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Agent Elias Akasha

Elias Akasha
166 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
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Vesper Akasha (dec.)
Penikett Akasha
Chloe Akasha (dec.)

Elias Akasha is a former Jump Trooper, Spacetrooper and TIE Interceptor Pilot who was recruited by the Imperial Security Bureau to serve as a Security Agent. He served as part of the security detail surrounding Moff Miranda Tarkin on Doldur, prior to her ascension to Empress. He has since been appointed one of Empress Tarkin's Royal Guards.

If ever there was a man to epitomise the true meaning of the term "Loyalist", Elias Akasha would be a strong contender. The offspring of a decorated Fighter Pilot and later a Command Officer in the Imperial Navy (following the introduction of Clone Pilots), Elias' parents were strong supporters of the sweeping militant reforms made by Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars, and of his New Order reforms; he passed that passionate loyalty to the Empire onto his son.

It was only fitting then that Elias Akasha - named for his grandfather, who was also a decorated Republic Officer - would continue the family tradition and serve in the military. However, his father decided that Elias should earn his commission in the military (as he had), and refused to sponsor his application to the Imperial Academy, crushing Elias' dreams of becoming a Starfighter pilot. Instead, he was forced to join the Stormtrooper Corps as an entry-level recruit, trained initially as a basic Trooper.

A major obstacle to Akasha's career was his height: uniformity was an important factor within the Stormtrooper Corps, and his size disrupted that. Rather than be relegated to the Imperial Army however, Akasha managed to convince his instructors to allow him to train in the more fringe specialisms - first as a Rocket Trooper, then as a Jump Trooper - where that uniformity was less of a factor, given how the Troopers involved were usually seen in isolation. The approach was a success, and Elias served with distinction for many years; tragedy struck however when his mother and sister were both killed in a terrorist hit, cementing Akasha's hatred for terrorists, dissidants, and Rebels. Evaluated as a strong loyalist to the Empire, Elias was approached to join the ranks of the elite Zero-G Assault Troopers, better known as Spacetroopers.

After the Battle of Endor, there were concerns that the Spacetroopers - fiercely loyal to Palpatine alone - might not integrate well under new masters. Akasha was passed off to the Imperial Security Bureau, who subjected him to an intensive battery of tests and scrutiny to confirm his continued loyalty. Satisfied with their results, they made him a field agent, ultimately placing him as the agent supervising the security detail of Miranda Tarkin: the niece of Grand Moff Tarkin. He served her faithfully for years; after she was made Empress, he was rewarded by being inducted into the ranks of the Imperial Guard, where he continued to ensure her safety as well as serving as her envoy when required. This latter role included a brief expedition to help ensure the loyalty of the previously independent world of Serenno.

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