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Nya Halcyon

Nya Halcyon
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Rogue Jedi
Gotab (Bardan Jusik)
Astromech Droid
R1-N0 "Rino"


The character of Nya Halcyon was created by Mara in late 2000. Because of the reset, there are two differing versions of her character:

Post-Reset Nya Halcyon is a survivor of the Purge only through the aid of a renegade clone commando sent to her by her father upon his death. Raised first by a clone and then by Mandalorians, she embraced the life style of a bounty hunter to its fullest.

Pre-Reset Nya Halcyon was a Darksider with conflicting intentions, no loyalties and a messy past - as well as an impressive amount of delusions. Originally she went by the name of Delirion, which was a name supposedly given to her in her youth. It would always stay with her, even after adopting her given name as a sign of distancing herself from her past. For an account of the Pre-reset Nya, see Delirion

An Extended History
Entry-separate.jpg Child of two Jedi Entry-separate.jpg
"A Jedi is a Jedi, first and foremost, and only. For a Jedi to divide his attention between the will of the Force and the will of others is to invite disaster."
―Jedi Master Hoche Trit

For Jedi to marry and bear children is against the code, yet Fionn Halcyon and Berit Selkie (not unlike other Corellian Jedi) defy the code, get married and conceive a child, all without the knowledge of the Jedi Council on far Coruscant. The daughter they named Nya grew up in a close-knit community of Corellian Jedi, many of whom had a history of defying Jedi regulations.

Berit's death at Geonosis forced Fionn's hand: Nya was entrusted to the care of the Temple as he himself was called upon to act as a General in the Clone Wars after initially trying to leave the order. But the two-year-old proved withdrawn and detached to a worrying degree, as unbeknownst to anyone, her mother had latched on to her at the moment of her death and the child had "felt" her mother die; thus the council agreed to let Fionn take her back to familiar surroundings, and she spent the next few years either at her father's side, or, as the Clone Wars and his commitments to the Order increased, in the care of friends.

Entry-separate.jpg Her father's last command Entry-separate.jpg
The Halcyon Family
"Have we had any contact from the Temple?"
"Received a coded retreat message, we have."
"It requests all Jedi to return to the Temple. It says the war is over."
"Well, then we must go back. If there are any stragglers, they will fall into the trap and be killed.
―Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Bail Organa

Nya was 5 years old, and settled into a semblance of "normal" life on Corellia, when her world tumbled further out of control. Her father never returned from his journey to find out what was happening to the Jedi on Coruscant, where he was struck down mercilessly by a group of clones in disguise while penetrating the still burning ruins of the Jedi temple.

Her father's last deed as a Jedi, however, was implanting the need to rescue and keep his daughter safe into the clone commando who killed him. Taking up Fionn's lightsaber, the soldier struck down the rest of the clone squad and escaped. On Corellia, young Nya felt her father's passing, but her guardians - no Jedi - did not want to believe her.

Hours later, an already scared and confused Nya found herself snatched from her bed by a "monster" dressed entirely in black who took her on board of a ship, and then far far away.

Entry-separate.jpg Exile in Deep Space Entry-separate.jpg
Soon the little girl realises that her captor is no monster but a man. She finds herself strapped onto a bed, inside a small grey room that she has never seen before. To her utter terror, there is nothing but herself and this man for as far as she can sense beyond the walls of that room, and a strange vibrating sensation seems to permeate everything. Unfamiliar noise comes from below her feet. The man tells her that she must not fear, that she is on board a ship - and that her father has sent him.
Nya at 5
But there is something about the man that he is keeping from her, those terrible dark emotions that she first sensed from him, and she doesn't feel safe with him at first. She is afraid to find out why her father would send this man and would not come in his stead; and true to her fears, the man - Darven he tells her to call him - explains that her parents are truly forever gone. Something in in his words tell her he is not lying about this: she now has the confirmation of her worst fears, and then there is only emotion. Pain. Loss. But also anger. They are what she feels, and when the first wave of her raw emotions has passed and left her feeling raw and a different kind of being, she realises what she sensed from Darven: his feelings mirror her own. When questioned, he tells her that he mourns the loss of his brothers, who died because of him. Her initial fear of him overridden by a sense of kinship, she casts her fears aside and accepts her rescuer fully.

After this shaky beginning, she strikes up a friendship with the man who soon opens up to her, telling her what he is and of all that has happened in the galaxy (except for the deed he can not tell her). To her childish senses, the clone's story is more horrible than anything she can imagine: a life full of death. And yet... deep down he feels just like another child to her, eager for the same things as she feels and as incapable of understanding what is happening around him as she is; as innocent of life as a whole as she. In some ways, she feels his equal or even his superior; the times when he hungrily follows the stories of her childhood, of her days with her parents and other people and children. To her, his reality of never having known, never having had a parent or time to play with other children even though he had so many brothers, seems utterly horrifying, and she doesn't realise how fortunate she was to have experienced that herself, as a Jedi.

The two of them travel through space for long months, daring only to stop at the most outlying spaceports. At such times they only leave the ship in disguise - an injured father, face heavily bandaged, and his small child - stocking up supplies. Darven does not dare show his face because he has explained to Nya that it is a face too widely known, belonging to any of the million and more soldiers of the Empire, and it would be too dangerous were he to be recognised as a clone dressed up in civilian clothing.

Bereft of the chances to train as a Jedi child should, she looks to Darven for guidance, and indeed the clone teaches her much of the ways of the warrior as he once learned them. Yet she sometimes gets the feeling that he is holding back, that he seems to think he should not be showing her this. And there are times when he refuses to teach her, and encourages her to remember the Jedi routines her parents showed her. But she senses bitterness behind that encouragement, and it is confusing.

And as Nya grows older, her finely attuned force senses make her realise that the bleakness at the bottom of her companion's heart comes from something deeper than the simple loss of the brothers he had; she begins to notice the subtle hints the man's conflicted soul is leaving behind for anyone but a child to read. She slowly starts to question the truths she was told by him, willing to accept that he might not be telling her all because he wants to keep her safe. But unable to harbor any ill-will against her "hero", she keeps such thoughts and observations to herself, not wishing to harm him with harsh words for she senses that he's as vulnerable as she is.

After three years of travelling through space and successfully hiding from whomever might come after them, an unpleasant encounter with an Imperial Inquisitor leads to the man taking a little too much interest in the young girl who cannot always hide her Force skills. But the pair escape from his presence before anything can happen and Darven retreats with her to the one place he knows which holds a sanctuary for men like him and Jedi like her - they make their way to Kyrimorut, on Mandalore.

Entry-separate.jpg Saying Farewell Entry-separate.jpg
But on Mandalore a surprise awaits her. Darven intends to leave her with the Jedi living there while he will go on by himself - splitting up seems the prudent thing to do to him. She feels shocked, surprised and a little hurt that he would abandon her by simply turning her over to a Jedi, especially as she has realised that at the core of him he does not trust Jedi nor does he like them, and that the bitterness he has always felt at encouraging her to keep up her training is due to him resenting her Jedi heritage. She doesn't understand why he would suddenly want to leave her in the care of a Jedi, and turns on him, accusing him of lying to her, not wanting her around anymore - and not caring about her.
The only family they have left

Thus cornered, her friend's volatile emotional barriers start cracking and he reveals one morsel of truth that she'd not known before - and one that makes understanding his motives easier to her: he tells her that he came too late to save her father, and had to kill his brothers to be able to go and save her - something for which he made himself an outcast amongst his brothers and had felt terrible guilt and remorse ever since, even if it meant he had done the right thing. He explains that there are some clones on Mandalore that might recognise him and in their eyes he is guilty of fratricide; she would have no future staying with him and the only thing they could both do now was to turn around and face their different heritages - she by training to become a Jedi, and he by doing what he has been trained for.

She doesn't question him any more; it makes terrible sense to her even if she does not want to accept it. It puts his grief and his motivations into a new perspective - one that is easier to understand, makes her cling to him all the more for his "sacrifice". Yet now Nya knows his decision to leave her with the Jedi is final and for the best. Darven has become the closest thing to a family, and to the girl this is important, now more than ever - yet now she can only ask him not to forget her. The same emotions she sensed from him the night she met him are coming back, the closer they get to the Jedi, but they no longer frighten her because she now understands him. Emotional herself, she wants the last hours with him to be something to remember fondly, and they spend their last hours together sharing memories of their times together so that neither of them could ever forget. But eventually, they reach their destination, and in front of her eyes Darven transforms himself into a fierce looking Mandalorian warrior, and with every piece of the armor that he puts on she feels him erecting a wall between her and him.

The Jedi turns out to be a human man in his late twenties who goes by the name of Gotab and does not at first agree to let her stay. He is no longer a Jedi, he claims, he gave up his former life for his present one. But then Darven sends Nya outside of the Jedi's modest home, and talks with him, and finally comes out and tells her she can stay. There is a finality in his voice, and terrible pain. Something got said in there - she can feel it, but she has no way of telling what. Darven bids the girl goodbye and walks off, without another word or even a glance back. But she can feel his pain long after he vanished from her sight.

Entry-separate.jpg The Training of a Warrior Entry-separate.jpg
Thus begins her new life. It is unlike anything else she has ever experienced. Gotab is not like the other Jedi of the community she lived with - he is more raw, but yet more refined in some ways. He is a healer. And a proper Mandalorian warrior with a family of his own, who adopts her as one of his children. But what is more - she is not the only force-sensitive child in his family: there's another boy, Kad, and he reminds her oddly of Darven. Gotab explains that it is the child of one of Darven's clone brothers, but when she expresses curiosity beyond that, he tells her that it is not for her to know.

Her Jedi training makes slow progress. Gotab is no Corellian Jedi, he is a stranger to the limitations that she seems to have inherited from her parents' line. She wrestles with telekinesis until Gotab makes her stop; it is pointless to continue trying to learn a skill that it seems she is incapable of handling. Remembering what he knew of the other Halcyon Jedi master, Gotab makes her focus her skills on matters of the mind instead: she learns how to use her skills to influence other people, to shift their thoughts into avenues otherwise left undiscovered, to confuse them. This, to her, somehow feels wrong; it feels like the kind of thing a Jedi should not do. But he tells her that with the remaining Jedi being hunted like dumb beasts, these skills are going to ensure she has an edge over others.

He also teaches her healing, although she is not a natural as he seems to be at it. He teaches her how to fight with a lightsaber, and gives her the saber Darven retrieved from her father when she gets good enough with the practice blade. And above all, he teaches her the ways of the Mando'ade, and trains her in the ways of the warrior. He teaches her about her responsibility towards other creatures, and listening to her conscience and her sense of good and evil.

And every now and then, she senses Darven's presence. He is watching over her. It makes her very happy that he has not forgotten her, but also very sad that he will not come and see her. She knows that Gotab can sense it, too, and she can feel his irritation at the clone's visits. She senses with crystalline clearness that there is something left unsaid, something that she should know about, but she cannot ask Darven and Gotab will only shake his head. Still, the visits fill her with gladness.

The years pass. They travel to other planets, to study other civilisations, to meet other people; but more often Gotab leaves without her, taking Kad instead of her. At such times when she is left behind she is free to embrace the life of an ordinary child, but on Mandalore that only means embracing the life of a true warrior as children are considered adults following their verd'goten - their coming of age - at thirteen. And she passed that trial with flying colors, earning her the right to call herself a true Mandalorian warrior.

Entry-separate.jpg Teamed up once again Entry-separate.jpg
"Ke barjurir gar'ade, jagyc'ade kot'la a dalyc'ade kotla'shya."
―Mandalorian Proverb
All those years, Darven watches over Nya from afar as she grows up. In 11BBE, at the age of 16, she has made a name for herself amongst her clan as a fierce warrior - and a skilled Force user. Darven is proud of her, but still keeps his distance. He has not forgiven himself for killing her father and his own brothers, and is afraid that she would be able to read him like an open book were she to be around him all the time, and be able to correctly interpret what she would read.

While she is a respected member of her clan at Kyrimorut, he is still an outsider - by choice - and eschews any contact with his clone brothers, fearing their distrust and pity.

But fate throws them together again during a mission they both joined to aid Fenn Shysa's rebels against the Imperial slavers. They both are happy to be reunited, even if the mission ultimately fails and they can only barely escape the slavers themselves. Darven realises that Nya would never use her Force skills to pry into his thoughts and emotions - in fact, he is relieved to see that she has grown into less of a Jedi but more of a warrior, using her Force skills only to aid her other skills when absolutely necessary. This makes being in her company possible, and the two agree to join up as a team, travelling the galaxy as before and earning an income as bountyhunters and mercenaries.

During the subsequent two and a half years the pair successfully complete various missions for Fenn Shysa, eventually scoring an impressive victory against a group of slavers that gains them some fame amongst their compatriots. They also complete a number of bounty hunts, and are on the best way to success, when a ghost from the past comes back to haunt them.

An attempt at a Chronology

(Dates stated are based on the Battle of Endor as the time of Reset, so it would be BBE and ABE respectively where the Battle of Yavin would have taken place in 4 BBE)

  • 28 BBE - Nya is born to her parents, Jedi Knights Berit Selkie and Fionn Halcyon, on the planet Corellia. The family stays on Corellia and Nya's existence is kept hidden from the Jedi Council.
  • 26 BBE - Her mother dies on Geonosis as a result of the battle there. Fionn cannot keep her hidden from the Council after his attachment to her mother is uncovered, and she is accepted as a youngling into the Order.
  • 25.5 BBE - Her father arranges for her to be brought to the training facility on Corellia instead, where she stays with non-Jedi family of his.
  • 23 BBE - Her father dies at the hands of a squad of Clone commandos while responding to the Jedi recall beacon. The Clone commando Darven rescues Nya from being slaughtered like other Jedi younglings on Corellia, and takes her with him into wild space.
  • 20.5 BBE - An Imperial inquisitor takes an interest in the young girl during a stop-over on Dantooine, Darven manages to rescue her from the Empire's clutches but they truly can never feel safe anywhere afterwards now that the Empire knows they are still alive. Darven begins to look for a way out.
  • 19 BBE - Darven leaves her with former Jedi Knight Bardan Jusik at Kyrimorut on Mandalore, which has long been a safe haven for clone army deserters. Darven choses not to stay because of his guilt. Nya is taken into Gotab's family and begins her training as a Mandalorian warrior. Her Jedi training continues under his tutelage; focus of this is its use as an addition to her other skills.
  • 15 BBE - At age thirteen she becomes a full Mandalorian warrior.
  • 11.5 BBE - After a chance encounter with her "saviour", she teams up with Darven and the two make a successful living as bounty hunters for hire. Their relationship is a lot more complicated now that she's grown into a rather pretty young woman.
  • 8 BBE - A bounty hunt turns sour when the victim turns out to be another army deserter who tells Nya the true story of her father's death. Deeply hurt, full of distrust and anger, she turns on Darven and they duel each other. She leaves him for dead, and returns to Mandalore, broken inside.
  • 7.8 BBE - Gotab lets her recover from her physical wounds but turns her out and tells her she has to find peace for herself (and overcome the dark side) on her own. She leaves Mandalore and becomes a mercenary under the assumed name of Aree Ankarta (from Mando'a "aru'e a ni kar'ta" - "enemy to my own heart")
  • 6 BBE - Hires on as soldier in a mercenary army on (unknown planet).
  • 2 BBE - Leaves the army for personal reasons and starts working as a bounty hunter.
  • 1.9 ABE - Meets Caran V'al Counis and starts working for him. Finds out that Darven is alive.
Skills & Abilities
To follow.
Current Timeline of Roleplays

23 Years BE

  • Catharsis: Strangers in the Night - 5-year-old Nya's life gets turned upside down as she loses the only parent she has left and gets ripped from all that is familiar to her

1 Year, 9 Months AE

  • Aay'han - The bountyhunter Nya Halcyon catches the attention of the wrong kind of people after a bounty goes bad, and the mercenary Darven spends some time thinking about his life and the galaxy at large, before accepting a new job

1 Year, 12 Months AE

  • Recalling the Guild: Aree Ankarta - Bountyhunter Aree Ankarta - otherwise known as Nya Halcyon - gets a message from her former partner Darven, informing her of the reformation of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. In the attempt to distract herself, she has a little adventure involving hawk-bats, a drunken stranger and the Imperial Center Police Department

2 Years, 2 months AE

  • Recalling the Guild - In an attempt to start a new Bounty Hunters' Guild, several meetings were held over the last months; now all bounty hunters are called to the new Guild's first convention at the Guild's teporary headquarters, the pirate lair Camp Grenchikit.
  • Never Tell Me the Odds - Bountyhunter Nya Halcyon going after I'nu on Cularin

2 Years, 3 Months AE

  • A Memorable Evening - The Russard Family hosts a get together of the Galaxy's most important people, to celebrate the coronotion of Empress Miranda Tarkin, and her wedding to Baron Gallus Tagge. Brought along by her employer Caran, Nya gets to test her mettle when thrown into the mix with Inquisitors, distraught mothers and even a familiar face from the past

2 Years, 4 Months AE

Bountyhunter - and now also employee of Counis Corporation heir Caran - Aree Ankarta gets a message to rejoin her former partner Darven for a private kind of party to bury their past, but it's not quite as easy as asking leave from her boss...

2 Years, 5 Months AE

Out of Character

For information about the person behind the character and an overview of alternate characters, see Mara