Miranda Tarkin

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Miranda Tarkin
The Face of the Empire
Empress Miranda Tarkin
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Imperial Center
Lise Tarkin
Andron Tarkin
Navaria Tarkin (Lianna Mal Pannis)
The Majestic, Empress Class Star Destroyer

"I am humbled by your choice. Such matters are not easy to debate, especially in a time as ours when our need is desperate," she said quietly, still gazing at the signet, her signet, with adoration and awe. "I accept this great honor and thank you."

It was not out of duty or obligation that those words thank you escaped her lips. Miranda was honestly grateful that she would be given the opportunity to help bring their Empire out of the chaotic slump it has turned into, which was spiraling out of control between the infighting and increase in Rebel attacks. They could have chose anyone, but they chose her. Never in her dreams did she ever believe she would ascend to the throne ...

As the newly crowned Empress of the Galactic Empire, Miranda Tarkin is breaking away from the common closed minded thoughts that a woman could not hold positions of power within the Imperial Government.
Expanded History

Miranda Tarkin is the only surviving blood relative of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, a fact she takes very seriously. Distraught over the loss of her Grandfather and Father, Miranda vowed to make sure the Rebellion would be destroyed and bring order back to the Galactic Empire as Emperor Palpatine would have wanted.

First working for COMPNOR as a member of the Ministry of Propaganda, Miranda had made her presence well known throughout the galaxy with her ingenious ability to spin Rebel actions into terrorist attacks and speak on behave of Imperial Doctrines, the people began to fall in love with 'the girl who was like them'. Finding a voice through the people, Imperial Politicians could no longer turn a deaf ear to this woman and promoted her to Moff of the Doldur Sector.

After an early surprise insurrection by the Rebellion, Moff Tarkin was able to defeat them and prove that she was worthy of her title. Her notoriety continued to grow as she stabilized her system and encouraged more action to be done on the Imperial floor back on Coruscant.

It was here that the Inquisitors took notice of her popularity and ability in not only managing the Imperial Citizens under her, but also as a charismatic and intelligent leader that was fiercely loyal to the Empire. She was the perfect candidate to take the throne and with the support of Chancellor Tiberius Anar and Grand Inquisitor Karl Valten, they will soon take this public.

Former Titles
Ministry of Propaganda - Advisor

Moff of Doldur Sector

Dark Secrets
Her relationship with Sorsha Kasajian is well known as they have been friends since children. What is not known is just how intimate that relationship has become. Miranda also helps to fund her lovers interest in Black Nebula.

Another secret that is about to be revealed to the new Empress is that she has a twin sister, Lianna Mal Pannis.

"The “Face of the Empire” is what the call you, is it not? And you’ve more than proven your dedication. If you so wish, the Inquisition will stand alongside you and the throne.” Karl Valten.
The character of Miranda Tarkin did not exist pre-reset.
Expanded History

Following the decision of Miranda to become Empress, she is slowly putting the pieces in place to secure the throne in case of her demise. She wanted to have more foresight then the late Emperor Palpatine. By marrying her long time childhood friend, Gallus Tagge, she will finally be rid of old Imperial Politicians and Military men that are currently seeking her hand in marriage. With Gallus at her side, she can trust him not to ursurp her power and use her for his own gains.

Also in this scheme is to produce a proper heir...

Miranda is deeply devoted to the Empire and preserving its ideals. For those that know her, they would describe her as a cool collected woman that has a charismatic charm about her that makes you want to like her. She does not tolerate disloyalty and despises the Rebellion to a venomous degree.
Future Roleplay
In Years From Now...(link), Miranda Tarkin was slain by her sister Lianna Mal Pannis. The puppeteer of this outcome was created by Salem Ave.
Current Timeline of Roleplays

Enduring Legacy(link)- Miranda visits her old friends Sanya and Gallus Tagge. Here she offers them two proposals. Sanya - to become her Minister of Propaganda. For Gallus - To become her husband.