Caran V'al Counis

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Caran V'al Counis
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Home Planet
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Cora V'al Counis
nee Este
Faran Kel-Naro
stepfather Getar V'al Counis

Caran is a Coruscanti citizen born into wealth and status, and he's lived an easy life as a private investigator a.k.a. sometimes corporate spy for the family firm. Raised in Imperial times, he's a good citizen - until a family secret comes to light and he finds his world turned upside down.


In Character



Caran is the illegitimate child of Baroness Cora V'al Counis of Coruscant, and Faran Kel-Naro, of the Jedi Order. His illegitimacy was a well-kept family secret with both his mother and his "fosterfather" Getar V'al Counis, an elderly nobleman who had married late and found that receiving a son inspite of his total infertility was a blessing in disguise and raised him as his own.

His mother

Cora V'al Counis, born Cora Este in 69 BBE of Baron Este on Calida. Family is old nobility with lots of money.

Married Getar V'al Counis, elder son of the V'al Counis Family (also rich and noble, but from Coruscant) in 40 BBE. An initially loveless Marriage, at first remained childless due to Getar's infertility (which he didn't bother to mention to her), later the couple grew accustomed to and quite happy with each other. Cora is sensual but a product of her noble upbringing - snobbish and arrogant at times, but also capable of great humility and understanding, and passion.

She fell in love with the Jedi Faran Kel-Naro during a social event on Alderaan, and they enjoyed a brief time together before the Jedi remembered his duties and chose them over her. Their short union was unfortunately blessed with a child, which she passed off successfully as her husband's whom she never told the truth (but who knew perfectly well about it). Faran would also find out about it and kept his "family" in his heart.

Later in life she grew increasingly vexed about lying to her husband, but found it too hard to tell the truth after so many years.

A Mandalorian combat instructor hired by her husband for their son blackmailed her for a brief time as he had known Faran's secret from their time in the Clone Wars. Later this Mandalorian vanished again, but instead of telling her husband, he told Caran the truth about his parentage: a much worse problem for Cora.

His Father
Faran Kel-Naro

Faran Kel-Naro, born on Alderaan 78 BBE, of noble birth but given up to the Jedi Order at a very young age. Average Jedi - nothing all that special about him in terms of force strength or skills; had a certain pompous and old-fashioned charm which clashed with his Jedi upbringing and made him a favorite with many a lady.

Functioned occasionally as Jedi advisor to the Alderaanian King (he kept himself well informed of the politics and culture of his home planet). During a banquet there he met Cora V'al Counis and she sparked something in him: for a brief while he enjoyed an affair with her which ended when he was called away on further Jedi business and he recalled his duties.

Didn't know of his fatherhood until Cora's husband approached him about it, and afterwards managed to keep an eye on "his second family" - he was a little too afraid of the Jedi council's reaction if they found out he'd been playing around so he agreed not to take the boy for training at the temple.

During the Clone Wars he was a general in the GAR and enjoyed a good relationship with his clone troopers - he actually made friends with some of them, amongst them a Commando by the name of Arun, and during a particularly dangerous battle, he told them about his "family".

His friendly attitude with the clones didn't stop him from dying at their hands when Order 66 was called, as he was with a different company at the time. Arun the Clone Commando, however, deserted not much later and found his way to Mandalore.

His Stepfather

Getar V'al Counis, born on Coruscant in 86 BBE into a wealthy and noble family of Corporation Owners (something like in Blade Runner).

Married Cora Este at the ripe age of 46 under pressure from the family, in order to add some new blood into the rather stale family. Was infertile, but didn't bother to tell this to his new wife or the rest of the family, and would have remained quite content with not having any children when his wife got suddenly and extremely unexpectedly pregnant after about 10 years of being married.

To him it was clear from the start that the child couldn't be his and he had discrete investigations carried out - which brought to light Cora's affair with a Jedi. Rather than confronting her with his knowledge, he went to the Jedi instead and secured his promise not to get involved or take the child away if it should have force powers, and he settled in to raise him as his own, having in his jovial and good-natured way decided that it might not be a bad idea to have a young one around after all.

So he was very proud of Caran and did everything a good father would do - bought him expensive presents and had him schooled in everything he could think of, and later introduced him to the world of business - which Caran took an immediate dislike to. Instead he set him up as a sort of private investigator who was nevertheless employed by some big-wig companies to suss out coprorate spies and find the occasional run-away ex-worker who absconded with half a year's profit in embezzlement money...

Sometimes Getar feels ashamed at not giving Caran the chance to become a Jedi, and he worries about what the boy might have missed, but then again all Jedi are pretty much dead now so it's a bit of a moot point.


As a child, he was very curious, very hungry for knowledge and a fast learner. Prone to odd hunches - the usual for a force-sensitive child - but never knew what they truly were.

A bit of a mischief-maker, not all too serious, but could get quite a temper - and terribly terribly stubborn at times.

His "father" allowed him all the freedom he wanted and had the best education provided for him that he could get - a very diverse education in a broad range of skills; amongst others he had a Mandalorian combat instructor - who just so happened to be a Clone Captain his true father befriended.


This character did not exist Pre-Reset.

Out Of Character

Kaman has been an on-and-off member of SWF since the days of the Greater Jedi Order being on ezboard, where she went by the name Falcon Gyndar - a name that continued its use through to the present home of SWF, all the way up to the 2005 timeline Reset. Prior to that, she was a member of the Star Wars chatrooms on Talk City. Between her post-secondary education and other personal commitments/obligations, she manages to continue roleplaying on one level or another.