Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar

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Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar

Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar
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"Why. Are. You. Here."
Aurelias Kazaar to Adelaide on her unannounced return to Imperial Center

Not exactly a 'happy to see' you sentiment from her husband of eight years, which, incidentally, the news of their undisolved marriage was also a surprise to the former bounty hunter. Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar stepped back through the hangar bay doors in Imperial Center and landed like a ticking time-bomb into Kazaar's lap.

The pair had met when Adelaide was a dancer at Gorgja's Palace, the Hutt Crime Lord on Nar Shadda. Kazaar was experiencing one of the lowest periods in his life, his partner and lover, Ashley, having recently been killed by an unknown assasin and left for him to discover in a inner-city hotel room. His emotional state had given him a certain gruff vunerablity that had appealed to Adelaide and her quiet confident manner was a refuge Kazaar could retreat to. Their romance flourished and it was not long before they were married. They had made a good team. That is, until she cheated on him and walked out, not contacting him until out of the Coruscant clear blue to blind-side him.

The cheating had been a lie, an out. A reason for Aurelias to not ever want to contact Adelaide ever again. And it had been a successful ruse, just ask Loran, Adelaide's fabricated lover who endured a terrible beating from a jealous and very angry husband to ensure Adelaide's plan succeeded. The reason? A baby was on the way, and Adelaide decided she would not bring a child into the lifestyle she and Kazaar were living. The danger from Aurelias' criminal associations was too great. Del felt Aurelias would never be able to leave the life, even if he wanted to, the life would not allow it. And, as time would prove, she had been right.

Kimiki Crei, the Velvet Crimelord, who held an inordinate interest in his former employee, Aurelias, had held Kazaar's newly revealed son's well-being to ransom. The outcome of this awful plan provided both Adelaide and Aurelias with a mutually hated enemy on which they each will strive to bring reckoning for.

Their son, Brentaal, was born and raised in ignorance of who his father really was. Instead of missing an exciting and enigmatic gun for hire, Bren believed his father to be a hydro-spanner salesman who had died crossing a busy Coruscant street. But Bren had loved him anyway, keeping copies of "Hydro-tool Digest" in boxes under his bed and studying starmaps to imagine where his father's travels would take him to.


What future for the Kazaars?


""I've always loved you""
―Adelaide to Kazaar in her parting letter to him at the Russard Estate

Someone once said, "The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other” *Ashleigh Brilliant Quotes*

Can a [1] Bridge span such a gulf of hurt between two people? Can the past be erased, or at the least, neglected enough to become an obscure memory? The Kazaar's two lives have taken different paths since they first met, Aurelias has a new partner Estelle Russard and a new occupation with the Rebel Alliance; With Bren's passing, Adelaide now has a different motivation by which to be driven - vengence against Kimiki Crei, a goal she intends to obtain with the help from an unexpected resource, Jason Russard.


"You cant forget it" the Old Man stated with certainty.

"And so you shouldn't" he added with conviction. "Not ever.""

―Old Man Russard to Adelaide in the Aftermath of Crei's murder

Killing someone should never be an easy thing, even if the death is justice, necessary, or even simply well deserved. But some people are meant for killing, can do so with purpose and detatchment. Adelaide was no one of these people.

With the Albino gone, Del struggles to turn a page in her life. Sequestered on Vandor 3 in the protection of Judge Eliessa Corta of the Order of Solomon, Adelaide finds a haven and dares to hope that what is past will not forever cloud her future. It is a tenuous hope at best. The absence of Aurelias, the distance from the Russards and the embarking on a new course as Assistant to Judge Corta, Adelaide discovers that her hands are not the only thing stained by Crei's blood - but who she is and forever who she will be are unchangeably tainted by the Velvet Crimelord and the events he put in motion.


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