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Darven (Dar'vencuyot)
Human (Clone)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet

"Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum. Ner vode."

RC-1197, or Darven, was a clone commando of the Grand Army of the Republic, and a member of the legendary 501st. Almost nothing is known of his history and he has only lately resurfaced as an official bountyhunter, hiring out his services to anyone but the Empire. Due to the accelerated aging of the Clones he appears to be quite old although he is only 37 years old.

Clone Commando
"Think of yourselves as a hand. Each of you is a finger, and without the others you're useless. Alone, a finger can't grasp, or control, or form a fist. You are nothing on your own, and everything together."
―Kal Skirata
Zeta Squad

RC-1197 was one of the commandos trained by Kal Skirata, who gave him the name Dar'vencuyot or simply Darven, which is Mando'a for One who has no Future. He was a member of Sarang Squad; only two of its members survived Geonosis. He and his squadmate RC-1193 ("Trey") were briefly joined by two other survivors of Geonosis, RC-1990 ("Zero") and RC-1987 ("Riko") in the newly created Zeta Squad. After Zero fell in a traffic interdiction mission, the remaining three members of the squad were assigned to assist Advanced Reconnaissance Commando Alpha-13 on a special mission to infiltrate Dooku's stronghold on the planet of Ruhe, where Jedi Generals Skywalker and Kenobi had engaged the Count several months previously. Their mission was supported by a small unit of Clone Scout Troopers and AT-RTs. During the operation the unit was ambushed; Alpha-13 was killed, and Riko was believed to have met the same fate. Following this, RC-1197 and Trey found themselves put to use as one of the spec-ops training instructors, re-training commando units within the 501st - and totally alienated from their former brothers.

Operation: Knightfall
"What I remember about the rise of the Empire is… is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Clone Wars, the 501st Legion was discreetly transferred back to Coruscant. It was a silent trip; we all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight back to Coruscant, not when Order 66 came down, and not when we marched into the Jedi Temple. Not a word."

What happened then is history. RC-1197's file reports him - alongside his former squadmate Trey - as part of the group of the 501st who was with Darth Vader in Operation: Knightfall when they took the Jedi temple; he was one of the eight commandos of Decoy Squad Five, who infiltrated the temple dressed in Jedi robes and were left behind to guard the beacon calling the Jedi home and kill all incoming sentients.

But the turmoil inside RC-1197 - the rising confusion that he had felt since he had received his instructions, the utter wrongness of his actions - caused one of the Jedi to reach out to him as he was about to die after receiving a mortal wound by RC-1197's blaster and to implore the clone to save his child. It drove home the horror of what he had become, and made him realise he was something more than just the unfeeling extension of his superiors' commands. The Jedi's last command gave his tortured soul the necessary fuel to overcome his initial inbred loyalty to his superiors. Taking up Fionn's lightsaber, he struck down his fellow soldiers - including Trey - and fled.

After that, RC-1197 did not exist anymore - in his stead there was truly Dar'vencuyot, a man with a deeply-rooted, ever-present sense of grief and loss, all overshadowed by a terrible horror and regret of his own actions. A man who hated the Empire and the Jedi at the same time, for having made him, twisted him into whatever they needed, and then made him kill his own brothers.

Playing savior
"Although bred to be an unfeeling, unthinking clone by a race equally apathetic to emotions, I rose above that because of the man who raised me. Kal Skirata, we found out later, had left his own family behind to become our everything. To the outside world he was of the Cuy'val Dar - Those who do no longer exist. And now, because of all I have done, I am following in his footsteps - I myself have become cuy'val dar, to those who are my family. Tell me, how does one who was only a part of many survive being only one?"

Feeling like the walking dead, he escapes from Coruscant on an abandoned ship after having gotten the necessary data to find out who the Jedi had been, and where he would find Halcyon's child, from the datapad he took from the Jedi. A short time later, he infiltrates a private residence on Corellia to snatch the 5-year-old Nya Halcyon from her bed. The child is so frightened it faints, and he escapes with her to his ship and gets off the planet before anyone can even notice her absence.

When the little girl wakes up Darven is there to explain where she is. He can see how scared she feels. He feels the same. She doesn't trust him, but he mentions being sent by her father. The bitter taste of pain and loss and regret and hate is still there, hasn't gotten any better. He wants to dislike the child for being the daughter of Jedi, but he can't. Instead, he feels a kind of kinship with her. She has much in common with him - outcast, hunted, hated, pawn in someone else's games. She reminds him of a childhood he never had, and of the man who tried to give him a family who must have seen him in the same way as he himself was seeing her now.

The only family they've got

He finds that spending time with her soothes the turmoil inside him, and he tells her much about the galaxy she has never seen before; but it is also him who is learning from her, the things he never had a chance to experience in his 12 years of being raised as an efficient killer. The bond strengthens through new experiences they both share.

The two of them travel through space for long months, daring only to stop at the most outlying spaceports. At such times they only leave the ship in disguise - an injured father, face heavily bandaged, and his small child - stocking up supplies. He has heard and seen what happens to those clones who dared defect - and he is not only a defector but a killer. He cannot show his face. To that end, he begins looking for a more efficient way of disguising himself, and starts buying up parts of Mandalorian armor, a piece at a time. He had not shared Kal Skirata's close bond with the Null-ARCs but it was not only the Nulls who had got the Mandalorian's attention - and now that he is out there on his own, Darven remembers the lessons taught by the man, and it is the closest thing he can identify with. Secretly, he tries to keep up with what his brothers might be doing, to see how he can put his knowledge of Mandalorian culture to good use. He studies Mando'a.

But the girl needs something to identify with, too - not one where she must hide. And to achieve this, he is torn: should he let her become what he ultimately hates, and find her a Jedi tutor? or let her forget about that aspect of her life and teach her the ways of a warrior like he was taught? But the Jedi Purge seems to have been horribly efficient, and at first no Jedi can be found to take the matter out of his hands. He teaches her bits and pieces of his knowledge, gives her a rudimentary training in the skills he once was taught.

After two years his investigations strike gold as his careful search for survivors of the Jedi Purge comes up with a result. Ironically, this Jedi is located on Mandalore, where some of the Null ARCs and Skirata's old squads seem to have made their home, too. This doscovery comes at the same time as a nasty encounter with an Inquisitor of the Empire who takes too much of an interest in the girl, so Darven takes her to Kyrimorut on Mandalore, safe haven for GAR deserters and, apparently, the odd Jedi or two.

On Mandalore
When they arrive at the Jedi's home, he turns out to be no other than Bardan Jusik, the Jedi general that once commanded his first squad and who seems to have defected from the Jedi Order to become a Mandalorian.

Bardan - now going by the name of Gotab - is able to read Darven like an open book, and in a conversation he shows that he knows what Darven has been afraid of; he promises him that he will not tell her the truth about her parents' death, for that would only result in setting her down a path that none of the surviving Jedi should take, now that only few of them remained. Then he tells Darven to take his leave, agreeing to train the girl and accept her into his clan.

Darven bids her farewell and leaves her there.

Calling himself Olek Farsynn and claiming to be a trained Mandalorian warrior, Darven joins a Mandalorian community on the other side of the planet. He speaks fluent Mando'a with a gruffness that makes any underlying accent impossible to hear, has armor made of gold-grey beskar, and an impressive range of skills. No one doubts he is genuine.

Although he is accepted by the community of Mandalorian farmers and warriors he makes his home with, he shuns the company of others. Olek Farsynn keeps to himself and does not socialise. He is never seen without full armor and helmet outside his house, and on the rare occasion someone comes to visit, he will not greet them bareheaded. This odd behavior leads to various rumours that he is either a wanted criminal, or possibly has gotten a terrible injury at some point in his life that he prefers to keep to himself. Either way, it is no cause for concern amongst his community - if anything, it earns him the respect of the pragmatic Mandalorians who are used to hiring themselves out to fight the wars of others and accept pain and death like a friend.

He is known for his willingness to help out in a fight, so Fenn Shysa recruits him into his band of renegade Mandalorians fighting against the Imperial oppressors of the planet. For several years, life continues like this, and his neighbors accept the clanless man for what he is, not asking any questions where it is apparent they will get no answer. They are Mandalorians, and his way the Mando way as much as any other.

Teamed up
"Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya."
―Mandalorian Proverb
All those years, he watches over Nya from afar as she grows up. In 11BBE, at the age of 16, she has made a name for herself amongst her clan as a fierce warrior - and a skilled Force user. Darven is proud of her, but still keeps his distance. He has not forgiven himself for killing her father and his own brothers, and is afraid that she would be able to read him like an open book were she to be around him all the time, and be able to correctly interpret what she would read.

While she is a respected member of her clan at Kyrimorut, he is still an outsider - by choice - and eschews any contact with his clone brothers, fearing their distrust and pity.

But fate throws them together again during a mission they both joined to aid Fenn Shysa's rebels against the Imperial slavers. They both are happy to be reunited, even if the mission ultimately fails and they can only barely escape the slavers themselves. Darven realises that Nya would never use her Force skills to pry into his thoughts and emotions - in fact, he is relieved to see that she has grown into less of a Jedi but more of a warrior, using her Force skills only to aid her other skills when absolutely necessary. This makes being in her company possible, and the two agree to join up as a team, travelling the galaxy as before and earning an income as bountyhunters and mercenaries.

During the subsequent two and a half years the pair successfully complete various missions for Fenn Shysa, eventually scoring an impressive victory against a group of slavers that gains them some fame amongst their compatriots. They also complete a number of bounty hunts, and are on the best way to success, when a ghost from the past comes back to haunt them.

Darven's Mandalorian Beskargam

Over the time, Darven's armor changed. As a clone commando, he wore the standard Phase II Katarn armor handed out to all commandos. In his time in the 501st, he simply changed the insignia to match whatever assignment he was given.

When he defected from the GAR, he also discarded his GAR armor. During his time with Nya, he managed to obtain a full set of Mandalorian armor made of beskar. The color scheme of this was base white on a khaki bodysuit, with yellow shoulder pieces and the crest of the Mandalorian warriors painted onto the back in yellow and red. This beskargam he continued to use for a decade, and when he teamed up with Nya, she adopted his color scheme.

After his injury, when he started making a living as a bounty hunter by himself, he changed the color scheme: The khaki bodysuit made way for a beige one, and the base color is now a mix of light and dark grey-blue, with golden ornamental designs running over the right side of his chest plate and left side of his back plate, and all other plates. His left crush gaunt sports a red zig-zag line running up the arm, underneath the gold. On his back there is an inscription in Mando'a, on his shoulder plates the Mandalorian crest in red. His helmet, curiously, has the imprint of a child's hand in the top center.

The writing on his back is an old poem in Mando'a: (a lose translation is provided, although some expressions simply have no Basic equivalent)

Te Net'ra Tracinya
Kot ru'gotal'u
lo akaan shekemi
ad buir, ad buir.
Bal val nuhoyi
hukaati o'r ka'ra.
Mar'e! Koor'ani!
Mar'e! Yi'manda!
From black fire
strength was forged
Into war goes
son after his father
And they all sleep <brProtected in the stars.
At last the job is done
We have found heaven
Disaster Strikes
They have just successfully caught a piece of merchandise for the Empire - an army deserter - when fate catches up with them. The bounty is no other than one of Darven's old trainees of the 501st, a trooper by the name of Ince. Faced with his imminent death, the ex-trooper makes a desperate attempt to blackmail his old instructor into letting him go: he tells Darven of security footage they discovered after his - Darven's - disappearance, of him slaughtering his entire squad after taking out the Jedi. Horrified, Darven panics: he plans to kill Ince on the spot, but his guilt will not let him, so he forces the trooper to slice into the 501st's files and get him the footage instead and erase all traces of it in the Imperial systems. When this is achieved, he leaves their base with Ince, hoping to keep any of this from becoming known to Nya.

But the girl is attuned to her partner's moods, and can feel something is amiss. When she finds both Darven and their merchandise gone, Nya takes a closer look at what had been

going on in the ship's hold during her absence from it, and, upon checking the ship's computer logs, also finds the recently downloaded file left there by the sly Ince.

She watches the footage in which Darven - the closest thing she has to real family outside her clan, and the man she trusted implicitly - kills her own father, in cold blood, before cutting down his own squadmates. The footage puts lies to his own story.

Something snaps inside her, and in the grip of powerful emotions, she tracks down her partner; coming upon the ex-trooper first, she questions him about her father's death, and her anger turns to seething hatred for Darven, who truly is the man she swore to destroy upon finding him: the murderer of her father. Enraged, she strikes down Ince before turning on the approaching Darven, and the two battle each other to the death - until Darven sinks to the ground, mortally wounded.

But even as they fight, rage turns to bitterness and despair, and upon thinking Darven dead at her hands, Nya is overcome by remorse. Finally dragging herself out of the cave Darven had used as his hide-out, she returns home to Mandalore, to seek comfort within her own clan. But Gotab banishes her, not wanting to call down the scrutiny of the Empire on Kyrimorut because of her uncontrolled actions, and retraces her path to the same cave, where he finds Darven upon the brink of death. He takes him back to Kyrimorut, and uses all his skill at healing the clone.

Long and Lonely Years
(To follow)
Rebuilding the Bounty Hunters Guild
(To follow)
An attempt at a Chronology

(Dates stated are based on the Battle of Endor as the time of Reset, so it would be BBE and ABE respectively where the Battle of Yavin would have taken place in 4 BBE)

  • 36 BBE - RC-1197 is "born" on Kamino as part of the clone warriors bred for the Jedi
  • 34 BBE - RC-1193, RC-1194, RC-1196 and RC-1197 are joined to form a commando squad and take up specialised training as such, their instructor being the Mandalorian Kal Skirata; Sergeant Kal introduces them to Mandalorian the culture and language, and gives RC-1197 the name Dar'vencuyot (One without Future), which is shortened by his mates to simply 'Dar'.
  • 26 BBE - Picked up on Kamino by Yoda, RC-1197 and his squad (Sarang Squad) are tasked with accessing a communications spire during the Battle of Geonosis, during which two of its members (RC-1194 'Fur' and RC-1196 'Hex') are killed. RC-1197 and his one remaining squadmate RC-1193 'Trey' are left on Geonosis, working to clear the arena of the dead Jedi, and later commandeered by rogue Jedi Fionn Halcyon to find his missing wife
  • 25.8 BBE - After a few months in chill-down, the two commandos are joined by RC-1990 'Zero' and RC-1987 'Riko' to form Zeta Squad, and put to work
  • 25 BBE - During a traffic interdiction mission their squadmate 'Zero' is killed
  • 23.5 BBE - During a mission to drive the CIS troops off the planet Ruhe, the remaining members of Zeta Squad follow Alpha-17 into a trap set by Dooku. Alpha-17 is killed and 'Riko' left for dead, and only with the help of two Jedi can the surviving clones get off the planet again. However - 'Riko' is found by locals and nursed back to health. He marries a local and stays on the planet.
  • 23.4 BBE - Immediately after the mission to Ruhe, the two remaining commandos are joined to General Skywalker's 501st and put to use as training sergeants to the new troops.
  • 23.2 BBE - 'Dar' and 'Trey' find a way to go back to Ruhe, to look for their fallen comrade's remains in order to lay them to rest. Instead, they find him very much alive and already married to a local girl. They leave again after realising he's got the better deal being out of the GAR
  • 23 BBE - During Operation: Knightfall, the two commandos are stationed inside the Jedi Temple to wait for returning Jedi. When they chance upon General Halcyon, they attack him but the unbalanced Jedi forces 'Dar' to first kill his own squad in retribution for his death, then to go and rescue his daughter. Grief- and guilt-stricken he flees from Coruscant, rescues Nya from being slaughtered like other Jedi younglings on Corellia, and takes her with him into wild space. He takes to calling himself by his full nickname, Dar'vencuyot.
  • 20.5 BBE - An Imperial inquisitor takes an interest in the young girl during a stop-over on Dantooine, Dar'vencuyot manages to rescue her from the Empire's clutches but they truly can never feel safe anywhere afterwards now that the Empire knows they are still alive. Dar'vencuyot begins to look for a way out.
  • 19 BBE - Dar'vencuyot leaves her with former Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik (now calling himself Gotab) at Kyrimorut on Mandalore, which has long been a safe haven for clone army deserters. Nya is taken into Gotab's family and begins her training as a Mandalorian warrior. Dar'vencuyot assumes the name of Olek Farsynn and makes his home on Mandalore.
  • 18 - 12 BBE - Life on Mandalore brings him in contact with Fenn Shysa, and he becomes one of his supporters, going on many missions with him as well as taking the odd bountyhunting job
  • 17 BBE - He visits his former squadmate Riko on Ruhe, in order to persuade him to join the Mandalorian cause. Riko refuses, still angry at being abandoned
  • 11.5 BBE - After a chance encounter with her "saviour" during a mission for Shysa, Nya teams up with Darven and the two make a successful living as bounty hunters for hire.
  • 8 BBE - A bounty hunt turns sour when the victim turns out to be another army deserter who tells Nya the "true story" of her father's death. Deeply hurt, full of distrust and anger, she turns on Darven and they duel each other. She leaves him for dead, but he survives and is found by Gotab, her master, who brings him home to Kyrimorut
  • 7.5 BBE - His physical wounds now fully healed, he leaves Manda'yaim, somewhat at peace with himself and his old guilt over the killing of his brothers, and joins the Bounty Hunters' Guild as Darven
  • 3 BBE - After the Guild breaks up, Darven carries on as an independent bountyhunter and builds up a network of useful contacts. He also keeps track of Nya, and makes sure to stay out of her way
  • 1.9 ABE - Hired by the crimelord Cahnyar Peran, Darven finds himself with the job of killing one Aree Ankarta - none other than Nya herself. Helping her dispose of the bounty she failed to turn over, he is forced to make his survival known to her.
  • 1.12 ABE - After months of suffering annoyances, he decides to look for support in order to re-form the Bounty Hunters Guild. In a meeting with the Falleen Ecks, they agree on the basics and preparations are made for a meeting of all bounty hunters.
  • 2.1 ABE - Darven and Agen Riko go to Ruhe to meet Darven's old squadmate again. They manage to convince him to leave and join the Guild
  • 2.2 ABE - The first meeting of the Guild takes place in an old pirate's lair above Nar Shaddaa - and Darven meets Nya once again, in person this time.
Current Timeline of Roleplays

26 Years BBE

  • Shadows of the Republic: Spoils of War - Darven remembers the beginning of the Clone Wars, and tells the story of the aftermath of Geonosis. Fionn Halcyon and Berit Selkie, Nya Halcyon's parents, also play a part in this.

23 Years BE

  • Catharsis: Strangers in the Night - 5-year-old Nya's life gets turned upside down as she loses the only parent she has left and gets ripped from all that is familiar to her as Darven comes to her "rescue"

1 Year, 9 Months AE

  • Aay'han - The bountyhunter Nya Halcyon catches the attention of the wrong kind of people after a bounty goes bad, and the mercenary Darven spends some time thinking about his life and the galaxy at large, before accepting a new job: to kill Nya, his former protegé.

1 Year, 12 Months AE

  • Recalling the Guild: Ecks - After stewing in discontent for many months, Darven decides to take matters in his own hands and contacts the bountyhunter Ecks to get his support for the new Guild he wants to start
  • Recalling the Guild: Aurelias - Bountyhunter Darven meets up Aurelias Kazaar to persuade him to join the newly forming Guild; a very old acquaintance shows up in the form of Adia Issoris
  • Recalling the Guild: Aree Ankarta - Bountyhunter Aree Ankarta - otherwise known as Nya Halcyon - gets a message from her former partner Darven, informing her of the reformation of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. In the attempt to distract herself, she has a little adventure involving hawk-bats, a drunken stranger and the Imperial Center Police Department

2 Years AE

  • Recalling the Guild: Chir'daki - A meeting between Darven and the Black Sun agent Chir'daki takes place in Corellian space to discuss a bounty - the De'Ville woman - and the new Guild - and Black Sun's involvement in it
  • Bad Puns and Awful Smells - On Nar Shaddaa, Bountyhunter Darven visits "home" in the shape of a dingy bar called Progga's Hut in search of information on the bounty on Lilaena De'Ville. A chance "family" encounter reminds him of an old comrade, and after extracting the information he needs from an unlikely source, he decides to look up old friends before pursuing the bounty
  • Recalling the Guild: Hugo Montegue - Bumping into an old acquaintance on Nar Shaddaa, Darven wastes no time trying to interest Hugo Montegue in the newly forming Guild. Hugo is a well-known exotics hunter and an asset, despite some private misgivings Darven has about the man
  • Recalling the Guild: Riko - On the planet Ruhe, bountyhunter Darven visits his old comrade Riko and invites him to join the newly forming Bounty Hunters' Guild.

2 Years, 2 months AE

  • Recalling the Guild - In an attempt to start a new Bounty Hunters' Guild, several meetings were held over the last months; now all bounty hunters are called to the new Guild's first convention at the Guild's teporary headquarters, the pirate lair Camp Grenchikit.
Out of Character

For information about the person behind the character and an overview of alternate characters, see Mara