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Hector Hall is the son of the Golden Age heroes Hawkman and Hawkwoman. He had a short-lived vigilante career of his own as Silver Scarab, which ended when the Justice Society of America disbanded. After the death of Kent Nelson, he became the new Doctor Fate. However, feeling that he was too important to the fate of the world, Nabu refused to let Hector remove the Helm of Fate for several decades and as a result, Hector has not noticeably aged.


Hector Sanders Hall was born to Carter Hall and Shiera Sanders: the reincarnations of a Pharaoh from Ancient Egypt and his love, whose souls are magically bonded together. A Homo Magi, Hector was naturally capable of magic from an early age, but Hector was far more interested in books and study than in the arcane arts. He studied archaeology and history both to emulate his father and learn about his parents' many prior incarnations, and followed in their footsteps to join the Justice Society of America, becoming Silver Scarab: the protégé of Dan Garrett, the Golden Age Blue Beetle.

When the Justice Society disbanded and most of it's heroes retired, Hector found himself unfulfilled with the prospect of a "normal" life. Decades after Kent Nelson passed away, Hector was approached by Nabu, the Lord of Order who inhabited the Helm of Fate. He explained that the world had gone too long without Doctor Fate, and that the cosmos was out of balance, in danger of falling under the sway of the Lords of Chaos: something that strongly correlated with world politics at the time. Hector agreed to wear the helmet so that Doctor Fate could exist once more: but once bonded, Nabu refused to release Hector, arguing that the need for Doctor Fate to exist in the world far outweighed the cost of one man's life.

It took several decades and an encounter with John Constantine for Hector to be freed from the helm, and even then it came at a cost: a magical contract officiated by Constantine whereby Hector could not refuse the helmet when it called, and Nabu could not decline when Hector requested to be released. Finally liberated, Hector and Constantine struck up an unlikely friendship; when Hector joined the Gotham City Police Department and worked his way up to Detective, he convinced the GCPD to hire Constantine as a "consultant" on cases that were suspected of being occult or arcane in nature. The duo and their associates eventually earned the nickname "Infernal Affairs" within the GCPD.


Hector's development as a person has been somewhat stunted by the decades spent enslaved as Fate's host. Both physically and socially he is a man in his late twenties, though he possesses the knowledge and experiences of a man several decades older. Hector often feels lost and isolated, having been stolen away from his life, family, and friends; something worsened by the fact that he has been deprived of pop culture references for the last several years. Joining the GCPD - rather than being a vigilante - is one of the first decisions that he has made for himself in longer than he can remember, so he approaches it with complete dedication and determination, though his police style is somewhat skewed by out of date tropes and stereotypes: less CSI, more Magnum PI.

Special Abilities

As a Homo Magi, Hector has a latent aptitude for the arcane. Having become so reliant upon Nabu to guide his magical efforts, however, his personal talents have atrophied. He is subconsciously and passively aware of the presence of arcane and occult objects and entities around him, but due to the magical contract that binds him to the Helm of Fate, he usually experiences this as whispers and advice voiced by Nabu in his mind.


Hector grew up surrounded by the Justice Society, and regards them all as his extended family. His relationship with his father is complicated: ordinarily, after his wife was taken from him, Carter Hall would have attempted to die in a blaze of glory so that their reincarnation cycle could begin again, but his need to remain and watch out for their children prevented him from doing so.


Golden Age:
  • Hector becomes Silver Scarab, the sidekick/protégé of Dan Garrett, the Blue Beetle.
  • Dark Age:
  • Hector agrees to become Doctor Fate, and becomes trapped as the host of Nabu for several decades.
  • 5 Years Ago:
  • Hector is freed from Doctor Fate by the intervention of John Constantine.
  • Hector enrols with the Gotham City Police Department.
  • Year One:
  • Hector serves as a Detective with the GCPD, investigating occult and arcane cases with Constantine as his partner.
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