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Star Wars
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Doctor Atton Kira

Doctor Atton Kira
(AWOL) Lieutenant
5'8" (173cm)
Dark Brown
Marital Status
Contessa Ath-Thu'ban
(step) † Janice Kira
† Benjamin Kira
(half) Elira Asael
(half) † Katrine Kira

Atton Kira is a veteran Intelligence Officer who served in the Republic military during the Clone Wars. After several years as an investigative journalist for Holonet News, he became an information broker, with ties to Black Sun and other criminal groups. He has recently been tied to Emelie Shadowstar. He refers to himself as Doctor, but what he is a Doctor of is unclear.

He currently lives on Cloud City, where he works as a casino barman as a cover for his illegal activities.


Benjamin Kira's father was an eminent lawyer during the Galactic Republic, who for a short time was married to Contessa Ath-Thu'ban of Alderaan. Their marriage was short-lived however; following their divorce, Benjamin left Alderaan with the couple's infant son, Atton, and moved to Ord Radama. The family moved frequently as Benjamin pursued a career into the higher levels of the Republic legal system, and Atton was raised mostly by his father's second wife, Janice. Atton had trouble forming lasting friendships; instead he dedicated himself to his studies, and in particular made a hobby of learning local languages and about local cultures. Combined with his tendency to downplay his emotions, Atton was often likened to a protocol droid as a child.

During the Clone Wars, Atton's familiarity with language allowed him to volunteer as an Intelligence Officer with the Grand Army of the Republic, mostly monitoring communications intercepts to screen for nuances that linguistics droids had missed. Following the declaration of the New Order, Benjamin Kira was one of the public figures who openly questioned the legitimacy of Palpatine's new Empire. Quickly branded a rebel sympathiser, a squad of Clone Troopers was sent to the Kira residence to "investigate" the validity of accusations against him; Benjamin, Janice, and Atton's half-sister Katrine were killed while "resisting arrest".

Atton dropped off the radar for over a decade, eventually resurfacing as an investigative journalist working for Holonet News, with a sideline in information brokering. In recent years, Atton's less legal career became his priority. While not officially affiliated with the Black Sun cartel they are frequent associates, and Atton is currently on staff at one of their casino bars, working as a barman both as a cover identity and to help pass the time. When a Hutt acquired the Holiday Towers Casino & Resort however, he resigned on principle; he went on to back Emelie Shadowstar in her founding of Elysian Acquisitions, providing half of the start-up capital.

Years From Now

In the future, Atton Kira's and his family settled on Susevfi, becoming liked and respected leaders of the community. Atton was appointed Senator, representing the world in the Galactic Alliance Senate. He had two great-nephews, TTony and Danny, but had not remarried or had children of his own. He did however adopt a son, who took over his role in the Exchange.


Benjamin Kira † was Atton's father. He worked as a criminal prosecutor, initially in local courts in the Mid Rim, before moving up through the hierarchy to the highest levels of the Republic Courts. Atton holds a great deal of resentment towards his father, who he feels advanced his career at the cost of his family, and also exclusively blames him for their deaths.

Katrine Kira † was Atton's younger sister, though he almost exclusively called her Katie. Atton once purchased an astromech, R4-K8, purely because the salesmen referred to her as Katie. She tragically died shortly after the fall of the Republic.

Sadie K'Vesh is a slicer, and a low level member of Atton's information broker network. For reasons unknown he has a sentimental attachment to her, dedicating resources to keeping tabs on her and - for the most part - trying to keep her out of trouble. His efforts missed her dropping off the grid however, and Atton's fondness for Emelie Shadowstar and Vittore Montegue is largely due to them spotting and rectifying his mistake before it was too late.

Vittore Montegue is a bounty hunter who Atton has had occasional dealings with in the past, mostly via his father, Hugo Montegue. Vittore and his brother once stole Atton's ship, but the insurance payout was sizeable enough that Atton isn't too broken up about it. Recently, he has developed a grudging respect for Vittore, in no small part due to his efforts in saving Sadie K'Vesh.

Emelie Shadowstar is a young businesswoman of dubious legality and morals, who Atton has taken as his protégé and hopefully successor. Atton has agreed to invest in every venture Miss Shadowstar engages in for the next ten years (until 20 ABY), at which point he plans to collect his profits and retire, leaving Emelie in control of everything.

Out Of Character

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