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Tristan Tahmores

Tristan Tahmores
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Tristan Tahmores was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy, ultimatly serving as a TIE Interceptor pilot. He recently defected to the Rebellion along with his element leader, Nyx Verrok, and has been assigned to one of the Rebellion's elite A-Wing units: Thunderbolt Squadron.

His callsign is "Longshot", derrives from his method of entry into the Imperial Academy: because of shaky test scores, he volunteered for a year as a pilot with the Naboo Security Forces, to bypass the more intensive 'unqualified' selection process.

When the Clone Wars ended and the Galactic Empire was formed, Ethan Tahmores was such a strong believer in Palpatine that he chose to join the Imperial military. Decades on, he would encourage his sons to do the same, but hoped they would rise even higher than he did. Aiden Tahmores - older by several years - was the more intelligent and capable of the two, and Ethan was incredibly proud when he secured himself a position at the Imperial Academy for flight training.

Tristan meanwhile struggled academically. He didn't lack intelligence; rather, it was the ability to perform in exam conditions that proved to be his downfall. Hoping to provide Tristan with the best chance he could, he called in some favours, and managed to arrange for Tristan to be accepted to one of the volunteer squadrons operating within the Naboo Security Forces.

Provided with the opportunity to demonstrate his potential, Tristan excelled. After a few years in service, he was able to apply to the Academy as an already experienced pilot; his capabilities ensured that he was assigned to a TIE Interceptor unit - about as prestigious a unit as a new recruit could ever hope to join so swiftly. His squadron was assigned to the Star Destroyer Warspite: the flagship of Moff Ceto Rübezahl of the Bothan Sector, and while he served with distinction, prior to the Liberation of Bothawui he saw little combat action.

Unfortunately, Tristan was something of an impressionable individual; particularly when it came to women. He developed an attraction for one of the female officers in his unit, and the two grew friendly enough for him to stumble upon the fact that she had plans to defect. Determined to earn her confidence (and her affection) he kept her secret, inadvertantly finding himself swept along in defection with her. When the Rebel Alliance attacked Bothawui, Verrok and Tristan took the opportunity to surrender immediately, and were later debriefed and inducted into the Alliance's Starfighter Corps.

Swapping his TIE Interceptor for an Alliance A-Wing, he continues to fly at his best, striving to impress Verrok enough for his crush to be reciprocated. He is currently assigned as part of the elite Thunderbolt Squadron, flying as Thunderbolt Eight.

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