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This is for a timeline of our Star Wars roleplays. Edit your contributions into this article. Please include character names in the thread descriptions when possible.

AE = After Endor

Timeline Sections

  • Before Endor
  • 1 AE - The year after Endor
  • 2 AE - Second year after Endor
  • 3 AE - Third year after Endor
  • 4 AE - Fourth year after Endor


4 Years, 1 Month AE

Daria Nytherciria and Navaria Tarkin have an intimate discussion on board the Whaladon, part of The Wheel convoy, the Jedi Enclave's new home.

  • [JEDI] Changing of the Guard

(Council officially forms)

Daria Nytherciria holds a training session for the adepts and other Jedi they have managed to gather together in The Wheel, including Anj, Abarai Loki, Navaria Tarkin, Soolin Anjhurin, and Vishan Korogoth.

Lilaena De'Ville requests entry to the Rebel Alliance, along with her apprentice Akasha Kahn who is posing as a hapless refugee who is a Force adept in the hopes of ferreting out the location of the Enclave. She tries to contact Byl Laprovik, who she worked with several times in the past on missions against the Empire. Instead she is contacted by Eluna Thals who meets with her to discuss her admittance to the Alliance. Jane Starborn, meanwhile, searches the Cloud City servers for any sort of record of Byl being on board. She finds some tickets to Copperline bought a few weeks previously by James Prent, but nothing else.

  • [JEDI] Taking in a Stray

Akasha Kahn joins the Wheel.

  • [JEDI] One's Not Enough

4 Years, 2 Months AE

  • [JEDI] Errand Boys
  • [JEDI] [REB] [IMP] Imperial Entanglements


James Prent makes a call from her hiding place on Copperline to Barton Henning of the Knightfall. She is trying to let the Jedi or the Rebels know about Serena Laran's capture a month or so previously. Barton takes the news to the Jedi, including Anbira Hicchoru, Abarai Loki, Lowrook, Navaria Tarkin, and Drin Kizael.

  • [JEDI] Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere

Morgan Evanar joins the Wheel, brought by Sanis Prent and Loklorien s'Ilancy

  • [REB] [JEDI] Desperately Seeking Serena

Abarai Loki, Corell Capstan, and Anbira Hicchoru travel to Dac to find out what the Rebel Alliance might know about Serena Laran's captivity.

4 Years, 3 Months AE

  • [JEDI] Bargain Hunters

Docked at Kuat for minor repairs, the pilots of the Kalidor disembark for some leave. Bette Davis is surprised by Tannis V'larr and the announcement that she is to be transferred back to Shadow Squadron as the elite squadron is being reformed on board the ISD Admonisher. To her dismay Hellfire Squadron is also being transferred.

Bette Davis and Cael Bathala sort out their differences on the way to Bespin on board the Admonisher


4 Years, 4 Months AE

  • [JEDI] WAKING PAST: Sanctuary Lost

4 Years, 5 Months AE

The Rebels send a group to Coruscant to assist the Jedi in rescuing Serena Laran by creating a diversion the Imperials won't miss. Gus Kalendra, Yun Tilgraze, Ariana Darin, and Jehkran Dmath are among those hand picked for the group.

The second group involved in Serena Laran's rescue work their way to the maglev train she is being transported on, and includes Reverend Solomon, Anbira Hicchoru, Lowrook, Daria Nytherciria, Jason Na'moda, Tionne Thanewulf, and a former Inquisitor, Naomi Lang. Sanis Prent drops them off at the insertion point.

The third, and final group involved in Serena Laran's rescue. After dropping off group two, Cirrsseetto Raurrssaatta continues on with Abarai Loki, Corell Capstan, Mara Tallen, Morgan Evanar, and Drin Kizael to destroy a tractor beam emitter and make their escape from the city planet possible.

Akasha Kahn contacts her master, Lilaena De'Ville, from The Wheel

The Jedi left behind on The Wheel while most of the more powerful ones are on Coruscant attempting to rescue Serena Laran have some adventures of their own.

4 Years, 6 Months AE

Cirrsseeto Raurrssatta is given his first command, the ship Novgorod

Saarrreeaa Raurrssatta is taken by the crew of the Novgorod and interrogated for what she knows about Sanis Prent's disappearance. She tells Cirrsseetto Raurrssatta everything but he is still not satisfied. Later, she has a run in with Taataani Meorrrei and Serasai Onashi in the brig.

Cirrsseeto Raurrssatta and Lyanie Quez sit down to a private dinner and distinctly intimate conversation...

4 Years, 7 Months AE

Everyone on board the Novgorod is subjected to a medical examination from it's on board doctor, Vek Vek.

4 Years, 8 Months AE

Loklorien s'Ilancy takes Serena Laran and her padawan Morgan Evanar to the planet Duravant, where she uncovers something thought long lost and gives it to Serena.

4 Years, 9 Months AE

Jane Starborn, Eluna Thals, and Dashiel Starborn are aboard the Dauntless searching for clues regarding the MIA Byl Laprovik. They get an answer, but it is to a totally different question.

Zem Vymes goes to the Wheel with distressing news about the Alliance and General Dan Thrule

  • 0004.04.09 - General Quarters

Byl Laprovik finally turns himself in to the Rebel Alliance, in order to finally get some of the answers he has been seeking about his past.

Loklorien s'Ilancy takes Vega Van-Derveld for a test drive.

A derelict ship is found by two others, leading to a confrontation between Cirrsseeto Raurrssatta and Ben Merasska. All of this is forgotten as the long frozen Jedi Halajiin Rabeak is released from his carbonite prison.

Reverend Solomon meets with Loklorien s'Ilancy on the planet of Generis to find out for sure if she has fallen from the Light. Spoilers: Yep.

  • 0004.10.09 - Part of Me

Serena Laran brings information about Dhomanda A'lainn to the Jedi Council, in light of the severe shortage of lightsaber crystals in the fleet. They also receive word from Solomon regarding his trip to Generis.

The Novgorod returns to the Wheel, along with the Albatross and its passengers.

Siyndacha Aerin has just arrived on the Wheel via the Albatross and in the midst of exploring her new home, encounters a mechanical entity that is 'right up her alley'.

Morgan Evanar is promoted to Jedi Knight.

Rhianna contacts Serena Laran as the latter is leaving the Wheel to check the veracity of Solomon's story. Serena puts off her plans only long enough to pick up her padawan in order to continue her training.

4 Years, 10 Months AE

4 Years, 11 Months AE

4 Years, 12 Months AE