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Nen Lev'i

Nen Lev'i
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Independent, Black Sun

Native to the smuggler's moon of Nar Shaddaa, Nen Lev'i is a master of technology, gadgetry, and computers, who makes his skills available for hire to the criminal underworld of the galaxy: particularly Black Sun. He is frequently seen working with Andana Callax, or working for the Vigo Kalail Rotas.

Prior to a few months after the Battle of Endor, Nen has no memory of his life. He seems to suffer from some sort of amnesia, though the cause is unknown. He is not expected to recover.


"I have the absolute most awesome job in the universe."
―Nen Lev'i

Nen's history is something of an enigma: he suffers from extreme amnesia, failing to remember any details of his life prior to a few months after the Battle of Endor. His earliest memory is of Arlan Galaar, a man who has become like a father to him in the years since; those memories were on Nar Shaddaa, which has become his de facto home.

Without personal memories, Nen has chosen to fill his mind with facts and figures, and developed quite a prowess for code slicing and technical wizardry. He collected gadgets and gizmos almost obsessively, claiming to have something for every occasion; those occasions, much to Arlan's disapproval, often came in the form of jobs performed either as a freelance criminal, or working in the employ of the Black Sun crime syndicate.

At some point, he met and fell in love with Andana Callax: a street smart Echani who, while helping to keep him out of trouble on a day to day basis, is often responsible for dragging him into it, often roping him in to aid her as the mastermind and tech support for various crimes.

Personality / Relationships

"Dear diary. Today a pyro and a porn star came to my house."
―Nen Lev'i

Found with amnesia several years ago, Nen lacks many of the life experiences that shape the personalities of others, and so tends to look at the world in a slightly naive and childlike way. To compensate for his lack of personal memories, he has filled his mind with all manner of facts and information. While mostly lighthearted and optimistic, he does have a streak of overconfidence in his own knowledge, as well as a quick and sarcastic tongue. He is quick to assume that he is right in most situations - and he usually is, which makes it worse.

Despite his intellectual arrogance, Nen fully appreciates that his physical and social abilities are somewhat lacking, and is frequently undermined by a lack of confidence. Were he to believe in himself, he would actually be reasonably competant; instead, his nervousness and unease makes him somewhat awkward and bumbling at times, particularly in a fight, or when trying to deal with the opposite sex.

Arlan Galaar
The closest thing that Nen has to a father, Arlan Galaar is his mentor, teacher, and one of his closest friends. Arlan's intentions towards Nen are somewhat enigmatic, though they seem to be innocent, and born out of a genuine desire to help the memoryless boy that Arlan discovered. A Mandalorian, Arlan is responsible for Nen's assumed surname, due to a misunderstanding not long after they first met: Lev'i is a Mando'a term meaning "retard".

Vhiran Antilles
An acquaintance of Arlan's, Vhiran Antilles has always been around on the fringes of Nen's life, much to Nen's annoyance. Though Vhiran has - at the request of Arlan - kept an eye on the amnesiac from time to time, Nen views Vhiran mostly as an annoyance, and as a rival for the affections of Dana.

Andana Callax
Nen's partner in crime, Andana Callax is an Echani, and is the proverbial brawn to his brains. Attracted to her since the moment they first met, that affection has been cultivated into a secret love over the course of their adventures together: one that Nen is too afraid to confess to her, for fear of rejection. Worse, Dana seems to be slightly enamoured with the much 'cooler' Vhiran Antilles. Dana's morals are more mature than Nen's, and a particular point of contention between the duo relates to bounty hunting and assassination: something Dana is willing to do on occasion, but which Nen disapproves of strongly.

Kalail Rotas
A Vigo of Black Sun, Kalail Rotas is a prominant member of the galaxy's criminal underworld, who frequently engages Nen's services either on official Black Sun business, or as part of her personal, arsonist hobby. Stunningly attractive, Nen has an understandable infatuation, though Kalail's desires seem to be satiated for the most part by Irridia Solensis. Without fail, Nen always calls her "Boss".

Roleplay Synopsis

"Sidekicks don't get vengeance. And sidekicks don't get hugs."
―Nen Lev'i

Two in a Million (Link)
Working with Andana Callax, his long-time partner in crime, Nen puts into action an intricate plan to break into a secure storehouse and steal from one of the local gangs. The plan begins to unravel when Dana is shot - by her own brother, no less - but Nen mounts a daring rescue, escaping with Dana and their target to the relative safety of his apartment.

Like a Father (Link)
Seeking the council of the closest thing to a father that he has, Nen visits Arlan Galaar, the Professor who discovered him - beset by amnesia - and helped him to carve a new name for himself. The visit isn't purely social however: Nen needs help translating the obscure and ancient writing engraved on his black market lightsaber.

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Hotties (Link)
Nen is visited by Kalail Rotas and Irridia Solensis, two members of Black Sun who need his help: to re-steal the same artifact he stole only a few days before. Unable to refuse a request from a hot woman - let alone too - Nen finds himself entangled in their scheme.

Out of Character

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