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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Loklorien Iakyn s'Ilancy
Age: 48
Birthplace: Yag'dhul
Species: Lupine
Marital Status: Lifepartner to Dan
Force Sensitive: Yes
Rank: Knight
Master: Current: Darth Decepis Previous: Mace Windu, Zem Vymes
Apprentices: None
Physical Description
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 122 lbs
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde/brunette
Eyes: Left eye is blue, blind in right
Father: Dharkaron s'Ilancy
Mother: Nekite s'Ilancy
Sister: none
Brother: none
Droids and Ships
  • None
  • None
Rebel Alliance


Born on Yag'dhul to Darkharon and Nekite s'Ilancy, Loklorien has held on to the belief that she is the last of her species. A Lupine, she is the last of the Apex House, Losstarot. She has the Losstarot House Brand on her back between her shoulder blades, and the typical earnotch at the top of her left ear.

When she was four, her mother died and her father moved himself and his young daughter to Coruscant. He often told her grand bedtime stories of their people's exploits, and when she was six she memorized all of the Greater and Lesser Lupine Houses, earning the right to carry the Losstarot Brand. Little Lok would often talk of her mother, and Darkharon never took on a second wife out of disdain for what he felt were undeserving species of a Lupine man's love. He therefor doted on his daughter, though tempered such treatment with a gentle yet still firm sense of discipline.

When Loklorien was seven, Darkharon was killed by a mysterious intruder to their home, and Lok was promptly swept away to live with a Guardian. This Guardian, Mr. Flux, legally adopted her and raised her as his own daughter. He was the first to sense in her Force potential, and took her to the Jedi Temple where she was soon taken by Master Windu to be his padawan.

At the Temple, Loklorien - or s'Il - as she sometimes preferred, remained largely to herself. She buried herself in her studies, and excelled in her combat lessons. Master Windu guided his padawan's affinity for battle, and began teaching her Vaapad. She shared with him the secrets of her people, and it was not an uncommon thing to see the two conversing in the Temple hallways using a strange dialect that only the two of them knew.

With the onset of Order 66, Lok acutely felt the death of her master with startling awareness. Even she had not known the depth of her connection to Windu. It is a pain that to this day, more than twenty years later, she still feels on occasion. She was able to escape from the Temple with the help of Zem Vymes, then a Jedi Knight and casual acquaintance. Unknown to him though, the Lupine had grown attracted to him during her years as a padawan. The two wandered space together for a small amount of time, dodging Imperial troops and even managing to make their way to the Lupine homeworld of Schwartzweld. It was during this time that she first met Dan, who would later become her other half.

It was shortly after this that she and Zem were reunited with other surviving Jedi. After a heart-wrenching encounter with Darth Vader and the deaths of their comrades, the two sequestered themselves on an unknown planet. They lived there for a year as Master and Padawan until, on a brief trip out to Tatooine, they encountered Dan once more. At his request, they joined with the fledgling Rebellion, but not before s'Il was kidnapped by Urga the Hutt. The Hutt was killed after a rather unflattering display of heroics by Dan, who was very nearly made a meal himself.

After Tatooine, s'Il and Zem traveled with Dan to Hoth. It was here that the she was given the rank of Jedi knight, and she and Zem began a cautious romance. It was also where they first met Darth Decepis. This was the first of many future hauntings by the Sith. He came to her in dreams, and it was on Malastare that he was confronted by both s'Il and Zem. In the ensuing battle, he blinded her in her right eye with his lightsabre, leaving a scar from her forehead to halfway down her cheek. The Lupine was further destroyed when soon afterwards Zem abandoned her, leaving her in the care of Dan.

The Lupine pined for her lover, but through Dan's persistence and gentleness, she came to grow fond of him, and over time her fondness grew into love. She continued to work alongside the Rebellion, but still she was hounded by the Sith, Decepis. In desperation and the desire to ensure Dan's safety, s'Il quietly left the Rebels to live a life of self-imposed exile on Cather, where she made her home in the ancient citadel that her House had constructed in the Vercor Mountains. Dan visited as often as able, and at times she ventured forth from Cathar to meet him.

For almost twenty years she stayed on Cathar, sequestering herself for days on end in the great library of the citadel, and sometimes trekking to Imram'Lien for writing supplies. It was during one of her trips that she met Sanis Prent, and helped him leave Cathar in return for his company and any news of the galaxy he could bring her. He visited her often, and the two became occasionally a familiar sight at the Joffa Marketplace.

At thirty-nine, s'Il was shocked to learn that she was with child. Frightened for both Dan's and their unborn child's safety, she kept the fact secret from him, and it wasn't until the girl, Teagan, was six years old that Dan first met her. However, her quiet life was not to last, as Darth Decepis came calling. At Dan's insistence, the Lupine left Cathar in the company of Prent and his crew aboard his ship, Layla.

As payment for letting her live in Layla's shuttlecraft, s'Il became a part of Sanis' crew. They traveled to many worlds, and the Lupine often found herself at a bit of a loss in her dealings with the younger Prent. Despite her interactions with him during his visits on Cathar, it was usually never long before the two found themselves in an argument over anything and everything.

During a mission to a no-name backwater planet, the crew happened upon Zem Vymes once more, just as he was to be hung for murder. It was an unexpected reunion for both Jedi, and though at first things were strained between the two, it slowly became apparent that their love had never truly died. Instead, it seemingly had changed into a slow-burning yet fierce bond of loyalty.

Just before her foray to Coruscant to find and bring back Colonel Erasmus Karrnage, she finally revealed to Dan that Teagan was in fact his daughter, and upon her return from the city planet, decided to stay with him. The three felt it best to leave the Alliance for the peacefull world of Schwartzweld, the Lupine homeworld. But, thei intended solitude was shattered by the arrival of Byl Laprovik who'd come to confront Dan about missing Sith artifacts.

It was during a standoff between Byl, Dan, and s'Il, that Dan revealed himself to be Darth Decepis.

Crushed and defeated, the Lupine finally gave in to the Sith, and he took her as his apprentice, renaming her Darth Acera. In one last act of defiance, s'Il sent Teagan away with Zem to Cloud city to keep her safe from her own father.


Before the reset, s'Il was a bit of a loudmouth blowhard. She switched jobs fairly often before finally settling on a career as a museum robber. After a particularly unfortunate heist, she met Grand Admiral Taylor Millard. Resistant at first, she finally allowed him to court her, and the two were to married. In a strange turn of events though, s'Il was turned into a Lupine by Diego Van-Derveld, and took to her new physiology quite well. Sadly, due to an accident, she ran away from the Grand Admiral and decided to start her life anew. Many avenues were explored, as she ran with Diego, the bounty hunter Tirzak Kerr, and finally deciding that life was easier by herself, she simply went it alone. Unfortunately, over time and due to her Lupine blood, she began to grow mentally unstable. Her ship, the Rascal King, had a mobile mainframe unit named MMU, who was a manic psychotic thing due to too much tampering and upgrades. The two complimented each other wonderfully. Holding estate on Thyferra, s'Il often used her lands to house taun tauns so that she and Silus Xilarian could drunkenly joust. It was a wild time for the Lupine, and she wallowed in her growing insanity.

Out Of Character

Outside the in-character realm, s'Il is a self-proclaimed arteest. She works nightshift and likes to snowboard despite living in Alabamistan.

Little known facts about s'Il

  • s'Il is lactose intolerant.
  • She used to compete in horse shows.
  • Worked at Starbucks... for a day.
  • Was once caught riding police horses.
  • Sticks her tongue out while concentrating on something.
  • Can't fall asleep without the TV on.