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Star Wars
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Alexander Tur'enne
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Alexander Tur'enne
Alex, Xander, Lex
5'10" (180cm)
Marital Status
(Adoptive) Alluria Tur'enne
(Adoptive) Jacob Tur'enne
(Formerly) Rebel Alliance

Alexander Tur'enne is the adopted brother of Charlotte Tur'enne, who was a Specialist with the Rebel Alliance until he left in protest of her unfair trial and dishonourable discharge. An engineer and scientist, Xander worked for several years as a weapons developer for Frohad Galactic Firearms before defecting to the Alliance.

Xander is currently working with John Glayde to search for his sister, who currently does not want to be found.


Alexander entered foster care on Corellia when he was three months old, and despite his efforts all records regarding his biological parents are either sealed or destroyed. He was adopted by Jacob Tur'enne - a District Attorney from Corellia - and his wife Alluria. The couple chose to adopt after struggling to conceive even with medical intervention; though five years later they did eventually manage to have a natural daughter in Charlotte.

Xander adored his baby sister, but the Tur'enne's had made no secret of the fact that Alexander was adopted, and particularly during his teen years he worried that he would seem less important than the Tur'enne's "real" child. Combined with Charlotte's increasingly tomboy nature, the two developed a lovingly antagonistic relationship that still persists into adulthood.

At college, Xander met and ultimately proposed to Laura Dechen, the women who eventually broke his heart. After several happy years together she left without explanation; Xander plunged himself into his work, cutting himself off from friends and family. His dedication eventually earned him a job working for a special projects team working on covert projects for the Imperials. It was in this role, after discovering that his sister had joined the Rebel Alliance, that he decided to defect.

Xander joined his sister in Dorn Force, a Rebel special operations unit. His experience with advanced weapons made him an ideal quartermaster, and he applied his insider knowledge and specialist skills to modifying and customising equipment for the team's use, as well as inventing a few of his own.

Some time later, Charlotte begun deployments on covert missions with Alliance Intelligence, away from the rest of the team. During one of those endeavours she was hijacked by a powerful Darksider and forced to attack a convoy of Jedi refugees. Searching for a scapegoat for their security blunders, the Alliance decided to pin the blame on Charlotte personally, holding a rushed series of closed court proceedings that were over before her team mates and commanding officers even had the opportunity to testify. Charlotte was dishonourably discharged from the Alliance and rapidly went off the rails; both Xander and the Dorn Force commander, John Glayde, resigned from the Alliance in protest and set out in search of the errant Tur'enne.


Charlotte Tur'enne is the only family that Xander really cares about: his baby sister. When they were younger, Xander did his best to protect her; Charlotte quickly became capable not only of taking care of herself but also of beating her brother up too, and so their relationship quickly became a challenge to see who could wind each other up the most. The two were separated when Xander went off to college, and when the two met up again their experiences and traumas had made them very different people. Xander does his best to be the kind of brother that Charlotte needs, but he's not really all that good at it.

Out Of Character

8 ABY:

10 ABY:

  • Last Stop, All Change - After being hung out to dry by the Alliance, Charlotte is tracked to the edge of the galaxy by Xander and John.

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