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Razielle Shadana was born the princess of the small soveriegn planet of Davora, part of the Onderon System. The oceanic world was the creative and cultivated heart of the system, home to artists of all walks, boasting turquoise seas and islands of rare black diamonds. The seismic and unstable nature of the world would eventually be culpable in the radioactive incident that befell it.

As befitting her station, Razielle's education included all classical subjects, in addition to diplomacy, rhetoric, commerce, art and warfare, including being personally trained with bladed weaponry from childhood. It was often remarked that the princess had unnatural speed and uncommon grace. She quickly outgrew each new teacher that was found for her, and grew increasingly impatient with the lack of skilled opponents available. Unsatisfied with being her father's pretty spectacle, living a life condemned to dance for the pleasure of an old uncaring man, her thoughts grew dark. Resentment slowly simmered into hatred of her father, and also of her mother, a beautiful vacant shell of a woman.

At the age of sixteen, at a performance designed to impress her skills upon courtiers attending her father, King Raspian of the Davora Monarchy, Razielle first encountered Salem Ave. In a crowd of people watching her, she immediately felt that he was the only one there who really saw her. He confirmed for her that not only was she gifted with the Force, but that she was not the only one, that he was as well, and that he could teach her. Skills that no fencing master could ever begin to know. Securing her obedience with promises of protection and power, of leaving Davora and her family behind, she became his apprentice, giving herself over to the Dark Side, and to him, without hesitation.

Two years later, Princess Razielle arrived on Onderon, becoming a ward of Queen Adraudia Basilie, and a member of her court. During the days, Princess Razielle tasked herself with finding a place for the refugees of her homeworld that had also traveled to Onderon, in addition to other diplomatic duties. The nights were spent evading the palace guard, the watch upon the walls, and all the predators of Iziz as she continued to train with her master, Callidus in The Wilds of Onderon, learning stealth, how to shape illusions, and in time constructing her own lightsaber. She learned that Adraudia, was also gifted with the Force, and they became sisters in arms, under the direction of Callidus.

Though it was not yet true, the royal court of Onderon assumed that Prime Minister Ave, and the queen's ward Princess Razielle were involved in a romance. The assumption explained their frequency in each other's company, but frustrated the princess. Each day her longing for her master grew stronger, despite her impossible promises to keep her mind on her training. Unwillingly to be placated by him, she managed to do just that, biding her time, willing to prove herself to him.

Princess Shadana's diplomacy skills were put to the test in the Hapes Cluster, confronted with the implacable Queen Mother Ishara. Knowing that her master was desirous of establishing a favorable relationship with the isolationist Consortium, Razielle made it a priority, eventually succeeding in setting up what would become the Hapes-Onderon Coalition. Returning to Iziz, Razielle was rewarded for her perseverance and victory with Chume Ishara, gaining honesty from Salem, and bringing an end to the illusion of their relationship, making it a reality.

The night of the Festival of Four Moons, Razielle was informed that part of their alliance with the Hapes Consortium included her marriage to Prince Tristan, who had arrived that very night to become her betrothed. Repelled by the idea of marrying someone else while she was carrying Salem's child, it took convincing but eventually Razielle was brought around to her master's design. Through the child she was already carrying, the Consortium would become theirs. On the day of her wedding to Prince Tristan Alastor, Salem came to her rooms as she was preparing, binding them together before she could utter vows to anyone else. The bonds of the Dark Side chaining the life forces of the two Sith together, forever.

With the death of Queen Mother Ishara, and the abdication of Chume'da Elaine from the line of succession, Razielle's daughter, Beatrix became the young Queen Mother with her own mother serving as her Regent. The girl's assumed father, Prince Tristan Alastor, disappeared from Onderon, lost to the burning wilderness of Dathomir.

Four years later, Razielle remains Queen Regent of the Hapes Consortium. Prince Tristan has been officially declared dead, despite protests from his sister Elaine. In the aftermath of an attack by Lilaena De'Ville on the gates of the Fountain Palace, House Alastor relocated to a retreat at Villa Solis on Terephon. Upon returning to the Fountain Palace, the Queen Regent named Salem Ave her Royal Consort, and Lord Protector of the Hapes Consortium, declaring that Beatrix would have protection greater than anything that could threaten her. A demonstration of such protection was made of the Ducha Al’Mont before the entierty of the court.


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