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Star Wars
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CZ-31 - "Sleazy"

Communications Droid
Activated in 17 BBY
5'6" (167cm)
Yellow Ocular Units
Marital Status

CZ-31, affectionately known as Sleazy, is a CZ-series Communications and Business Droid Serv-O-Droid, Inc. It was purchased second-hand by Atton Kira, and later stolen by Vittore Montegue when he and his brother commandeered Kira's ship on Nar Shaddaa.

The droid has been modified beyond its factory specifications. It is fitted with holography and slicing modules, and is recently used by Vittore Montegue to profile targets and establish fake aliases for his work as a bounty hunter. It has also been modified cosmetically, stripping off the "ugly-ass" bodywork and replacing the ocular receptors with "something less creepy".

Sleazy's personality and voice subroutines have also been rewritten, based on Vittore's Uncle Elroy.


Current Configuration
CZ-31 was constructed at a Serv-O-Droid factory located in The Works on Coruscant. He was purchased as part of a bulk order by a small interstellar business conglomerate in the Outer Rim, but was was kept in storage for several years. When the venture went bankrupt, CZ-31 was repossessed by financiers, and was activated in the hopes that he could be sold to recoup lost capital.

The droid was purchased by Atton Kira during his career as a Holonet reporter. Sleazy functioned as his cameraman, and also assisted with background research. As Kira's career expanded, he modified Sleazy to perform more invasive scrutiny, eventually to the point of slicing into secure files and profiting from the contents through extortion, blackmail, and information brokering.

While on Nar Shaddaa, Atton Kira's Baudo-class yacht was stolen by Vittore Montegue and his brother, with CZ-31 aboard. A bounty hunter specialising in targets with "supernatural" abilities, Vittore put the droid to work profiling his targets, examining their patterns of behaviour and species biochemistry to find possible strategies and countermeasures. After several months of complaining that he "can't stand to look at that ugly-ass face any more", Vittore made a number of - as yet unfinished - cosmetic changes to CZ-31.

Currently, the majority of Sleazy's body panels have been removed, his ocular receptors have been replaced, and it's personality has been completely rewritten to emulate a grating and derisive yet beloved relative of Vittore. After querying when his owner expected to have replacement bodywork prepared, Vittore provided Sleazy with a battered smashball cap, and a gilet to protect it's vital circuitry should the droid ever need to leave the ship.


Atton Kira is Sleazy's first non-corporate owner, and the individual responsible for CZ-31's nickname. Kira maintained a mostly objective and impersonal relationship with the droids he owned, wiping the droid's memory banks regularly to prevent any undesirable personality traits from forming.

Vittore Montegue is Sleazy's "kidnapper", and current owner. Vittore maintains a much more personal relationship with CZ-31, particularly since modifying Sleazy's personality to serve as a surrogate for a member of Vittore's absent family. While Vittore will often objectify targets and refer to them as "it" to desensitise himself, he refers to Sleazy as "he". On Vittore's behalf, Sleazy maintains "The List", which catalogues all individuals that Vittore considers useful and/or trustworthy.

R4-K8 is an astromech that was previously owned by Atton Kira. While CZ-31 processed and compiled information and surveillance data, Katie was responsible for the majority of the more complicated slicing. Sleazy regards their combined efforts as having been considerably more efficient and effective than it's efforts individually.

Out Of Character

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