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Star Wars
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Bounty Hunter
Black Sun Lieutenant
Sith Apprentice
Darth Venator
Romo Mantana, Onith
6'4" (190cm)
Marital Status

Chir'daki is a bounty hunter, Force user, Black Sun Lieutenant, and enigma. He is allegedly Romo Mantana, an Imperial technician believed dead after a "Force-induced episode"; but those records show signs of having been tampered with. He is aggressive and animalistic in his approach to hunting and killing, relying on brute force and strength in lieu of finesse. His chosen alias derives from the Twi'lek name of the Death Seed plague; similarly, his ship - the Blue Shadow - is named after a virus.

He is an associate of many groups, including Black Sun, Imperial Intelligence, and the Bounty Hunters' Guild; and also has ties to the Sith Darth Callidus, and the shadow organization Sarlacc. He has appeared in the lives of both Hugo Montegue and his son Vittore as a frequent antagonist, and has recently become something of a nemesis for Emelie Shadowstar as well.


The earliest records of Chir'daki date from around the time of the Battle of Endor, with him working as a mercenary and hunter for the information broker Atton Kira. On a contract from R.S. Esalis, he hunted and captured Hugo Montegue, turning him over to the custody of Imperial Intelligence. Some time later he began his association with the Black Sun crime cartel and, by 7 ABY was a Lieutenant in their organization. In that capacity he was approached to help restore the Bounty Hunters' Guild, and broker cooperation between the new Guild and Black Sun.

Along with several members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Chir'daki assisted in an uprising against the Imperial Occupation on Mandalore.

In 10 ABY he was contracted by the shadow organization Sarlacc to eliminate Emelie Shadowstar, whose extra-vocational criminal activities were drawing unwanted attention to Silenus Corp and it's financials, putting the covert association between Sarlacc and Silenus at risk of exposure. The hit was initially thwarted by the intervention of Vittore Montegue, and then further when Emelie Shadowstar went to ground on Cloud City. The bounty was later rescinded when Shadowstar severed her connections to Silenus.

Shortly thereafter, Chir'daki accepted a contract that placed him on retainer for Ambassador Wrath of the Ouishii kajidic.


R.S. Esalis is one of Chir'daki's past employers who hired him for various contracts: perhaps most notably the apprehension of the bounty hunter Hugo Montegue.

Hugo Montegue was once captured by Chir'daki on an Imperial contract, and rendered to Imperial custody. Once Hugo was released, Montegue was forced to grudgingly cooperate with Chir'daki during the rebuilding of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

Darth Callidus summoned Chir'daki to Onderon, where he offered to take him as a student. Callidus gave him the name Darth Venator (meaning "hunter"), and occasionally calls on Chir'daki to help with his dark side machinations.

Vittore Montegue resents Chir'daki for the role that he played in the capture of his father; and the subsequent role he played in Vittore's own capture and short-lived Imperial incarceration. Chir'daki was involved in the attempt to kill Emelie Shadowstar, who Vittore inadvertently saved; Vittore is one of the few people who have escaped from Chir'daki's attempts to kill them and, having had the kill order rescinded, deeply regrets no longer having an excuse to kill him.

Emelie Shadowstar was targeted by Chir'daki at the request of Sarlacc, because her illegal activities risked drawing undue attention to Silenus Corp, and by extension to Sarlacc, one of it's customers. Shadowstar escaped from his first attempt to kill her with the help of Vittore Montegue and, after liquidating her involvement with Silenus Corp, the contract was withdrawn and a no-kill issue was ordered, making Emelie "the one that got away", to some extent.

Ambassador Wrath is the leader of the Ouishii kajidic, and is a businessman who, on occasion, finds it necessary to eliminate the opposition (or a troublesome business associate) in a literal sense. For some time, Chir'daki has been his preferred contractor for such things, and with Wrath's recent expansion into the Greater Javin, Chir'daki has recently accepted an invitation to be a permanent part Wrath's entourage, as an opportunity to get close to Emelie Shadowstar and Vittore Montegue, to antagonise them until such a time as he is permitted to kill them.

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