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Kelly Johnathan Perris
Hot Mama
181 lbs
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N/A; engaged to Carré Inirial.
Osira Perris (dec.)
Tadel Perris (dec.)
Yasmin Perris
IA R2-series astromech droid "Slice"

"Let me tell you that it is much harder to confess for your sins than it is to live with them."
―Kelly Perris, to Bette Davis

Kelly Perris is a career pilot, and the current CAG of Rogue Group. He joined The Rebel Alliance shortly after the destruction of Alderaan. Previous to this posting, he was a Flight Commander within the Imperial Navy's elite Shadow Squadron.


In Character


Kelly Johnathan Perris was born to Osira and Tadel Perris of Alderaan, followed by one sister, Yasmin Perris, whom was four years his junior. His father, Tadel, was a decorated pilot of the Old Republic, turning to a position as a designer and engineer for a reputable ship manufacturing firm. His mother, Osira, had followed in her father's footsteps, being one in a long line of family members involved in the political field, though her position was not one of being a politician herself. She was an irreplaceable resource as a highly intelligent personal lawyer who knew the internal laws of many worlds, as well as galactic law on the whole. Kelly took in the first few years of his early schooling on Alderaan, a bright boy with a heavy mischievous streak and a passion for spacecraft and the want to fly any one he could get his hands on (thanks to his father), until his parents' business lives became such that they made the move to Coruscant. There he continued his studies, excelling academically, and doing several shades better than that with mechanical fields and he continued to pursue his dream, learning everything from the operational aspects of systems, to how to fix it all, and more. The remainder of his schooling was carried out on Coruscant, and despite his noted potential that he would be capable of doing well in any field he might choose, a career in military service was what he chose. It was at this point that he went off to the Imperial Academy at Carida, and finally began to really fulfill his dream of becoming a fighter pilot. His sister, Yasmin, followed not long thereafter, but instead delved deep into her interests in what would eventually become a strong career in Imperial Intelligence.

Upon completion of his training at Carida, where he surfaced in the end at the top of his class, he opted for an additional two years as a student instructor prior to being assigned to the elite Imperial TIE fighter unit, Shadow Squadron. For six years, there he remained. He showed a strong, undeniable talent in the cockpit, surviving where other pilots had not, and quickly rose to the position of Flight Commander within the squadron, passing on his techniques and tactics to other pilots. Such things only heightened the prestige of this already illustrious squadron. One member to take quite well to his teachings (and to Perris himself) was Bette Davis. These two were the cream of the crop, as it were, until the day of Alderaan's demise. After that day, Kelly Perris was never the same.

Assumed to have been committed to an institution after the mental breakdown Alderaan's destruction caused, Perris in fact had vanished. What he did or where he was during the months that followed is known only to him. The next thing that is known, after months of grieving, is his decision to sign up with the Rebellion. Again, his high skill as a pilot - once he learned the ins and outs of Rebel fighters - was noticed. With this, much like his time within the Imperial Navy, he rose in rank and responsibility. During his time as the commander of Rogue Squadron, he met Carré, a fellow Alderaanian, and a niece of Vansen Tyree, his superior officer. He and Carré became close, and futhermore, became engaged in the time thereafter.

Presently, Kelly holds the rank of Major, and serves as the CAG of Rogue Group, aboard the Challenger.


Kelly Perris did not exist pre-Reset.

Out Of Character

Kaman has been an on-and-off member of SWF since the days of the Greater Jedi Order being on ezboard, where she went by the name Falcon Gyndar - a name that continued its use through to the present home of SWF, all the way up to the 2005 timeline Reset. Prior to that, she was a member of the Star Wars chatrooms on Talk City. Between her post-secondary education and other personal commitments/obligations, she manages to continue roleplaying on one level or another.