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Copyright Information & Privacy Policy

Copyright Information
  • This web site is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by George Lucas or Lucasfilm Ltd.
  • Access to this web site is free and public. We are not making any money from this service, and the project does in fact cost a great amount of time and effort.
  • Intellectual property, logos, and graphics of George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Star Wars registered trademarks are used at this site under Fair Usage terms. Therefore the George Lucas, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Star Wars registered trademarks copyrights are undiminished. These terms also protect incorporation of copyright material for the purposes of (non-commercial) commentary, criticism, scholarly analysis and education. It is our belief that Star Wars is as worthy and suitable for serious study as other important literature and art.
  • Any and all World of Darkness source material and intellectual property is Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
  • Any and all writings contained at the TheHolo.Net Forums are copyrighted to their respective authors. Please contact the involved parties if you are interested in reproducing any writing(s) on this site.
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Privacy Policy
Publication Date: August 16, 2002

TheHolo.Net Forums has created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site: TheHolo.Net Forums.

Right to Change Policy
As TheHolo.Net Forums is constantly innovating and enhancing the type of services it provides to its users, this Privacy Statement will also continue to change to match the services and features we make available. As such, we reserve the right to change this statement to match the services we provide. If we make any material change to this statement, we will change the date at the top of this statement to reflect the effective date of the change. When you visit our site or use our services and site features, we encourage you to check the date of this Privacy Statement to ensure you are aware of any updates.

However, regardless of how this Privacy Statement may change or evolve over time, TheHolo.Net Forums will not collect or maintain your private and personally identifiable information without your consent. Further, if you consent to give us your personal information, we will keep it confidential and will not sell, license or disclose your personal information to any third party without your consent, unless we are compelled to do so under the law or to comply with court order.

Types of Information We Collect
Generally, you are free to browse the TheHolo.Net Forums site without submitting any personal information. We do not collect any of your personal information (such as a name, address or email address) when you visit the TheHolo.Net Forums, unless you register or have registered to use our message boards, or otherwise agree to submit to us such information.

Information Automatically Logged
We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Web site.

Password Encryption
Please note that registration in our message boards require that you specify a password for your use. This password is then encrypted by our forums automatically, which means that the staff of TheHolo.Net Forums does not have access or knowledge of what your exact password is. This gives you ample security in case you are using the same password repeatedly in other sites (which is discouraged).

What are Cookies? Why do we use them?
TheHolo.Net Forums uses browser cookies to facilitate your experience with our services and site features. These cookies are small sections of code that our server sends to your browser which it can then store on your hard drive. If you choose to accept these cookies, they enable us to recognize that your browser has previously visited and used our site and its services and, based on your browser's previous visits, assist us with tailoring the information, content and technical support you will receive. An example of the customization allowed by the use of such cookies is to retain your username and password as part of the TheHolo.Net Forums forums on our site so you don't have to re-enter them each time you visit. These cookies do not collect, store or maintain your private, personally identifiable information. You do not have to accept these cookies to visit or use the TheHolo.Net Forums site or our support forums, and you can choose to refuse our cookie, delete our cookie from your hard drive or turn off the TheHolo.Net Forums cookie at any time by updating your user profile preferences.

Registration Forms
Our site's registration form requires users to give us contact information (like their name, email, etc).

Contact information from the registration forms may be used to get in touch with the forum user when necessary. Users may opt-out of receiving future mailings by editing their user options. Please check Data Quality/Access.

External Links
This site contains links to other sites. TheHolo.Net Forums is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Public Forums
This site makes chat rooms, message boards, and/or news groups available to its users. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information.

This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control.

Postings on Message Boards
It is important for you to remain aware that when you provide personal information (e.g., last name, address, phone number) in a posting on any message board, that information is available to any other person or user having access and use of that message board, and may be used by someone in a manner unintended by you. For that reason, we discourage you from offering any personally identifying information within a posting to any message board.

Data Quality/Access
This site gives users the option of changing and modifying information previously provided. To change options, please visit this URL: /forum/usercp.php

Your Consent to this Policy
By using our Site, you agree to this Policy. This document supersedes any prior communication on this topic and reflects the entire and exclusive Privacy Policy for this Site. We may change our Policy by posting a new version of it on our Site at any time.

Legal Stuff

Contacting the Web Site
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can reach us at

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