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Captain J'onn Scarlet
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Sir J'onn Scarlet
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House Lungbarrow

One of the Kilian Rangers from Kilia IV, J'onn Scarlet is the Captain of the Rangers in service to the house of Lord Iridonia J'onzz, and served as the companion and protector of Doctor J'onzz during his adventures across the galaxy. Though aristocratic responsibilities now prevent Lord J'onzz from leaving Kilia IV, J'onn Scarlet still runs errands to other worlds to keep the Doctor up to date with current affairs.

Recently, the Doctor's daughter - Marian J'onzz - invited herself along as J'onn's companion; when politics back on Kilia IV saw the Doctor overthrown and imprisoned by the patriarch of rival house however, J'onn and Marian found themselves forced to roam the galaxy in exile, unable to return home for fear of sharing the Doctor's fate.


"We're meant to be heading to Voltaire to meet a contact of your father's; but since this is your one and only trip off the planet, I think we can manage to make a sneaky detour."
―J'onn Scarlet, to Marian J'onzz

J'onn Scarlet was born to a family of commoners on Kilia IV. At a young age however, he was recognised as having an affinity with the Force, and at seven years old was taken into the service of the local Lord as a page. He remained a messenger and servant to House Lungbarrow for many years, until at fourteen he was chosen by the man who became Iridonia J'onzz to serve as his Squire.

J'onzz was a cousin of the Lord Lungbarrow, and was something of an eccentric: while Kilia IV had remained isolated from the rest of the galaxy for a thousand years, he longed to know what lay out in the rest of the galaxy. When Lord Lungbarrow died leaving no heir, Iridonia's elder brother inherited the lordship; to keep his brother from being too much of a political embarassment, he allowed him to leave Kilia and explore the galaxy, taking his squire, J'onn, with him.

For decades, J'onn and J'onzz became caught up in adventures and exploration, returning to Kilia on occasion to share stories of the wonders they had seen, and to reinforce their status as the quirky and socially undesirable cousins of House Lungbarrow. J'onn was always loyal to the wishes of his master, but viewed the entire affair with tired reluctance, wishing they could just settle down and go home.

A few years before the Battle of Endor, Iridonia's brother suffered an untimely death, and Iridonia inherited the Lordship. Unable to afford to go gallavanting around the galaxy any longer, the duo returned to Kilia IV, with J'onn becoming Iridonia's most trusted Ranger and advisor. J'onn managed to live a quiet life for several years, until Iridonia grew restless, and once again craved knowledge of the outside. As his most trusted servant, J'onn was sent out into the galaxy once more.

On one of those errands, Iridonia's daughter Marian snuck aboard J'onn's ship, hoping to see the galaxy for herself. She was - reluctantly - allowed to remain aboard for just one trip off world; but while J'onn and Marian were away from Kilia, a rival House moved against Lungbarrow, and Lord J'onzz was overthrown and imprisoned. Threatened with the same fate if they ever set foot on Kilia again, J'onn and Marian decided to roam the galaxy in exile, unable to return home.

Personality / Relationships

"Does your father know you're skulking about the streets dressed like a common harlot?"
―J'onn Scarlet, to Marian J'onzz

J'onn Scarlet is a contradiction. His default mood is one of indifferent resignation - he has long ago come to terms with the fact that most situations are out of his control, and has decided to simply go along with them. Initially, he viewed his lifestyle as an adventurer with reluctance, having been dragged unwillingly into it by Doctor J'onzz, but has now come to accept it, and even enjoy it at times: ever since Marian J'onzz joined him on his travels in fact, he has come to realise how privilaged he is to have had the experiences and adventures he has, and has become to echo and mirror her enthusiasm.

The remainder of J'onn's emotions lie at the extremes of the spectrum. When his intregue and facination is engaged, he regards a subject with excitement and wonder; often it can be other some ridiculously small and seemingly isignificant detail, but the novelty of it amuses and entertains him no end. At the other end of the scale, while his tolerance goes a long way, as soon as something takes a step too far his disapproval and condemnation can be scathing; and when someone manages provokes it, his anger can be truely terrifying. Fortunately, the combination of his tolerance and resignation means that most of the time, the worst anyone manages to provoke is a disgruntled sigh and some muttered half-protest.

Strangely, he seems to find the act of grumbling and complaining to be reassuring, and his mood tends to improve once he's had the opportunity to get it out of his system.

Iridonia J'onzz
J'onn's Lord, master, and mentor, Iridonia J'onzz was the strongest male influence in J'onn's life during his formative years; an elder brother at the very least, if not a father figure. As a result J'onn is fiercely loyal to him; even so, he has always been uncomfortable with Iridonia's desire to shrug off Kilian traditions and values.

Marian J'onzz
The daughter of Iridonia, Marian J'onzz places J'onn in an awkward position. Given her age, and his relationship with her father, part of J'onn views her as a younger sister in need of his guidance and protection. On the other hand, her status as a Lady of House Lungbarrow makes him her servant, after a fashion. Complicating matters further, he has recently adopted her as his Squire, and pledged to train her as a Ranger. The result leaves J'onn utterly confused, and completely unsure of where he stands with her; Marian's utter disrespect for any kind of authority hardly helps matters.

Though she appears human, Harmony is in fact a droid, designed to be a near perfect replica of a sentient being. Built as an assassin, it is not entirely clear how she came into the posession of Iridonia and J'onn; the duo encourage her to 'be true to herself' however, and as a result Harmony has suspended many of her human imitation subroutines. She currently serves as the copilot aboard J'onn's ship, and is named after Harmony J'onzz, Iridonia's late wife.

Roleplay Synopsis

"Doctor J'onzz isn't coming with us on this trip, Harmony. He had to remain on Kilia IV."
―J'onn Scarlet, to Harmony

Mission to the Unknown (Link)
Sent out to 'touch base' with the galaxy by Doctor J'onzz, J'onn finds his routine mission made more complicated when Marian J'onzz stows away on his ship. With her father's grudging permission, he takes her to Coruscant, to give her a taste of what life out in the galaxy is like.

Out of Character

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