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Colonel Ethan Tahmores

Ethan Jethro Tahmores
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Ethan Tahmores is a career military officer, currently holding the rank of Colonel. He originally served as a member of the Stormtrooper Corps, before transferring to the Imperial Security Bureau as a Special Agent in Investigations. He currently leads one of the ISB's foremost Tactical Units, operating out of Imperial Center. He is the father of Tristan Tahmores, a Navy Tactical Officer; and Aiden Tahmores, part of Empress Tarkin's personal guard.

Hailing from the Mid Rim planet of Naboo, Ethan grew up before the Clone Wars. Originally he had no aspirations towards a military career, and instead chose to volunteer in the Royal Security Forces: he was twenty years old when the planet was blockaded by the Trade Federation. Though he remained with law enforcement for the next fourteen years, he was a strong supporter of Palpatine's increasingly militant approach to the Republic's problems; following the declaration of the New Order, he applied to serve as part of the new Stormtrooper Corps.

Over the next two decades, Ethan rose steadily through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of Major by the time of the Battle of Yavin. With concerns that the Alliance "victory" - and the destruction of Alderaan - might lead more Imperial citizens to become sympathetic to the Rebel cause, the Bureau had begun to increase its Investigations activity and, with prior law enforcement experience, Ethan was a perfect candidate for recruitment.

Beginning as a Field Agent in Investigations, Ethan quickly established himself with a reputation for being an effective and perceptive investigator, particularly skilled at reading people. Several times he was offered a position with the Interrogation branch, but consistantly turned it down, instead choosing to remain on what he considered the "front line" in a new kind of war against the Empire's enemies.

Following the loss of many senior personnel at the Battle of Endor - and the increasing Rebel threat that the victory represented - internal restructuring within the ISB ultimately led to Tahmores' promotion, placing him in command of the Central Tactical Unit: a special team operating out of the ISB Central Office on Imperial Center.

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