knew Adelaide hated him for it (but wouldn't go back to Kazaar). After the Albino lost out on rescuing Estelle Russard from the clutches of slavers he was affiliated with, Crei kidnapped Bren and forced Adelaide to go back to Kazaar, only to put himself in position to kill his enemy.

The bounty hunter responded as he always did: hunting down and killing all those in his way. Estelle helped Adelaide save Bren, while Kazaar went to Crei's massive estate and started blowing things (and people) up. After fighting through a variety of Crei's minions, Kazaar finally faced off with Crei. The two battled for several minutes before Kazaar (seemingly) killed the Albino, only to discover it was a Human Replica Droid. Crei had escaped and injured Kazaar so much, he was unable to meet Bren before his son died of his illness.

Several months later, Kazaar went after Crei again only to discover Adelaide had beaten him to the punch and slit the Albino's neck. The battle between Crei and Kazaar now appears to be over.

Psychological Profile

"Kazaar was partially fueled by alcohol. The man's body was perfectly capable of being sauced. Cells and organs had adapted. They'd see the stuff flow through, and shrug. For them, it was just Tuesday."
Milivikal k'Vik on Kazaar
Kazaar has been known to be rather testy with his superiors.

Kazaar's mental makeup has been the subject of much debate within the Alliance. Dasquian Belargic has commented he, "respected the man...but the last thing that a freshly graduated agent needed was a jaded old-timer like Aurelias leading her astray...If you were going to bend and break the rules, you had to first learn what they were." Grace Van-Derveld has taken a harsher approach towards the Rebel agent, calling Kazaar, "a hothead" and someone who didn't deserve the freedom he'd been given by Belargic. Early in their partnership, Estelle Russard believed Kazaar was "damaged" by something in his past.

A report by psychologist Webb Kovalev sheds more light on Kazaar's mental makeup. It states Kazaar is a troublesome case but he may not be crazy. Kovalev believes Kazaar's time in an Imperial prison helped shape his viewpoint on life. The Rebel psychologist also says Kazaar's outlook has always been rather strange:

"(His) code of ethics are completely his own and almost contradictory... He (ab)uses alcohol and tobacco; yet will not indulge in the use of either stims or spice. He has no problem with working with Gorgja the Hutt, but despises slavers. He has no problem with the use of torture, but refuses to hurt women. He enjoys hunting (what kind I will not bother to speculate) but won't hurt innocents. He has a definite problem with authority, yet completes any task given him (albeit in his own unique way). He has made comments about his (lack of) intelligence, yet is an excellent deducer. He has few friends yet is well respected. He claims to not be a hero, yet has been known to risk it all for someone (or some thing)."

Years From Now

"Last reports she’d had of Cimmerian had been discouraging to say the least. He’d always lived hard, drank hard. Estelle feared the last few jagged pieces of self that remained of the Kazaar she had known may have been drowned completely by his obstinate and self-destructive habits."
―Estelle Russard on Kal Cimmerian/Aurelias Kazaar
Kazaar as Kal Cimmerian.
Kal Cimmerian

In the 'Years From Now' storyline, Kazaar is using the name Kal Cimmerian due to his cover being blown some years before. A bitter drunk, he has found some semblence of a life on Brentaal. He is forced back into action when the virus outbreak threatens the planet he calls, "his own".


  • The symbol of Ikas-Adno, the developer of the 22-B Nightfalcon speeder bike, surrounded by some sort of 'winged' design.
  • The remnants of a Rebel insignia (destroyed during a rescue mission to Mastala).
  • It's rumored Kazaar has an Imperial insignia on his right buttocks, although the reason for it is unknown. When asked, Kazaar's response was, "So th'Empire can know where they can kiss it."


Kazaar has a large arsenal on both of his ships, but he also has the odd tendency to give his weapons 'names', mainly after women he once knew.

The Twins
"Damn those were fine lookin' weapons"
―Aurelias Kazaar on 'The Twins'

'The Twins' are a pair silver, pearl-handled Bryar Pistols named 'Vera and Ashley'. It's believed these may be named in honor of his mother and his dead partner. Kazaar took the weapons from a fellow hunter named Parbaker, after he tried to kill Kazaar and Ashley.

Other Weapons
  • An Imperial Repeater Rifle named 'Ophelia'.
  • An EE-3 carbine rifle he calls 'Evey' for the Mandalorian Nurse Eve Clay, the 'fourth toughest woman' he ever met.
  • A rail detonator called 'Ava'.
  • A short vibrosword called 'Dagny'.


Kazaar was an alcoholic ex-Rebel who worked as a bounty hunter for Gorgja the Hutt. He was based off of Kuat.

Out Of Character

Kazaar's real name is Taylor and he lives somewhere. A news reporter, he works for a national company.