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This is for a timeline of our Star Wars roleplays. Edit your contributions into this article. Please include character names in the thread descriptions when possible.

AE = After Endor

  • [JEDI] = Jedi / Light Side
  • [IMP] = The Empire
  • [REB] = The Rebel Alliance
  • [DARK] = Sith / Dark Side
  • [OTH] = Other

Timeline Sections

  • Before Endor
  • 1 AE - The year after Endor
  • 2 AE - Second year after Endor
  • 3 AE - Third year after Endor
  • 4 AE - Fourth year after Endor


1 Month AE

Blade Ice is tested by Aria Sihin he must find her. After finding her he is retrained to his Lord status and reassumes his Sith mantle of Lord and the name Darth Lucid.

Arya Ravenwing discovers that agreeing to a shockboxing match when drunk is never a good idea. Her opponent turns out to be a Cizerack male - Cirrsseetto - and more than capable of turning her into lunch meat!

Lilaena De'Ville travels to Onderon in search of a great power.

James Tau, a waitress in a diner on Nar Shadda, gets whisked away for the ride of her life when Sanis Prent and Cirrsseetto try to eat and run.

On Onderon, Lilaena De'Ville comes across a man who also possesses power over the Force. She bides her time, choosing to hide her true purpose from the man, Salem Ave.

Sanis Prent, Cirrsseetto, and James Tau arrive on Naboo after narrowly escaping the Smuggler's Moon. Sanis is approached by Black Sun, and Cirrsseetto runs into - horror! - his mother.

Lilaena De'Ville touches base with an old pupil of hers, Dalamar DeSang. He is now known as General Devious, and is in charge of security in Iziz City of Onderon.

Project Nightmare is brought out from its developmental stages and displayed to the Grand Inquisitor.

News of the demise of the Emperor reaches Onderon.

A charity dinner is held in the [I]Nabooian Queen[/I] casino on Coruscant. All members of elite Imperial society are there - as well as the underground element of the notorious crime organization Black Sun.

Jezreal Darkshard travels to Tatooine to meet with her bother Justin. While there they come under fire by a platoon of Imperial Stormtroopers. In the end both Jezreal and Justin die.

2 Months AE

Ridwan's first apperance, where he bumps into many faces, but never finds himself a lead to the Jedi heritage.

Arya Ravenwing is nearly apprehended on the planet of Nehantish as a smuggler, but takes a young mechanic hostage in order to escape the planet.

A meeting on the Smugglers Moon between competing Vigos Sorsha Kasajian & Sasseeri Reeouurra ends bitterly.

Lilaena De'Ville tracks down an archaeologist who claims to have been to Freedon Nadd's tomb.

Her solitary existence on the planet of Cathar is violently wrenched away as Loklorien s'Ilancy faces her old nemesis, Darth Decepis, in a duel across the outer encampments of her home.

Sanis Prent and the crew of the freighter Layla put in on Oord Tupa to take on supplies and even a few passengers.

A night of mayhem and debauchery on Sorsha Kasajian's ship.

Researching the remaining leaders of a crippled Empire, Lilaena De'Ville locates Khendon Sevon. She attempts an assassination, but instead of killing him agrees to help him. He wants the Imperial leaders as dead as she does, and she is willing to bide her time while he provides her with much needed intelligence on the others.

Blade Ice comes accross a face of the past but it isn't who he thinks it is. Miranda Tarkin will cause Blade many problems.

Jaarn Tii heads to the Vigo Sasseeri Reeouurra's office in hopes of creating a special relations with the Black Sun.

Sorsha Kasajian seizes control of Mos Eisley as a base of operations.

The soul of Jezreal Darkshard returns to Tatooine; the planet of her death. Her soul locates a young assassin of the Red Sisters by the name of Alexia Sturkov. A mental battle ensues but in the and Jezreal is victorious and takes Alexia's body as her own.

Before Lamar Starworth checks-in to his station on his new residence at Muunilist, he heads to the cantina where he bumps into a one-time Jedi.

Lamar Starworth feels the affects of the Galactic Civil War, and Imperial regime during his experiences at the Muunilist base.

Danni Reyok is recruited to the ranks of Project Nightmare.

A batch of new 'recruits' are run through an Inquisitoriate testing course. An experiment that ultimately fails as none of the recruits survive.

3 Months AE

Lilaena De'Ville shows up unannounced in Imperial Center, disguised as a reporter. She surprises Khendon Sevon in his office, where he gives her information on the schedule of Tiberius Anar.

Lamar Starworth, aboard a blockade station near Corellia, bumps into Hara Kiri. He finds himself at odd's end about the whole ordeal.

Wil Mienstrire and Michael Cline run into an attractive twi'leki dancer at a club.

Hoping to make a simple stop on Cathar while he picks up an old friend, Sanis Prent and the crew of the Layla run into more trouble as Imperial Star Destroyers arrive shortly after they do. With their new passenger, Loklorien s'Ilancy, and her young daughter Tak safely aboard, they are forced to make a run for it. Khendon Sevon, however, has other ideas.

Wei Wu Wei finds himself in practice, hoping to align himself in balance after a tirade of confusion. Bumping into Ridwan Vars he must alter his day.

Two unfortunate adepts are caught and interrogated by Project Nightmare.

Alexia meets with genetic scientist Zanon O'hara on Corellia and persuades him to aid her in the creation of an army of biological monsters, an army that she plans to use to crush The Sith Order.

On a seemingly random whim, Director of Imperial Intelligence R. S. Esalis pays a visit to an old friend and teacher, Colonel Erasmus Karrnage. Apparently the Director has taken an interest in a near-mythical species, Lupines, and has decided to discuss their possible existence with her colleague.

Trying to make amends with his estranged son Cambrio, the bounty hunter Hugo Montegue himself becomes a target for another hunter: Chir'daki. He flees, but is ultimately lured into a trap on Nar Shaddaa. Once captured, he is handed over to R. S. Esalis to be broken and reforged into a weapon against the Lupines.

4 Months AE

Tiberius Anar, Chancellor of the Empire, looks for a way to appoint the next emperor and finds it.


Sanis Prent breaks up a public lynching in order to find the location of some money that is owed his latest employer. However all bets are off when it becomes apparent that the condemned man knows Loklorien s'Ilancy.

Battle at Bothawui between the Empire and Rebellion, along with Bothawui's Planetary Defense.

Lamar Starworth and Hara Kiri head to Corellia for a night.

Rayna Eclipse finds herself entangled in the underworld of the galaxy in a personal venture. By chance, she meets Jehkran Dmath and in a turn of events they find themselves surrounded by the slimiest beings of the universe. In a question of right or wrong, the two become partners.

5 Months AE

An unfinished thread in which Blade Ice goes in search of The Sith Order.

The crew of the Layla put in at Cloud City with a most unusual cargo.

  • [OTH] Emelie Shadowstar opens the Bastelraum von Dieben on Coruscant, setting it up as a headquarters for the growing crime ring she heads.

6 Months AE

Unknowingly facing a bounty hunter, Yousei fixes up an Aratech car for Evie, his killer customer, before taking the woman out to drink.

  • Prison Blues / The Chase Begins

Drin Kizael meets slicer Morgan Evanar in Stars End.

7 Months AE

Jedi Knight Serena Laran has lived in exile on planet RX-271 in the Outer Rim since she narrowly survived an attack as a young Jedi during the Clone Wars. She comes across a young gypsy girl being attacked by stormtroopers from the small garrison stationed on the planet and makes the choice to reveal herself and rescue the girl rather than let Rhianna die.

After nearly three months of training there has been little exposure of the real Rayna Eclipse to her Padawan. In their nightly conversations, there is a hope for change as their relationship develops.

Under the command of the Inquistitor Karl Valten, the Imperial Stormtrooper fleet and Army are requested to scout a peculiar ship found by the Empire's Navy. But little do they know the horrors inside.

Adia Issoris, one of the Emperor Hand's, tracks Lianna Mal Pannis from Dantooine to Bakura where a short battle takes place but truths are revealed that shake up their lives.

Dasquian Belargic brings the young Wyl Staedtler to Dxun, where they meet with Grace Van-Derveld. A meeting has been arranged for them with a Jedi named Daria Nytherciria, whom they rendezvous with in Iziz City. It is their intention to form an alliance between the Jedi and the Rebellion, and secure Jedi training for Wyl.

Assuming a new name, Hawkins Grime is ready to begin his journey of revenge.

8 Months AE

Serena Laran and Rhianna made their way to Nar Shadda where the old ship Serenity undergoes some much needed repairs with no questions asked. Serena teams up with a young man named Morgan who needs a ride off the Smugglers Moon and is willing to help her for a lift.

Arya Ravenwing comes across a strange shapeshifter - a tiny pink blob that calls itself Mortie.

Kyle Krogen terminates his contact with the Empire and runs into several force adepts; Bandage, Axius Keldara, and Avvandak.

Kyle Krogen brings his fellow force users to an abandoned temple in a wasteland area of Naboo. The Naboo Jedi Academy begins.

The young, former athlethe Jaarn Tii hopes to create contact with the Rebellion in hopes of providing supplies and info.

Serena Laran, Morgan Evanar, and Rhianna are captured by space pirates. However the pirate general is an old Clone Wars commander, and recognizes Serena as a Jedi.

While on Onderon, Lilaena De'Ville infiltrates the palace in search of clues as to the whereabouts of the tomb of Freedon Nadd. She suspects that the current queen is a descendant of Nadd. On her way out she runs into General Devious and they are caught together by the ward of the Queen.

On Onderon, Razielle Shadana takes a venture outside the Queen's palace throughout the Iziz City to encounter the diverse array of troubled characters.

Arya Ravenwing shows up for a smuggling drop only to find out that the job was double booked! Anbira Hicchoru, an ex-stormtrooper, is providing security for the other smuggler who shows up at the drop site.

Adia Issoris takes Lianna mal Pannis to Umgal for a makeover. Her clothing and hair are drastically change and she learns more about her twin, Miranda Tarkin, so she can impersonate her better.

Soolin takes Vishan to Agamar for training until a Weequay from the Alliance shows up. The Alliance had been trying to track them for some time and provided the two Jedi with startling information. Vishan learns that the Empire ordered his family's death. His former best friend and Flight Commander, Zay Tavon, was the one that not only carried out the order, but was going to recruit Vishan into the Inquisitorate.

With revenge set in his mind, Vishan and Soolin head to Corellia.

R. S. Esalis and Colonel Karrnage have captured alive the last known Lupine shapeshifter. Hoping to discover more about this remarkable race they question her, only to discover that perhaps they know more about the heritage of Arya Ravenwing than she does herself!

Sasseeri Reeouurra has a little fun with Michael Cline.

Rebel Agent Estelle Russard is assigned her first solo field mission, to rescue an Alliance contact from Spindrift.

Jehkran returns to the waste of his homeworld, Jabiim.

Rebel Intelligence Agent Aurelias Kazaar is sent to Felucia to scout out Imperial Operations and follow-up on the information regarding the secret Imperial shipment, while Estelle Russard and Morgan Evanar follow up on the Imperial Orders captured at Spindrift.

Constantine leads a Rebellion against an Imperial Space station out in the Druckenwell System.

While making a supposed stop on the planet Onderon, Hawkins Grime encounters Lilaena De'Ville and consequently becomes her apprentice.

Given free-reign by Dasquian Belargic to 'question' a captured Imperial officer, Aurelias Kazaar employs methods frowned upon by most of the Rebel Alliance. Also Kazaar's past catches up with him when he discovers who the Imperial Officer (named Reklar) really is...and Estelle Russard, struggles with the moral conscious of condoning torture.

Karl Valten discovers information about the Maw Installation and takes the facility over. He plans to build up an Inquisitorial fleet, starting by moving the new Inquisition flagship Purifier, now cleansed of alien taint, to the Maw for completion.

9 months AE

James runs away from the Layla on a backwater planet after accidentally tapping into the Force.

Serena Laran, Rhianna and Morgan are making contact with the Rebel Alliance with the help of Byl Laprovik.

Over dinner in the mess hall (still with the Rebel fleet) Serena and Morgan overhear three agents talking about the new rounds of infant testing for Force ability. Serena offers to help, and Morgan is tested for Force sensitivity.

Serena Laran begins Rhianna's training in the Force.

James Prent recovers from her burns in the care of the Rebel Alliance.

Rebel Agents Dasquian Belargic and Grace Van-Derveld reminisce over some of their past missions together.

An assasination attempt is made on Tiberius Anar, the emerging political leader of a struggling Empire.

A ball is held on Onderon in honor of the arrival of Queen Adraudia Basillie's ward, Razielle Shadana. There are a few uninvited guests lurking around the buffett.

Lilaena De'Ville and General Devious meet in the Wilds of Onderon in the aftermath of the Masquerade. An unknown Force adept had made herself known during the festivities, but neither had gotten a good look at who it was. Lilaena then reveals that Salem Ave was also a Force user, and Dalamar goes over the edge.

Onderon's royal court and its visitors gather for an outdoor breakfast the morning after the Masquerade. Concerned about what Dalamar might do, regardless of her orders for him not to act on his new knowledge of Salem Ave, Lilaena De'Ville works her way into a position to spy on the gathering. Unexpectedly, a lone Mandalorian attacks the breakfast, gunning for Queen Adraudia. Dalamar intercepts, but takes the opportunity to exact his revenge on his rival, Salem. In the confusion, Razielle Shadana steps in front of a dagger meant for the Prime Minister. But who threw it?

Shadow Squadron is assigned escort duty as the ISD Termagant brings an Imperial ambassador to the neutral Bakuran system. Rogue Squadron is conducting a recon mission in the same area. Two guesses as to what happens, and the first one doesn't count.

Darth Callidus calls Lilaena De'Ville to him in the Wilds, and introductions are made. She still wants access to Dxun and the location of Freedon Nadd's tomb, and he is not inclined to give her what she wants.

During a standard escort mission for the ISD Termagant Shadow Squadron decides to play some practical jokes on Capt. Tal 'Lucky' Kellison. Unfortunately for her, Miranda Tarkin is one of the visitors on board while the hijinks are going down.

Lilaena De'Ville travels deep into the Wilds of Onderon, searching for the Mandalorians. Armed with half a plan and a lot of determination, she challenges Mandalore himself while her new student, Hawkins Grime, looks on.

Adia and Lianna touch down on Cato Neimoidia for refueling and supplies, running into a Jedi named Ridwan Vars.

Mandalore approaches Iziz City with a strange proposal - peace.

R.S. Esalis, and Colonel Karrnage interrogate Arya Ravenwing after depriving her of sleep for five days. Unable to resist, but not knowing the answers they seek, she is subjected to a mental probe from Khendon Sevon - with surprising results.

An army of specially trained "Force Hunter" sneak on to the planet Korriban and into the halls of the Sith Fortress hidden within the tombs of the Ancient Sith Lords. All the Sith run for their lives as they are mercilessly cut down by the Hunters. It is up to a handful of survivors to make it out alive and preserve the sith teachings.

Blade returns to Aria after assessing the state of the Galaxy for himself. Finding himself in a bad spot Aria and Blades only choice is to run and hide.

Vishan's planned work. He's part of the Imperial Navy once more. He just needs to continue to pull off the act long enough to find the lab where they are getting ready to field test the new equipment to weed out Force Sensitives.

Lianna, Adia and Ridwan arrive at Coruscant, posing as a body double, speech coach and guard. Finally, Lianna will get to meet her mother.

Khendon Sevon questions the imprisoned Lupine, Arya Ravenwing.

10 Months AE

The crew of the Layla (minus one while James recovers from her injuries) accepts a new job from s'Ilancy's friend, Dan.

Raurn leads a pirate operations on the Sisar Run in hopes of capturing a load of goods.

Bette Davis, on a week of leave, visits Cloud City and runs into Mike Brand (a Rebel) and Mirko Spendrim.

Sorsha welcomes Miranda back from her Imperial tour and offers her a position in Black Sun that would sait all of her desires for power and prestige. Unfortunately, business starts quickly as Miranda learns that Niska the Hutt plans on distributing the potent Tempest Spice on Tatooine.

Lilaena De'Ville visits Khendon Sevon after the failed assassination attempt on Chancellor Anar.

Bette Davis, Saul Karzai and other Shadow Squadron pilots get a little down time between missions, with plenty of drink, and cards.

Heading to Kashyyyk, after a detour on Kessel Run, Sen Oisel and the remainder of his crew find themselves in a faithful meeting with the Empire.

Sen Oisel assembles a unique crew to cruise space.

After a visit to Corellia, the Midget Brow's crew finds themselves in The Works on Coruscant where they run into a bit more than they bargain for.

Tannis V'larr presents his design for a new stealth TIE to Imperial R&D.

Elijawn finds himself stranded on Bespin, with his mind and survival tactics tested in the hustle and bustle of the floating Cloud City.

Serena Laran, Rhianna, and Morgan travel to Arkania to meet Daria Nytherciria and her padawan Wyl Staedtler. A strong feeling of upcoming danger follows the trio on their journey, but if danger awaits on Arkania, they will face it together. As Jedi.

11 Months AE

Ishara, the Queen Mother of Hapes, decides it's time that he daughter found a suitor.

The Empire begins the seizure of war droids from Maxwell Industries to aid in the war effort. The Company's owner, Tony Maxwell, fans the flames of rebellion in the hearts of Naboo's population. An insurrection occurs, the rebels are thwarted, but the dream lives on. Tony Maxwell is captured and sentenced to life imprisoment within the Spice Mines of Kessel.

Lilaena De'Ville pays the Grand Inquisitor a visit, only to find Karl Varten instead of Tear

Jehkran Dmath is sent on an operation to recon and thwart the information that Ithor may be taken hostage with the ransom the planet in regard to the sacred planet's floor.

  • [OTH] Emelie Shadowstar gets in trouble with a rival crime group on Coruscant. She asks for her partial business partner, Xavier Harkor for help in dispatching the leader.

12 Months AE