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Colonel Leela Vorega

Leela Vorega
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Amy Vorega (dec.)
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Alliance Cruiser Valiant

Leela Vorega is a former TIE Interceptor pilot in the Imperial Navy, and a survivor of Alderaan. Following the planet's destruction she became involved with the Rebel Alliance, where she ascended through the ranks to command of the A-Wing Valkyrie Squadron. Recently, she was promoted to Colonel, and placed in command of the Star Cruiser Valiant.


A child of Alderaan, Leela grew up in a fairly unremarkable family, and lived a fairly average life. Her parents were both average citizens - her mother was a school teacher, while her father was a retired Republic officer from the Clone Wars - and she grew up perfectly content with the life she had. She performed well academically, and graduated high in her class: high enough in fact to earn herself a placement at the Imperial Academy. It was there, during basic flight training, that things began to go off the rails for Vorega.

Cadet Leela Vorega

Exposed to the pilot lifestyle, she came out of her shell and plunged herself whole-heartedly into the agressive, extrovert and male-dominated culture of the Imperial Navy. Always affected with the perception that she was at a disadvantage because of her gender, she turned herself into as masculine an individual as possible, her determined personality driving her to participate in every activity that her fellow pilots did even when her female physiology might perhaps cause problems. Her dedication to outdoing everyone pushed up her scores in the simulators, and not only made her one of the more popular members of her training unit, but also one of the more successful. Unfortunately, the shift in her personality estranged her from her family, who claimed they did not know the woman that Leela had become. After their last falling-out, Vorega never spoke to her family again, and considers the fact that she never patched things up with her parents before Alderaan was destroyed as being her greatest regret.

Granted a commission in the Imperial Navy, Leela became a TIE pilot. She served on a number of Star Destroyers and smaller vessels over her years of service, and even served briefly as a pilot aboard the first Death Star before being reassigned to another post a few months before the Battle of Yavin. Like many of her fellow pilots, she never concerned herself with the political side of her duties for the Empire: once you got in the cockpit, your opponent was your enemy regardless of their moral stance, and would do everything they could to shoot you down if you didn't get them first.

Things changed however when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. While the public - and most of the Navy - was informed that the Death Star had been a weapon of mass destruction constructed by the Rebellion, Leela had seen first-hand that it wasn't true. Unable to cope with the fact that she was working for the people that had murdered her family, she took a leave of absense to cope with her emotional loss, and used that absense from the Empire to defect to the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance

Leela was just one of a number of new recruits to the Rebellion in the wake of Alderaan, and as a result the Alliance expanded significantly to accomodate its new members. With new squadrons created and veteran pilots being reassigned to more senior positions, several core squadrons of the Alliance were in need of experienced pilots to fill in the gaps. Vorega was assigned to Valkyrie Squadron, a former unit of Z-95 Headhunters that had been selected by Alliance Command to pilot the new A-Wing starfighters. A number of former TIE Pilots went on to fly A-Wings for the Alliance, primarily because their experience with Imperial fighters made it much easier to adapt to the fast and agile craft.

Leela recieving an Alliance service commendation

Over the years that followed Yavin, Leela rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Squadron Leader. As the Alliance adapted to the new state of affairs in the post-Endor climate, Valkyrie Squadron was assigned to the MC40a Cruiser Valiant along with the B-Wing unit Dagger Squadron, deployed along the Hydian Way to harass Imperial patrols and convoys. Leela's contributions to the planning and execution of the Valiant's operations eventually earned her a promotion to Major, and she became a highly decorated member of the Starfighter Corps. After the Dagger Leader was reassigned to another unit, she took over as senior pilot on both Squadrons: she is presently the only member of either unit who may use the callsign "Leader" (the Leader of Dagger Squadron currently flies as "Dagger One").

During her time aboard the Valiant, Vorega flew with Sullustan pilot Lieutenant Tiet Voe as her wingman. During one mission targetting an Imperial patrol that had more firepower than intelligence suggested, Tiet was badly injured and removed from flight status by medics for several months. She recruited former Scout Trooper Jaden Luka into the Alliance to take over temporarily as Valkyrie Two. (Ride of the Valkyries) Luka went on to earn himself command of his own Flight as Valkyrie Nine, and was eventually selected to become the unit's Executive Officer and second-in-command after a joint operation with Rogue Squadron. (Raids, Rogues and Arithmatic)

In recent years, Leela has been observed to enjoy her drinking a little too readily during downtime. While she shows restraint during times when her Squadron is deployed aboard a starship, she will indulge herself whenever the ship is in port. She has also been involved in a number of incidents with other pilots, although these usually seem to be self-contained incidents that have no lasting repercussions. She is known to be particularly aggressive towards fellow Alderaanians who served in the Empire, perhaps projecting her own self-loathing about her Imperial service onto them. Frequently on the recieving end of this aggression is Rogue Squadron pilot Kelly Perris.

With the promotion of Vansen Tyree to Line Captain, and his reassignment to the Horizon, he selected Leela to succeed him as Commanding Officer of the Valiant. Reluctant to surrender her flight status, she grudgingly accepted the new assignment. Together with the rest of Tyree's unit, the Valiant assisted in the liberation of Bothawui. (Two Roads Diverged..., Liberation - Battle of Bothawui)

Shortly after, the Valiant was deployed to serve as the command vessel of The Wheel - a secret convoy populated by the survivors of the Jedi Purge. For the duration of that assignment, the ship became the new home of Rogue Squadron. (The Ragged They Come, Of Wheels and Fortunes)


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