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Commander Aiden Tahmores

Aiden Jethro Tahmores
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Aiden Tahmores is a Lieutenant Commander in the Imperial Navy. Having served as the personal Shuttle Pilot of Miranda Tarkin since she was the Moff of the Doldur Sector, he has recently begun to go through training as a member of the Imperial Guards, to better protect the Empress. He is the son of Ethan Tahmores, leader of the ISB's Central Tactical Unit; and is the elder brother of Tristan Tahmores, a fighter pilot who defected to the Rebel Alliance.

As a pilot, his callsign is "Star Flight". It was the designation of the group of pilots Aiden flew with during selection, and stuck after his misguided Star Flight: bar fight; someone's getting laid tonight! proclaimation, while extremely drunk in a local cantina.

Aiden Tahmores was born to a father who had chosen to conscript in the Stormtrooper Corps following the Clone Wars. He was raised on Naboo, primarily by his mother, and has few childhood memories of his father; though he does have a few memories of when their father was still an officer with the volunteer Naboo Security Forces. Raised in a very pro-Imperial environment, it was obvious that both Aiden and his brother Tristan were expected to go on into Imperial service. Being a competative child - particularly with his absentee father - Aiden chose to aim high, and set his sights on becoming a fighter pilot.

His success was only partial; he managed to qualify for flight training, but flunked some of the aptitude testing part-way through, and was streamed onto the far less exciting - and less glamourous - program that trained gunboat pilots. He eventually graduated, and spent the next several years of his career at the helm of an Xg-1 Star Wing.

Eventually he found his way to Doldur. Through a series of coincidences he became familiar to the ISB Agent that was supervising the security of Moff Miranda Tarkin there. A requirement came for a personal shuttle pilot for the Moff, and the ISB Agent insisted it be someone more skilled than the average Lambda pilot, who could "fly his way out of a jam" if required.

When Tarkin was made Empress, he was among the staff that Elias Akasha selected to form her new security detail. In order to ensure he was better qualified to provide protection to Tarkin, Aiden underwent a rigorous training program at the hands of a member of the Imperial Guard - Eerika Praji. He briefly took over as one of Tarkin's personal body guards while Akasha was on an assignment to Serenno.

In the line of duty, he was injured while saving the Empress from an assassination attempt, and was offered "any position" in the Imperial military upon his recovery. Adhering to his ambitions to be a fighter pilot, he requested a transfer to an active TIE unit; and ultimately joined the Empire's elite Shadow Squadron.

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