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Xavier Synik,
Birth name: Xavier Harkor
205 Lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Independent, Silenus Corp.
Currently seeing Emelie Shadowstar
Iluna Harkor
Mikael Harkor
Modified HWK-290

The Basics
Xavier Synik is the Cheif Executive Officer of Silenus Corporation. He had once made a living as a mercenary, but after being double crossed by his former partner, Xavier decided that he no longer had what it took to be a mercenary and instead founded Silenus Corporation. Starting the company with his new business partner and companion Emelie Shadowstar, Xavier built Silenus from a couple of transports, to a fleet of ships of all sizes. Now Xavier is using his company and connections as a means to covertly assist the rebellion.

Recent Past

A Decision Forced

After being rescued from prison by Emelie Shadowstar, Xavier went back to the mercenary life, however not before establishing a business relationship with Emelie. Using their combined contacts and associates the two of them entered into an agreement dealing in illegal weapons. In reality Xavier’s only input to the agreement were some names and a monetary investment. An investment that resulted in decent monetary returns with little need for him to become involved directly

That all changed with Emelie became involved in a business deal that put her at odds with a local crime syndicate. Finding that she had bit off more then she could handle Emelie contacted Xavier for some help. Knowing that his investment was at risk Xavier met up with Emelie and helped by removing the head of the syndicate from the picture and ensuring that he would not be causing any further problems for Emelie. However the trip to help Emelie ended up not being purely business, as during their time together the two of them became lovers as well; something which did not go over well with his Mastigar.

Upon rejoining Mastigar, Xavier began to take more trips away from his work to spend time with Emelie. This caused a significant amount of friction between Xavier and his partner, as Mastigar began to see Emelie as hindering the amount of money that could be made due to Xavier not being around as often. Instead he decided to give Xavier an option. Kidnapping Emelie, Mastigar tortured her for 24 hours before informing Xavier of the situation. Her torture was more to prove that he was serious when he gave the options of either sticking with him, or Emelie’s life; there was no third option as far as Mastigar was concerned. There was only one option as far as Xavier was concerned, and when he left the planet at the end of the day Emelie was with him, and Mastigar was lying dead on the ground.

Silenus Corp.

After that Xavier changed his last name to Synik in a last ditch attempt to get away from his past. For a time after they escaped from Mastigar Emelie disappeared. Somewhere in the back of his mind Xavier knew that it was something she needed to do to cope with what had happened to her. Xavier’s way of dealing with what had happened was to throw himself into work. Knowing that he did not want to go back to being a mercenary Xavier decided to further their business endeavour of weapons trafficking. To do so he needed to first establish a legitimate business front that would allow him to transport weapons in larger numbers than before. Thus Silenus Corporation was created. Initially it was a small company focused on import/export and interplanetary shipping with only a few small freighters. Over time though. By the time that Emelie rejoined him, Silenus’ headquarters in the remote Ruusan System.

In the time since her return their partnership has grown both personally and professionally. Xavier has continued to grow Silenus Corporation both legally and illegally, including a lucrative agreement with Russard Industries.

Expanded Background


Born in 26 BE to Mikeal and Iluna Harkor, in the middle of a civil war that was consuming Solay, Xavier’s upbringing was tumultuous. Both of his parents were involved with the rebellion against King Blackart, and thus by association so was he. By the time he was eighteen he was fully involved in the battle against the King and his imperial backers. Having grown up surrounded by violence and war had turned Xavier into a hardened soldier, one which by the nature of civil war, was well versed in guerrilla warfare. It wasn’t long before his exploits had attracted attention. In Xavier’s case it was by a Mercenary, Vin Mastigar, who had been hired by the King to fight against the resistance. During one mission, Mastigar, leading a team of special operations commando’s in a raid against Xavier and his resistance group cornered Xavier. However instead of killing or capturing Xavier, Mastigar instead made him an offer; to become partners in the war making business. Xavier wasn’t given much of a choice, it was join up and make some money or spend the rest of his life in prison, and that was if he wasn’t executed for treason against the crown. Given his choices, Xavier agreed, but on one condition... that they would not work on Solay. Mastigar agreed and he and Xavier left the planet.

A Mercenary's Life

For several years the duo travelled throughout the outer and mid rim planets. At first they worked together and split the contracts, but then Xavier made a suggestion that would double their earnings. Rather than only fighting for one side of a conflict he suggested that they split up once on a particular target planet with he and Mastigar each taking a contract with the opposing side. Not only would they double their earnings, but using a private encrypted communication system they could communicate about the plans of both sides, allowing for them to plan successful missions, that not only made them look good, but unbeknownst to either side, would keep the war going, not allowing either side to gain the upper hand over the other.

Everything had been going as planned until on one Outer Rim planet Xavier was double crossed; not by Mastigar, but by the resistance group that he had been contracted to. He had been working for a resistance group trying to overthrow the monarchy. On other planets Xavier or Mastigar would have been privy to the plans for the assassinations of the King and Queen, however the resistance leadership had kept the plans a closely guarded secret. While that might not have normally been a problem, and only resulted in the end of the contract, but in this case, the resistance leaders, or in this case the new ruling class, decided that they didn’t want to pay up on the contract. Instead they had Xavier arrested and thrown in prison on charges of conspiracy against the government and genocide, two charges that were levied against him minus the fact that he had carried out everything he had done on their orders.

In the end however, Xavier’s arrest and incarceration turned out to be one of a series of events that changed his life. Unlike Xavier, Mastigar, who had been working for the monarchy, was able to escape the planet in the chaos that consumed the planet after the King and Queen’s assassinations. It was his ability to get off the planet, and the fact that Xavier and Mastigar had developed a strong bond, that lead Mastigar not to leave him there to face the sham of a trial that was sure to have sentenced Xavier to death. Instead Mastigar orchestrated an escape plan, hiring Emelie Shadowstar, a young smuggler who was able to make her way into the prison not only to help break him out of the prison, but to smuggle him past planetary security and off the planet.

Family and Close Associates
Business Dealings

Legitimate business currently underway at Silenus Corporation:

  • Interplanetary shipping
  • In partnership with Russard Industries: R&D on improvemens to Imperial Navy's exo-suits

Illegal business currently underway at Silenus Corporation:

  • Smuggling
  • Weapons trafficing
  • Support of the Rebellion Alliance
Current Timeline of Roleplays
Out of Character

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