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Knight Mandan Hidasta

Mandan Hidatsa
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Mandan Hidatsa is a Jedi of the Galactic Republic, whose Master was killed at Geonosis. He served in the Clone Wars as a Commander, eventually earning the rank of Knight and General before the end of the campaign. He survived the Jedi Purge, and went into hiding; he was unfortunately killed during an encounter with a Dark Jedi, but has learned to manifest himself as a Force Ghost. He is the uncle of Amos Iakona, and father of Wyl Staedler.

Mandan is a Jedi Consular, and wields a green Lightsaber.


Born on Naboo, Mandan's mother died in childbirth, and so Mandan was raised by his elder sister, Cheyenne. At a very young age he was identified as posessing a sensitivity to the Force, and was taken to Coruscant for training, much to his sister's dismay.

Mandan grew up to be a capable Jedi, but was marred by his difficulty in severing his emotional connections to people, which at times clouded his judgement; it was later discovered that this bond was the result of a strong connection to the living Force. It took quite some time for him to get over being separated from his sister, and most of his eventual recovery was due to displacing his familial affections onto fellow Jedi, especially his Master. When his Master was killed at Geonosis, the two were separated; Mandan had been assigned to by the Council to conduct one of his first solo missions. Despite the difference however, Mandan felt his death particularly strongly through the Force; he blames himself for not having been at his Master's side, often wondering if he could have done anything to avert his death.

The Jedi Council recognised the emotional strain that his loss had placed him under and initially held back his advancement to Knight status; pairing him instead with Inyos Aamoran - another Padawan who was also recently left without a master - who they believed would help provide some emotional stability for him during such a difficult time. Eventually however, the needs of the Republic during the Clone Wars outweighed the Council's reservations, particularly given his demonstrated prowess as a Commander; he was made a Knight, and a General, and continued in that role until the end of the war.

Somehow, he managed to survive Order 66, and went into hiding. His whereabouts since the Jedi Purge are largely unknown; for a time he inhabited Nar Shaddaa, where he became involved in a romantic relationship with Oa Umi'u and fathered a son: Wyl. With his former partner Inyos, he left Nar Shaddaa and journeyed to Ord Ithil in search of a Force Sensitive woman who had manifested herself in one of his dreams. It turned out to be a trap by a Dark Jedi however, and Mandan was killed when she manipulated Mandan and Inyos into fighting against each other. (Montegue: Origins - Chronicles (Kings))


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