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Captain Mace Riko

RC-1987 - "Riko"
aka. Mace Riko
Human (Clone)
Eye Color
Hair Color
Home Planet
Mailia Riko

Known as Riko to his fellow clones, and as Mace Riko in his retirement on Ruhe, RC-1987 was a Commando in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. His specialism was as a sniper; he also excelled in tracking, hunting, and guerilla tactics. He was presumed killed on Ruhe during the Clone Wars; injuries sustained there prevented him from escaping Separatist territory and reuniting with the GAR. Forced to live out the remainder of the war in hiding, Riko eventually fell in love and began a family. He chose the name Mace Riko in reference to Jedi Master Mace Windu, a High General in the Clone Wars.

The armour that Mace Riko wears indicates that he is a Captain, and he is often referred to as such; in reality however, the highest rank he achieved in the Grand Army of the Republic was Sergeant.


Sergeant RC-1987, at Geonosis

At Geonosis, RC-1987 was deployed as the Sergeant leading a Squad of Recon Troopers, letting his Commando training influence the manner in which his troops were deployed. Making use of the terrain, his unit used guerilla and ambush tactics, achieving numerous victories over their droid and Geonosian counterparts. Because of the unit he served with, RC-1987 earned the nickname "Riko" (from Recon) among his Clone Commando brothers.

Following the Republic victory at Geonosis, Riko was assigned to a four-man Commando squad, along with his close sibling RC-1990 ("Zero"), and veteran Commandos RC-1193 ("Trey") and RC-1197 ("Darven"). The quartet were deployed on numerous engagements over the following months, with Riko serving as the unit's specialist Sniper and "Ranger". In reference to his deployment at Geonosis, Riko displayed his Sergeant colours on his Commando armour.

On one of their later missions, Zero was killed in action. The remaining three members of the squad were assigned to assist Advanced Reconnaissance Commando Alpha-13 on a special mission to infiltrate Dooku's stronghold on the planet of Ruhe, where Jedi Generals Skywalker and Kenobi had engaged the Count several months previously. Their mission was supported by a small unit of Clone Scout Troopers and AT-RTs.

RC-1987: Republic Commando

During the operation the unit was ambushed; Alpha-13 was killed, and Riko was believed to have met the same fate. The survivors were ordered to evacuate, and went on to other assignments elsewhere in the Grand Army of the Republic. However, Riko had in fact survived, and was rescued by some of the locals. They nursed him back to health; unfortunately Riko was unable to return to Republic territory, so agreed to assist the locals in their fight against the Separatists. With his own armour damaged, Riko took to wearing the armour of Alpha-13 during his time with the Ruhe Resistance.

The Clone Wars came to a close, and the Separatist forces on Ruhe were disbanded. Though Riko was at last free to return to the Republic - or rather the Empire, as it had become - he had in his time there fallen in love with and married one of the locals, and had already started a family. As a citizen on Ruhe, Riko took the name Mace Riko in reference to Jedi General Mace Windu, naming his children after the Jedi that Windu had taken to fight the Crimson Nova bounty hunters during the War.

Bounty Hunters' Guild

After several years of peace, Riko was approached by his former squadmate, Darven. They had seen each other a few times since the end of the war, although Darven's questionable status had always kept him on the move and ensured that those encounters were as brief as possible. However, with efforts being made to resurrect the Bounty Hunters' Guild that had dwindled and died during the last years of Palpatine, Riko found himself and his family dragged away from their peaceful home to serve as the core of a "mercenary" arm of the new Guild. (Recalling the Guild: Riko)


This character did not exist pre-Reset.

Out Of Character

Jace has been around on the site since January 2007. He knows all the things, including board lore, random trivia, and really really terrible jokes and puns.

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