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Commodore Varon Farani

Varon Farani
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A Commodore in the Hapan Fleet, Varon Farani is the commander of a small force of Nova-class Cruisers - led by the Arbitrator - which patrols the Transatory Mists surrounding the Hapes Cluster. A decorated and veteran fighter pilot, Farani is new to starship command; he is notorious for his suave charm, hands-on approach to command, and unwavering loyalty to the traditions and ideals that govern the Hapes Consortium.

Hailing from the Modus system - amongst the Rifle Worlds of the Hapes Cluster - Varon came from modest roots: his father had served in the Hapan Navy as a lowly deck hand, but aways had greater ambitions for his son. He taught Varon to fight at an early age, and invested as much time and money as he was able into preparing him for life as an Officer. It was difficult, given the family's modest background as farmers, but Harper's dreams were ultimately realised when Varon was accepted into the Navy as a Midshipman.

Varon went on to serving as an apprentice Officer aboard one of the infamous Hapan Battle Dragons. Over the course of his training, he was tested for his aptitude as a pilot, and was found to have a natural flair for flying. He was given a Miy'til starfighter of his own, and went on to serve with distinction for the next twenty years, becoming a renowned and highly decorated pilot amongst the Hapan Navy, and rising through the ranks to become Wing Commander aboard the Shining Path.

Some time before the Battle of Endor, Farani was reassigned to the Arbitrator to serve under Commodore Aaron Belargic. The lead ship in a formation of Nova-class Cruisers, as commander of the Arbitrator's fighters, Varon came to function as Belargic's senior pilot, commanding a force of pilots twice the size of a Battle Dragon compliment. For the next several years, Varon served with the Arbitrator on counter-piracy patrols in the Transitory Mists.

Following the exile of Commodore Belargic from the Hapes Consortium, Farani was selected from amongst the crew to become his replacement. Though a capable and charismatic leader, the newly promoted Commodore found the transition difficult, unused to the notion that - unlike his service as a pilot - he was not necessarily able to lead the execution of every order personally. At times, command proved frustrating and, to the discomfort of many of his peers, he often chose to break with protocol and participate in fighter combat personally.

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