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The Flash is a legacy name belonging to several vigilante superheroes who function as a conduit for the Speed Force, granting them superhuman speed and other related abilities.

The first was Jay Garrick, a government agent exposed to radiation from the hyperdrive of a crashed alien spacecraft, who served as a superhero with the Justice Society of America during the Cold War. The second is Barry Allen, formerly a forensic scientist with the Central City Police Department, who was struck by lightning and exposed to unknown chemicals during a dark matter storm and now serves as a special agent with the Department of Extranormal Operations.

It may also refer to Wally West, the sidekick of Barry Allen known as Kid Flash, currently active as a vigilante in Gotham and who succeeds his mentor in a possible future; or to Bart Allen, Barry Allen's grandson from that same future, who currently operates on behalf of present-day A.R.G.U.S. under the codename Impulse. It could also refer to Jesse Garrick, the daughter of Jay Garrick and an unrealised speedster, known by the nickname Jesse Quick.

Known Examples

Jay Garrick 2.jpg Flash.jpg Kid Flash.jpg Future Flash.jpg Impulse.jpg DC-logo.jpg
Jason Garrick
(The Flash)
Barry Allen
(The Flash)
Wallace West
(Kid Flash / The Flash)
Bart Allen
Jesse Garrick
(Jesse Quick)