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In Character

Personal Information
Name: Blade Ice
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown
Species: Possibly Human
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Force Sensitive: Yes
Rank: Sith Lord
Master: Aria Sihin
Apprentices: None
Physical Description
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown with an Orange Glow
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Sister: None
Brother: None
Duaghter: Tegan Bacquin
Droids and Ships
  • None
  • None
  • None


Blade Ice is an enigma in the force. Something that shouldn't exist but does. Where he comes from no one really knows. He was pulled into this Galaxy from another he claims was much like this one. The rift that brought him here also changed him by his claims. He claimed to be a Sith Lord where he was from but had lost all his power when he fell into the rift.

After falling through the rift into this new galaxy he found himself powerless on the planet Rutan in a grass covered valley. In the valley he layed eye's on a saber dual between to combatants. One was a female and one was a male. The Female scored the killing blow on the male and then set her sights on Blade. Seeing his weakened state but powerful potential she did not kill him. She introduced herself as Darth Abilus sith master. Blade begged her to train him to his former potential. Abilus was not satisfied with this however instead she sent him ona test of Faith to prove his worth. It was liek a game of hide and go seek, She would Hide and Blade to find her.

After a long search through the galaxy that had vastly changed from the one Blade had known he found his new master on the Planet Agamar. For five years she trained him to his former glory of Sith lord. She also managed to reshape him and change his view of the force slightly. Blade and Aria (Darth Abilus) Also found a Love for each other in those five years. Blade also reseaved the title of Darth Lucid wich in the sith language meant The Dark Dreamer.

Galactic Troubles

Blade still clining to his past left Agamar and Aria behind for a short while to find some remenent of his past. On his journey he search for a few thing anything that resembled the sith he once knew and old friends. This where his trouble began while on Coruscant he found a resteruant that was very familiar to him called the Grand Coruscant. He used his new knowledge of sith illusion to con his way in. While there he found a familiar face that reminded him of his Old Master before he fell into the rift. An old master he had turned against named Dalethria Mal Pannis. However the woman was not her but one Miranda Tarkin. After herassing her for a time he found out that another old friend still existed one he detrusted. He found out that this new Galaxy not only had a copy of Dalethria but also one of A woman named Sorsha Kasajian.

However Due to his interaction with Miranda the woman put an imperial bounty on Blade's head. This bounty caused Blade to flee back to Agamar to Darth Abilus. Unknown to Balde he had been tracked by the Imperial Inquiserate. This intern lead to Abilus and Blade having to fight there way off Agamar.

Blade's Attitude

Blade's attitude can be discribed as rebelious in most respects. This due to the fact that most of his life was lead not knowing who he was or if he had family. He was alone in the galaxy basically surviving on his own means. His rebelious attitude stems from his Loner complex that was developed from being alone. He trusts very few people thinking even his best of friends could turn on him at any moment.

Although Blade's greatest enemy is notthose he fights against or fights with. No Blade's worst enemy is himself. He has a tendancy to force himself away from everyone around him causing problems where there wasn't any previously just so he has an excuse to leave or run away. His greatest fear has always been forever being alone with himself for the rest of his life yet he still pushes himself away from those that love him.


Blade Ice hasn't changed much at all from pre-reset to post reset. Infact the character is still the same Blade in terms of back story. (more on this later.)

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