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Amos Iakona is a Jedi Padawan, who resides at the Enclave on Ossus.

Volunteering with the Naboo Royal Guard on his homeworld, he was drafted into the Stormtrooper Corps, serving as a Scout Trooper for a time before retiring to become a spacer aboard the Astral Queen with his Trooper comrade, Jaden Luka. He eventually joined the Rebel Alliance, where he served with SpecForce as a Pathfinder. After discovering his Jedi heritage he requested a transfer to The Wheel, and eventually took an extended leave of absence to join the Jedi in establishing their new Enclave on Ossus.

Amos can often be found piloting the Astral Queen, and accompanied by his droid companion, Trip.


Amos Iakona grew up on Naboo, believing that his parents were a dull and boring couple. Though eager to escape the monotony of his Keren upbringing, Amos was neither ambitious nor imaginative as a child: his aspirations of escape involved following his father's footsteps into the Naboo Royal Guard, in the hopes of being assigned somewhere more interesting on the planet. That plan was derailed when Amos was conscripted into the Stormtrooper Corps, an environment that Amos struggled to adapt to, and quickly found himself relegated to a disciplinary Scout Trooper unit under the command of Ethan Tahmores. Though his superiors hoped he would insubordinate his way out of service - a plan that Amos was not opposed to at the time - he banded together with fellow troopers John Glayde, Jaden Luka, and Oran Jsorra, and served out the remainder of his tour with moderate distinction.

Once his mandatory service with the Empire was over, he and Jaden Luka pooled their earnings to purchase the Astral Queen - a run down but serviceable YT-2000 Freighter - and embarked on a "simpler" life as traders. It proved more difficult than they had imagined, and while both managed a modest existence for several years, both eventually jumped at the opportunity to join the Rebel Alliance. While Jaden embarked on a path that led to elite starfighter pilot status with Rogue Squadron, Amos joined a SpecForce unit led by former comrade John Glayde, becoming a Sergeant in the Pathfinders.

After a chance encounter with the Montegue family and his father, Amos discovered that his parents were far less simple than he had been led to believe. His father was a Mandalorian warrior, one of the Cuy'val Dar who helped to train the Republic's clone troopers; and his mother had once been part of the Jedi Order, but had left when she failed to be selected as a Padawan. Aware that he had the potential to use the Force, Amos sought refuge with the Jedi, first aboard The Wheel, and then later at the Jedi Enclave on Ossus. With the Jedi he had the opportunity to meet his nephew, Wyl Staedtler; and eventually constructed his own lightsaber, using the crystal that his mother had once used and wore as a pendant when Amos was a child.

In 10 ABY, Amos responded to a call for assistance from Mandalore the Liberator, assisting in the liberation of the planet Mandalore from Imperial occupation. Though Amos now actively attempts to follow the Mandalorian Codex and integrate that aspect of his heritage into his life, he struggles to juggle between those beliefs, his Jedi teachings, and the influence that the Empire and the Rebellion have had on him.

Years From Now

In the future, Amos had become Commander of Clan Koine, and had settled on Susevfi. He was a respected member of the community, and his Mandalorians had become an unofficial militia, helping with defense, law enforcement, and also routine tasks like building and agriculture. The Saarai-kaar considered him to be part of his extended family.



Amos is estranged from his father, who he blames for hiding the truth about his parents' true nature. That belief is compounded by the fact that his mother (supposedly) died while he was young, and as much as he tries to embrace the Jedi Order, he regrets never having been able to know that aspect of his mother; though the Force ghost of his uncle, Mandan Hidatsa, has appeared to him on occasion to help him understand the kind of woman his mother truly was.

Despite his paternal animosity, Amos does respect the Mandalorian traditions of his heritage - or at least, as best as he can given his understanding of them - and regards the other members of Clan Koine as extended family. Amos extends that concept of a "clan" to the close personal friends he has formed within the Alliance and the Jedi, and so regards John Glayde, Jaden Luka, Desmond Nil'vak and Cleo Némain as part of his extended family as well.

Clan Koine:


27 BBY:
  • Born on Naboo
  • 7 ABY:
  • Ride of the Valkyries - Amos is rescued by the Rebel Alliance.
  • A Friend in Need - Amos helps John Glayde rescue a childhood friend.
  • Montegue: Origins - Revelations - Amos meets the ghost of his uncle, Mandan Hidatsa, and learns about his Jedi potential.
  • Two Roads Diverged... - Amos requests a leave of absense to explore his new status as a potential Jedi.
  • New Friends; New Beginnings - On the Wheel, Amos meets Ilias Nytrau.
  • 8 ABY:
  • The Errant Adventures of Trip and Wyl! - On Cloud City, Amos meets Wyl Staedtler when he becomes an accomplice in the theft of Trip, Amos' droid.
  • What a Load of... Cargo? - Amos meets Cleo Némain, and is very confused.
  • Two Jedi Walk into a Bar... - Amos meets Tionne Thanewulf, one of the Jedi on The Wheel.
  • Fruit of the Poisonous Vine - Amos takes a trip to Skako with one of his Jedi teachers.
  • Darkest Before the Dawn - Amos is brought in as a specialist on a Dorn Force mission by John Glayde.
  • Defenders of the Status Quo - Amos catches up with Jaden Luka aboard the Challenger.
  • 9 ABY:
  • Family Matters - Amos finds out that Wyl Staedtler is his cousin.
  • Walk With Me - Amos spends time with Master Zem Vymes.
  • 10 ABY:
  • Green Fields of Home - Amos spends quality time with his Jedi friends.
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