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Nabu the Wise is several billion years old, and one of the powerful and ancient Lords of Order. During the era of Ancient Egypt he took physcal form and became one of the guardians of Earth, but more recently has required the Helmet of Fate and the Amulet of Anubis to be worn by a willing host to bind him to the mortal realm. During the Golden Age he bound with the archaeologist Kent Nelson to become the superhero Doctor Fate. The helmet and amulet are currently worn by Hector Hall.


Ten billion years ago, the Lords of Order became one of the first sentient races in the universe. Through magic they sought to promote peace and order, and uphold the laws of nature, in direct opposition to the Lords of Chaos who desired only entropy and death. One of those Lords of Order was Nabu the Wise, who eventually became one of the Lords of Order tasked with protecting Earth: an important nexus in the universe for magic, fate, and causality.

Ancient Egypt

In the wake of the sinking of Atlantis, Nabu the Wise took on a human appearance so that he could interact directly in guiding the fate of mankind. He selected Ancient Egypt as his chosen seat of civilization, and from around 3500 BC onwards he served as a mystical advisor to the Pharaohs. During the reign of Ramesses II (better known as Ozymandias) in he 19th Dynasty, Doctor Fate became a close friend of Prince Khufu Kha-Tar and Kha-Ef-Re. At some point after Khufu was subjected to a reincarnation curse by Hath-Set, Nabu returned to the higher plane of the Lords of Order, but created the Helmet of Fate: an artefact that when worn would allow a mortal to channel Nabu's power and will.

Kent Nelson

Kent Nelson discovered the Helmet of Fate during an archaeological expedition, and used it to become the first Doctor Fate during the Golden Age. At Nabu's behest they worked to defend the Earth from magical threats and the occult, working in particular to thwart the arcane efforts of the Nazis. Doctor Fate encountered the reincarnation of Khufu Ka-Tar, now reborn as one of Kent Nelson's archaeologist peers, Carter Hall. Doctor Fate played an important role in preparing Carter Hall to become the vigilante Hawkman, and the two went on to become founding members of the Justice Society of America.

Towards the end of the Golden Age, Kent Nelson died while defending the world against a powerful magical threat. Not quite understanding the relationship between Nelson and Nabu, the Justice Society enshrined the Helmet of Fate as a memorial. However, when the Justice Society later disbanded, the helmet was left to gather dust and - in Nabu's opinion - the world was left to slip into darkness without Doctor Fate there to protect it.

Hector Hall


As an ancient being of incredible power, Nabu often comes across as aloof and arrogant. He acts with utter certainty that his chosen path is the right one. When he melds with a human host, Doctor Fate inherits certain traits from is human counterpart. Kent Nelson imbued Doctor Fate with a sense of duty, honour, and restraint. Hector Hall has influenced Doctor Fate into becoming more recklessly heroic.

Special Abilities

Though Nabu himself is a Lord of Order and is thus incredibly powerful, the amount of power that Doctor Fate can wield is limited somewhat by the vessel channelling his power. Kent Nelson was a regular mortal, so Doctor Fate was forced to rely heavily on incantations and arcane spellcraft. Because Hector Hall is a Homo Magi, Doctor Fate is able to tap into his natural potential for magic, and thus is able to channel Nabu's power more instinctively.


As a nigh-immortal magical entity with no physical form on the mortal plane, Doctor Fate does not have family in the conventional sense. Nabu's closest "friend" is Carter Hall, whose original incarnation Nabu respected; their relationship has become somewhat strained however since Nabu's "theft" of Carter's son as his latest vessel.


3500 BC:
  • Nabu takes mortal form and becomes an arcane advisor to the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.
  • Golden Age:
  • The Helmet of Fate is discovered by Kent Nelson at an archaeological dig.
  • Kent Nelson becomes Doctor Fate, and is one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America.
  • While fighting against a powerful magical opponent, Kent Nelson is killed. Nabu is left without a host for decades.
  • Dark Age:
  • Nabu "steals" Hector Hall as the new vessel for Doctor Fate, feeling the world has suffered in his absence.
  • 5 Years Ago:
  • John Constantine convinces Nabu to release Hector Hall after several decades.
  • 1 Year Ago:
  • Doctor Fate begins working with John Constantine and the GCPD.
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