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Green Arrow
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The Emerald Archer
Alter Ego:

The Green Arrow was a vigilante who operated in Gotham City during the seventies, as a member of the Justice Society of America. He is the costumed alter ego of former Gotham PD detective Larry Lance. Styled after Robin Hood, the Green Arrow was created as a persona for Detective Lance to combat the injustice that he saw on a daily basis in the run down and corrupt areas of Gotham City.

The Emerald Archer gained a reputation as a formidable marksman, and was well known for his use of gadgetry - in particular "trick arrows": non-lethal projectiles with smoke bombs, gas canisters, explosives, or blunted "rubber bullet" tips in place of standard arrow heads. He was frequently seen working in concert with Black Canary, another famous vigilante (and the alter ego of Larry Lance's wife, Dinah Drake).

Lance's career as the Green Arrow was cut short however when, along with several other members of the Justice Society, he was killed by the efforts of Vandal Savage.


  • None.

Played by Jace.