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Anastasia Xivelle

Anastasia Xivelle
Orowood, Coruscant - 18 BBY
5' 7" (1.71 m)
Blue Green
Marital Status
Katiara Xivelle
Moradin Xivelle

Doctor Anastasia Xivell is a physician who has become employed by the Office of the Inquisitoriate to research various aspects of The Force and its workings.
Expanded History

The only child of Moradin and Katiara Xivelle, Anastasia didn't have much experience with the universe telling her "no" when growing up. She was gifted with being able to attend various prestigious private schools and was granted a large deal of personal freedoms as long as she kept up with her academics. She was always imaginative, thinking big about the seemingly impossible and attempting to find ways of bringing it all into understandable terms. When she was old enough to begin study in a specific area and decided to become a Physician, her parents were thrilled and gladly funded her way through the Coruscant University as well as her later medical schooling, having dreams that one day their daughter would be among those spoken about with a great deal of respect and honor.
Anastasia, however, had other ideas. During her time in the University she became fascinated with tales of the Old Republic and its Jedi, constantly theorizing on how it was these individuals of various races and upbringing could all have the same unique ability to manipulate The Force. Hours were spent researching, looking into old locked away documents that had been discredited as "stories" and "mythology". The more she looked into it, the more the young woman became obsessed with the idea that it had to be possible to isolate the contributing factor that made an individual Force Sensitive and that once that was found, you could replicate the results in those not born with such "gifts". She also theorized that perhaps the variable that gave some Force abilities could also be used to enhance other areas, specifically taking great leaps in ending various genetic disorders and overcoming debilitating injuries. Anastasia came up with a multitude of concepts of how it was all possible while working her residency at the Fobosi District Medcenter. When Anastasia heard that grants were being given out in various areas of research, she knew it was time to present her ideas to the Coruscant Board of Medicine.

Current Timeline of Roleplays
Out of Character

Sarah is a just another office drone living in Los Angeles, California. She joined Fans in the Summer of 2000 under the name of Rain13. After following The Sith Empire's separation from Fans she continued to role play at SWRPG under various other names (Raine Sarin, Cerridwen, Leliel) before returning to Fans in December of 2008 under her new main alias: Emelie Shadowstar.

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