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Captain Sanis Prent

Sanis Prent
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Raitha Narsee
Corellian YV-666 Freighter Layla

Sanis Prent is a former smuggler, gun-for-hire, and opportunistic outlaw who recently cast his lot in with the Rebel Alliance. He is currently serving with Rogue Squadron as Rogue Thirteen, callsign "Lucky". He's often accompanied by his estwhile companion, mechanic, and best friend Cirrsseeto Raurrssatta.

Sanis was born into a life of hopeless poverty on Nar Shadaa, the son of a space pirate named Ledo Prent and a streetwalker named Raitha Narsee. Effectively living on his own by the age of ten, he learned "The Hustle", which in Nar Shadaan terms was whatever it took to make enough money to get by from day to day. To that end, he learned con games, learned how to pick locks, how to steal speeders, as well as anything more legitimate that passed his way which would also pay. Like many Nar Shadaans, he quickly developed a lust for space travel, mainly as a manifestation to leave Nar Shadaa. He worked in spaceports, learning starships inside and out, and at twenty years old, he earned enough money to put aside for a charter flight to get off the planet of his birth.

One of the first stops on his travels outside of Nar Shadaa was on Cathar, where he met the Jedi Knight Loklorien s'Ilancy. The meeting was nearly disastrous as Sanis attempted to steal several items from the Jedi. He was easily caught, but for some reason the Jedi took a liking to him and spared his life, although she didn't realize he'd pilfered one of her lightsaber focusing crystals. The two parted ways, but were certain to meet again many times. Sanis continued looking for work, under the idea that he'd eventually 'make it big' and find some random way to strike it rich and live the high life. He'd occasionally find work that paid well, but his habits of gambling, expensive women, and recreational drugs generally meant that he'd lose whatever he gained in short order. During one such moments of destitution, he traveled to the Carshoulis Cluster, desperate for work.

On Carshoulis Prime, Sanis was quickly acquainted with Taataani Meorrrei, an extremely wealthy Cizerack Matriarch, who put the disheveled human to work as her driver. Through the course of being at her beckon call, he was introduced to her son, Cirrsseeto Raurrssatta, who was married to Taataani's rival, Iesshaauurri Raurrssatta. Unhappy with her son's lot in life in what was considered an abusive marriage, Taataani conspired with Sanis to have him abscond from the Carshoulis Cluster with her son, in exchange for giving Sanis the object of his affections, a Corellian YV-666 light freighter that Taataani hated and was intending to sell. Sanis named the ship Layla, although he gave no explanation for the name, and refuses to do so to this day.

With a ship to call his own, Sanis took to the stars as fast as possible, seeking out the sort of jobs that a hustler in a tough Corellian ship could do. He smuggled contraband past Imperial blockades, took small bounties inept enough to not be capable of killing him, and sometimes fell back into the old hustle of straight-up illegal petty crime and the occasional legitimate drudgery. One one such outing, he crossed paths with James Prent, a woman that only after attempting to make out with her, was discovered to be his half sister. On another such mission to Bespin, he caught the eye of the dangerous Black Sun Vigo Sasseeri Reeouurra, who arranged for him to fall into her debt, so that she could have him smuggle weapons past the Cizerack blockade of Calan. Sanis never quite got around to that task, a troublesome slip-up that ended up with him having a bounty placed on his head.

Sanis was later reunited with Loklorien s'Ilancy, her daughter Tak, and the Jedi Master Zem Vymes in his travels, and periodically ferried one or more of them to safe places aboard Layla. He developed close bonds with Lok and Tak, in some ways feeling that they were a family of sorts to him, although Lok's relationship to Dan the Man would cool this feeling somewhat, as the two were staunch rivals. One one such journey with Lok, Sanis helped her in a mission to locate the Urns of Korriban, ancient Sith artifacts of supposedly terrible power. The mission ended in failure, and nobody cares to speak of it.

Sanis's complicated feelings around Lok came to a head when she confronted him on his loyalties, insinuating that he would always be a scoundrel if he didn't make a stand with the Rebellion. Infuriated, he called her bluff and immediately signed up with the Rebel Alliance, although inwardly he considered most of the Rebels to be simple, naive, and idealist farm planet hicks that didn't get how the rest of the galaxy actually worked. He spent his initial few months in Rogue Squadron, the contempt for his peers slowly ebbing away into a comfortable relationship. Even so, Sanis continues to be faced with a dilemma of whether to actually stay with the Rebels, or return to his old ways.

Sanis is primarily guided by his own self-interest, which stems from his poor upbringing and a desire to "make it big" and avoid being financially dependent. His independent nature drives his ego, and he's quick to point out that he's the best at what he does, even if he might be in a situation where he's completely over his head and out of his league.
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