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Daria Nytherciria
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"This is where a quote goes."
―Daria Nytherciria

In Character

As the last of an ancient race, the Jedi Knight Daria Nytherciria has a difficult burden to bear. Though the majority of her species were wiped out four-thousand years before the battle of Yavin, a scarce few survived the purge of Darth Nihilus. The handful that did left their home world of Katarr – now nothing more than a ghost of what it once was. It was among this handful of survivors that Daria’s ancestors can be found.

Born into a world of chaos and turmoil, the Clone Wars consuming the entire galaxy, Daria was kept in seclusion for the first few years of her life. Though her parents had intended her to attend the Jedi Academy, they knew of the dangers that the Jedi were facing in their fight against the Separatists and the Sith, and so were reluctant to allow her to begin her training. It wasn’t until the eve of the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge that she was finally sent away.

A Jedi Knight by the name of Bra’jaa took custody of the young Miraluka. She, along with two other young students, fled with the Jedi to the planet Telos. A flourishing world, busy and full of so much life, it was the perfect place for the four to hide. Bra’jaa had chosen Telos for another reason, however – beneath the snow hills there lay a secret. A Jedi Master by the name of Atris had once held Council over her own Academy on the planet, and it was here that Bra’jaa intended to instruct his pupils.

Of the group, Daria was perhaps the least promising. Although her species had a natural gift for use of the Force, her moral compass was not in tune with that of the Jedi Code. She, like other reformist Jedi, did not believe that a strict, rigid creed was appropriate. In spite of this, however, her training progressed quickly. With little else to do other than learn, the three Padawans devoured every book they were given, committing lessons to memory and quickly becoming adept in both saber play and the less aggressive tenets of the Jedi.

Of course, there is little good in being a Jedi and having such power if it is not used. The time soon came, however, for the young Jedi to prove themselves. With the Empire continuing to rise in power, employing Sith to hunt down and destroy every Jedi, it was only a matter of time before Imperials came to Telos. Ordered to perform sweep searches of every known Jedi facility, they descended on the Telos academy, aided by the Sith Lord Darth Stratus.

A grueling battle ensued. The Imperial troopers were felled at the hands of the Jedi, yet the Sith would not fall so quickly. Bra’jaa ordered his students to leave, to escape Telos so that their teachings could be passed on to others. At first refusing to abandon her Master, Daria stayed and fought. The battle, however, was in vain. The Sith Lord killed her fellow apprentices and Master with chilling efficiency. It was only by sheer will of the Force that she managed a miraculous escape.

Though she was free of Telos, she was not free of Stratus. The following years proved nothing sort of exhausting, as she moved from planet to planet, constantly hounded by the threat of an Imperial attack. It was on the planet Ambria that she finally stopped running and confronted her attacker. This time, the battle played out in her favor. Claiming the saber of her Master’s killer, she now felt fit to carry the title of Jedi Knight.

With the Jedi Order fractured and scattered across the galaxy, she set off on a journey whose destination she was unsure of, knowing only that the Force would guide her wherever she went. To this day, she travels from planet to planet in search of knowledge, continuing to train herself. Now more than ever she believes that the Jedi Code cannot be a Jedi’s sole tutor. She does not act for the good of herself, or people around her, but for the good of the Force, and in this respect considers herself something of a ‘gray Jedi’. Her estrangement from other Jedi has lead her to develop something of a private code of her own, as she struggles to find her place in the galaxy.

After encountering Darth Stratus - now calling himself Severen Morkonis - on Ambria, Daria has grown even more adamant in her belief that staying in any one place for too long can be dangerous. Finding herself temporarily stranded on Onderon, with no means of escape, Daria made a deal with the Rebel Alliance - the terms of which resulted in her gaining an apprentice, the young Wyl Staedtler. Following on from this deal, Daria's whereabouts were provided by Dasquian Belargic to a number of other Jedi, most notably Serena Laran. It was Loran's plan to reassemble the Jedi under a single banner on the planet of Vortex, and although Daria was at first skeptical of the plan she agreed to lend her help to the reformation of the Order.

Recent Roleplaying History

Out of Character

Jenny is currently an adminstrator at SW-Fans.Net. She originally arrived at SWFans in late 2000 under the name Vega Van-Derveld, having followed roleplayer Big Bad Naga from a Final Fantasy ezboard where they were both members. She was made a moderator of the gaming (and later roleplaying) forums, and subsequently promoted to administrator in July 2006.

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