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Planetary Datasheet

Carida System
1 (previously 2 including the Mascot Moon)
Primary Terrain
Forests, Deserts, Glacier, Jungles, Arctic tundra
Points of Interest
Academy of Carida, Cliffside, Caridan district, Ressl River, Forgofshar Desert, Spinara Plate, Tarkin's Teeth, Dean's Residence, O&M Building
Native Species
Caridan, Combat arachnid
25 million (75% Caridan, 23% Human, 2% droids)

―Who said it

Carida was a planet of the Colonies region of the galaxy, near the Perlemian Trade Route, and the homeworld of the Caridan race.

This large, high-gravity world was covered in everything from rocky mountains and frozen ice fields, to rain forests full of carnivorous plants, and deserts. As such, this planet was the perfect training ground for combat in difficult terrain. It was an exporter of food, and was ruled by the Council of Merchants, which later shared power with a military administration.
Carida was the site of a major military training facility, the Academy of Carida. The training facility was acquired by the Galactic Republic for training clone troopers during the Clone Wars.[source?] This selfsame facility was converted willingly by the population to an Imperial training center and was home to the Empire's most important stormtrooper program, along with several hundred B3 ultra battle droids. The planet remained loyal to the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars and was an adamant supporter of the Galactic Empire until the bitter end.

The planet also had numerous rancor on it that had been transplanted from Dathomir. They were often used for training exercises, pitting stormtroopers or Imperial vehicles against them.

The MT-AT "Spider Walker" was developed and manufactured here. General Veers also tested the first AT-AT there. Carida was also the homeworld of Admiral Kendal Ozzel.

Carida's Mascot Moon had the Academy's logo carved on its surface. In 8 BBY, Mako Spince attempted to remove it using antimatter, but instead of achieving this goal, the moon was destroyed.

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There are some characters born on Carida, as seen here.