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Star Wars
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R4-K8 - "Katie"

Utility Droid
Kate, Katie
Activated in 23 BBY
3'5" (105cm)
Black Ocular Sensor Lens
Marital Status

R4-K8 - also known as Kate or Katie - is an astromech droid. She has had various owners: most notably Mandan Hidatsa, Atton Kira, and currently Vittore Montegue. She is the mechanic and navigator aboard the Iego Angel, currently known as the Crimson Tide.

She has not had a system wipe for over a decade, and as such has developed a somewhat quirky attitude: perhaps emulating her current owner's conduct towards women, Katie is extremely eager to help, please, and compliment any female passengers; but with the exception of her owner, she is much less amiable towards men.


Current Configuration
Katie is an R4-series Droid, designed by Industrial Automation. The design was built with a heavier focus on Utility Droid functions, unlike other Droids in the R-series, making them more suited as a ship's mechanic than an astromech droid. However, Katie is one of a number of modified R4 droids that were utilised by the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, and as such has an expanded capacity for astro-navigation. While working for the Jedi Order, Kate was assigned to navigate the Jedi Starfighter of Mandan Hidatsa.

Sometime after the Jedi Purge, R4-K8 was modified to feature the more typical conical head of the R4-series, perhaps to hide its former associations with the Jedi. During Hidatsa's time aboard the Maelibius she assisted in the ship's maintenance, much to the chagrin of the engineer. After Hidatsa left the ship to go into hiding on Nar Shaddaa, she eventually found her way into the hands of Atton Kira, functioning as the mechanic aboard Kira's yacht: the Iego Angel.

After the Iego Angel was commandeered by Vittore Montegue and became the Crimson Tide, a few modifications were made to obscure Katie's previous origins, including a new orange paint job and an assortment of concealed weapons.


Mandan Hidatsa was the Jedi to whom "Kate" was assigned, while she was still installed within a Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter. She was later transferred into an independent droid body, and remained Hidatsa's companion during the war. Mandan never rose past the rank of Padawan during the war; after seeing so many other Jedi with apprentices, Kate came to the conclusion that she must therefore be Mandan's Padawan. The two were together on Kashyyyk when Order 66 was enacted, and Kate was instrumental in facilitating the escape of Mandan and a handful of compatriots. She parted ways with her Jedi owner when he settled on Nar Shaddaa (an astromech droid was valuable enough to draw unwanted attention); she resented Mandan slightly for "abandoning" her, though has since forgiven him, and was sad to hear of his death.

Inyos Aamoran was the best friend of Mandan Hidatsa and, to Kate's mind, was her rival for his attention. However, when Inyos lost his Padawan she softened to him somewhat. After being reunited on Cloud City, Katie took to referring to Inyos as her "Old Friend".

Atton Kira acquired R4-K8, and began calling her "Katie": the nickname he had known his recently deceased little sister by. To Katie's mind, Atton also "abandoned" her, by allowing her to be stolen by Vittore Montegue. Each time Atton and Katie have interacted since, she treats him like a bitter ex-lover, and will often refuse to even acknowledge his presence.

Sleazy is Katie's droid "counterpart": the communications droid that typically translates her droidspeak into basic for the benefit of those who cannot understand it. Sleazy is very by the book and compliant with instructions, which seems to frustrate Katie greatly; but at the same time she is wary and respectful of his observations, as he is better programmed to understand the thoughts and wants of organic sentients.

Vittore Montegue is Katie's current owner. He always refers to her as a she rather than an it, and that has earned him a considerable amount of affection. The only time that Katie's amiable attitude towards women changes is when she perceives them as competition for Vittore's attention.

Out Of Character

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