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Delgado Xaanan

Delgado Xaanan
194 lbs
Eye Color
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Home Planet
Ophelia Xaanan
Governor Farris Xaanan
Annara Xaanan

Delgado Xaanan is the son of Farris Xaanan, former Republic Senator and later Moff of Commenor. Until recently, Delgado was sidelined into a fairly irrelevant position as the Imperial Advisor to the Corporate Sector. However recently, with the backing of Empress Miranda Tarkin, he has been appointed the Executive Officer of the Corporate Sector Authority.

Early Life
Delgado had a rather unremarkable early life, raised to be the dutiful and obedient son of his politically high-profile father. As soon as he was old enough he was enrolled in the best private boarding school that money could buy and, after a fairly average academic career, emerged with good - but not exceptional - grades. With a few favours called in by his father, Delgado progressed into an uninteresting job within the Coalition for Improvements branch of COMPNOR. For years he worked in administration and middle management, dealing with generally unpopular and low-profile projects in Outer Rim Sectors; despite this, the radical differences that his efforts made to the under-developed and less advanced planets he worked on made the positive effects of his work easily visible, and he found the work immensely fulfilling.
Corporate Sector
Eventually, Delgado's reliability and commendable work ethic saw him moved into more civilised areas of space, eventually securing him a job working in and around the Corporate Sector. Employed as part of the Corporate Sector System Development Programs, he rose steadily through the ranks, finding himself on a fairly clear-cut promotion track where he moved steadily upwards as the more senior management were retired and reassigned.

Eventually, Delgado found himself elevated to the position of Imperial Advisor to the Direx Board. He became responsible for representing the interests of the Galactic Empire in the deliberations of the Corporate Sector Authority, and made use of his reputation for reliability to subtly influence his collegues, gently coaxing decisions towards what the Empire required without direct confrontation, and without people realising how skewed towards Imperial objectives the "compromise" they agreed to actually was. He also became something of a mediator, and earned the trust and respect of many senior members of the CSA.

Following the coronation of Miranda Tarkin as Empress, and the resulting upheaval in the Empire's political leadership, subtle manipulations by the Empress and her associates saw Delgado put forward for candidacy as the new Executive Officer of the Corporate Sector Authority. Pressured by increasing rebel activity along the major trade routes to and from the Corporate Sector, and with the promise of Imperial military support, Delgado was ultimately elected. (An Errant Venture)

Current Timeline of Roleplays
Out of Character

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