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Lieutenant Oisin Ocasta

Oisin Ocasta
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Oisin Ocasta (pronounced uh-sheen) is a young officer in the Rebel Alliance, who specialises as a fighter pilot. Since the Battle of Endor he had been serving as a Recon-X pilot; he received a temporary billet with Rogue Squadron in 3 AE however, flying as Rogue Twelve in a normal X-Wing. Prior to becoming a pilot, he was a Systems Technician.

His callsign - Echo - derives from flight training: a catch phrase of his at the time was: "Yeah, what he said." He is also known by the nicknames Sin, and Sheen.

Oisin was born on Alderaan, and lived a fairly ordinary, unremarkable life. He had a brilliant mind of mathematics and computers, but lacked the dedication and commitment to his studies to achieve any noteworthy qualifications. He managed to make it into a fairly average university on Alderaan, but dropped out before completing his course: instead he went into a mundane career in systems analysis, accepting a job at an industrial facility on Delaya: Alderaan's orbital sister.

When Alderaan was destroyed, Oisin found himself even more adrift than before; it was only through the influence of Jamie Kobalos - a childhood friend - that Oisin managed to keep a grip on his sanity. The duo elected to run off and join the Rebel Alliance together, initially serving as starship crewmen before Kobalos had the genius idea of applying for pilot training. Both somehow passed; Oisin received a citation for original thinking in one of the training simulations, when he hacked the program to make it believe that he and Kobalos were Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, inspiring fear and a desire to kill in the TIE pilots they were engaging, drawing them away from the medical frigate they were trying to save and allowing it to escape.

Both Oisin and Kobalos flew X-Wings during the Battle of Endor. Unfortunately, Kobalos was killed in action; uncomfortable with the notion of taking on another wingman, Oisin applied for assignments as a recon pilot, where he would fly solo. By 3 AE he was a Lieutenant, and operating in that capacity with The Wheel: performing reconnaissance ahead of the convoy to ensure that the target coordinates were safe; remaining behind for several hours after the convoy had jumped to check for pursuit; or flying to rendezvous points with ships wanting to travel to The Wheel, and then escorting them to the convoy's current coordinates.

Later the same year, Rogue Six pilot Jaden Luka was temporarily assigned to run a training operation aboard the Horizon. To ensure that Rogue Squadron had a full roster during his absence, Oisin grudgingly agreed to fly with the Rogues on a temporary basis.

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