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Captain Soto Terius

Soto Terius
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Alliance Corvette Orion

Soto Terius a former member of the Judicial Forces and the Republic Navy, who served during the Clone Wars. He also worked as a designer and military advisor to the Corellian Engineering Corporation, before defecting to the Rebel Alliance. Currently, he commands the Orion as part of the Alliance Fourth Fleet.

Soto Terius was born and raised on Corellia. His father was a senior designer for the Corellian Engineering Corporation, and hoped that his sons would follow in his footsteps. However, while Soto had a keen technical mind, he found that wearing a suit and sitting behind a drawing board wasn't challenging enough for him. Wanting to escape from his father's shadow he left Corellia completely, and joined the Judicial Forces.

When the Clone Wars broke out, Soto volunteered to transfer to the Republic Navy. He joined the crew of the Premonition - a Corellian Gunship - initially as a communications officer. However, when the Captain was severely injured in a Separatist ambush that left the ship adrift, Soto not only took charge of the repairs: he also coordinated the successful defense of the ship until reinforcements arrived, despite internal communications and several command and control systems being offline. After the Captain was selected to command the Odyssey - a new Venator-class Jedi Cruiser - he made arrangements for Soto to become his new executive officer.

After the resolution of the Clone Wars, Soto chose to end his naval career and accepted a job at CEC. Lending his military experience to one of the corporation's numerous research and development teams, Soto was involved in the development of various tactical upgrade packages and system expansions for a variety of CEC and third-party designs.

His position eventually drew the attention of the Corellian Resistance, and though he was initially reluctant to become involved in their terrorist activities, the destruction of Alderaan was enough to motivate him into joining the Rebel Alliance. With a group of resistance fighters, he commandeered the Aurora: a Corellian Corvette being used as a testbed for various CEC technologies. Using forged transponder codes to mask the craft's origin, Soto adopted his wartime rank and became Commander Terius of the Orion, a Blockade Runner for the Rebel Alliance.

Seven years after joining the Alliance, Soto had become a Captain; but had refused reassignment to another ship. Even when commanding battle groups as part of the Fourth Fleet, Terius refused to transfer his flag, despite drawing heavy criticism from some of the more traditionalist members of the Admiralty.

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